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Friday 15.12.2017 | Name days: Jana, Johanna, Hanna

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania September 13-21: European Heritage Days in Vilnius

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week from September 13 to 21.

Daily joke: live and learn

A teacher asked her students to use the word "beans" in a sentence.

Daily joke: children learn quickly

Teacher: «Kids,what does the chicken give you?»

Daily joke: learn the difference

Q: What is the difference between a mathematician and a philosopher?

DAily joke: proving rights and wrongs

Teacher asked Bobbie: «How can you prove the earth is round?»

Daily joke: scientific insight

Two kids were hiking and were surrounded by huge granite cliffs. «I wonder where all this stone came from?» – one boy asked.

Weekend destination: Big Father’s Day Celebration

This Saturday, September 13th, Riga will be holding a big celebration of Father’s Day. A big procession is planned to take place on Brivibas Street.

Daily joke: serious offence

A highway patrol-man pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway. Glancing at the car, he was astounded to see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting!

Scientists in Argentine find fossils to dinosaur that weighed 59 thousand kg

Paleontologists in Argentine's southern Patagonia have found well-preserved fossils of a dinosaur that lived on Earth some 77 million years ago.

Daily joke: spiritual connection

«Papa, what is the person called who brings you in contact with the spirit world?»

Daily joke: being grateful

Little Andrew, while at a neighbour’s, was given a piece of bread and butter, and politely said «Thank you.»

Daily joke: just following the rules

During a password audit, a large company's I.T. department discovered a blonde was using the following password:

Joke: all of the reasons

My friend asked me, «Why are you getting a divorce?»

Daily joke: universal remedy

A boy walked into a pharmacy and asked the pharmacist to give him something to cure the hiccups. The pharmacist merely leaned over and slapped the kid on the back.

Daily joke: thinking ahead

A navy captain is alerted by his First Mate that there is a pirate ship coming towards his position. He asks a sailor to get him his red shirt.

Daily joke: sharing duties

It was a wonderfully deep snow and the little boy stood at the top of a hill readying his sled for a slide downhill.

Scientists teach fish to walk on land

Canadian researchers of evolutionary biomechanics have grown fish outside water, to understand, how prehistoric animals adapted to life on land after they «came out of the sea».

Daily joke: emergency assistance

A woman runs into a doctor’s office and says: «Doctor! Doctor! You have to help me! Everywhere I touch on my body it hurts!»