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Saturday 27.05.2017 | Name days: Loreta, Dzidra, Gunita, Dzidris

SEB: volume of home loans in Latvia on a rise

The volume of home loans issued in Q1 2017 has grown by 30%, according to data from SEB Bank.

Airline strike suspended in UK

The strikes planned for December 25 and 26 by British Airways cabin crew have been suspended on Thursday, December 23.

Alcohol market in Latvia to be affected by legislative changes in neighbouring countries

Latvia’s alcohol market will be affected by changes in legislative regulations and import prices in neighbouring countries next year, as reported by spokesperson of Liviko alcoholic beverages importer and wholesale trade company and Latvian Alcohol Industry Association Gennady Klepikov.

Belgium allows first minor to receive euthanasia

Doctors in Belgium have granted a 17-year-old person the permission to receive euthanasia, which would be the first such case since the country lifted age restrictions for requests to be helped to die in 2014.

Senior Romanian officials accused of embezzlement

Corruption investigators in Romania have brought charges against six high-ranking officials suspected of embezzlement. AP reports citing a statement by prosecutors on August 29 that they had indicted Rareş Văduva, head of an intelligence agency subordinated to the Interior Ministry, and five former senior officials from the same agency for allegedly abusing ministry funds, abusing their position and making false statements.

Vejonis: meeting of UGF ministers with Dvorkovich does not change Latvia’s stance on sanctions

The meeting between ministers from the Union of Greens and Farmers and Russian Vice-Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich does not change Latvia’s stance on the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia, President Raimonds Vejonis told journalists on 24 August.

June deportations in Tallinn remembered with hopeful installation

The June deportations, which affected thousands of people in Soviet-occupied republics in 1941, were remembered in Tallinn on Tuesday with an installation evoking hope that the atrocities would never be repeated.

Ukraine and Russia carry out second prisoner exchange in month

Ukraine and Russia have on June 14 exchanged prisoners for the second time in a month’s time after the release of former Ukrainian military pilot, current MP Nadya Savchenko.

Survey: Half of internet users receive news on social media

More than a half of online users read or watch news on social networks Facebook and Twitter and on video-sharing site YouTube, according to the results of an international survey performed in 26 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

French labour reform clashes leave dozens injured

A latest round of mass demonstrations against labour reforms took place on June 14 throughout France. In Paris, a demonstration turned violent with 40 people injured and 58 arrested.

Latvian police compiled ten administrative violation reports in Victory Park

On Monday, 9 May, the number of attendees of evening events in Victory Park reached approximately 30,000 people, according to Latvian State Police spokesperson Dairis Anucins.

Further resettlement of refugees from Greece to Latvia to be discussed in March

In March, Latvia’s communications officer will travel to Greece to begin talks in regards to the carrying of the next group of refugees from South Europe to Latvia, as confirmed by Chief of State Border Guard Normunds Garbars.

170 U.S. soldiers arrive in Latvia

The next rotating group of the U.S. operation Atlantic Resolve – 170 soldiers – have arrived in Latvia on January 13 to perform training together with the Latvian National Armed Forces and to take part in international military exercises.

Samsung develops round-shaped smart-watch Gear S2

On 3 September, at Tempodrum exhibition in Berlin, Germany, Samsung Electronics will present Samsung Gear S2 smart-watch, which is a round-shaped device with an intuitive interface.

Lorry with dozens of bodies found in Austria

Police in eastern Austria has on August 27 found a lorry with dozens of dead people – most likely, migrants.

Estonian private sector profits down 9 percent in first quarter

In Estonia, the total profits of the private company sector have in the first quarter of the year decreased by nine percent, when compared to the respective period of 2014.


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