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Saturday 22.10.2016 | Name days: Irīda, Īrisa

Producer price level down 1.6% in Latvia’s industry

Compared to August, the level of producer prices in Latvian industry increased by 0.3% in September 2016.

Facebook sorry for removing breast cancer informative video

Facbook has expressed apologies for the removal of a breast cancer informative video shared on the social network by a Swedish foundation.

Russia applies discount on transit from Belarus

Russian Railways has applied a 25% discount on petrol, diesel fuel and crude cargo transports from oil processing plants in Belarus to Russia’s north-west ports. With that, Russia has basically provided Belarus with tariffs equal to tariffs in Baltics.

Job seekers in Lithuania want Western salaries, employers dumbstruck

Although Lithuanian labour market is in desperate for workforce, but those willing to toil will nod to a job offer only if the pay is really big. So big that the country‘s hirers feel like grabbing their heads upon hearing the candidates‘ salary expectations.

Maxima in Estonia also attracts Latvians tackling shortage of workers

With many retailers in Estonia struggling to find workers for modestly-paid jobs, Lithuanian retail giant Maxima is attracting Estonians for afar and even Latvians to fill the vacant places.

Russia plans to apply discount on transit from Belarus equal to tariffs for Baltic ports

Russian Railways plans to consider the possibility to apply 25% discount for petrol, diesel fuel and crude transit from oil processing plants in Belarus to Russia’s north-west ports. This would provide tariffs equal to those applied for Baltic ports, as reported by Kommersant.

Dzintars: two crises in a row caused major decline in volume of sales

Legal protection process is a voluntary choice of the debtor if they experience financial difficulties but wish to continue economic activities. Two consecutive crises of 2008 and 2014 caused a sharp decline in the market and resulted in a deficit of turnover funds, notes Dzintars cosmetics manufacturer board member Dagnija Maike.

Belgium seeks to convince Wallonia region over Ceta

Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders has stated on October 18 that European Union member states could reach an agreement on the EU-Canada trade deal in case the objections of the Belgian region of Wallonia can be met.

Dzintars cosmetics manufacturer applied with legal protection process

Riga City Zemgale District Court has launched a legal protection process in relation to Latvia cosmetics manufacturer Dzintars, according to information stated in the Insolvency Register.

Volume of cargoes transshipped by Latvian ports down 12.9%

In the first nine months of 2016, Latvian ports transshipped 45,924 million tons of cargoes, which is 12.9% less when compared with the same period of 2015, according to information compiled by Transport Ministry.

Ambassador: Russia may completely halt transits of it goods through Baltic ports

Russia could completely refuse using cargo transit services offered by Baltic States, Russian ambassador in Vilnius Aleksandr Udaltsov told RIA Novosti.

Latvijas Gāze pays the fine applied by Competition Council

In accordance with the ruling of the Supreme Court, which approved the decision made by the Competition Council in relation to the breach of regulations and damage caused to its clients, Latvijas Gāze has transferred the payment of the fine worth EUR 2.2 million applied to the company.

Osis: now is the last moment to make sure Latvia is included in the New Silk Road

Latvia’s transit industry is in need of new destinations – New Silk Road, Asia, China, Belarus, Germany, Western Europe and Scandinavia. The organization of the country’s transit sector have to change radically, as well as find new approaches, believes economist Uldis Osis.

5G internet in Tallinn planned for 2018, firm says

Swedish telecommunications company Telia has on October 17 announced plans to introduce fifth generation mobile data network in Tallinn and Stockholm in 2018.

Google adds fact check tag to news search engine

Internet’s most widely used search engine Google has added to its News section a new function - «fact check» offering readers the possibilities to check facts included in the particular news story.

Several airlines prohibit taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board

A number of passenger flight carriers in Europe, Asia and Australia have banned passengers from taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onto planes after such ban was introduced in the U.S. following reports of this smartphone model catching fire.

Wallonia region blocks signing of EU-Canada free trade agreement

On Friday, 14 October, the parliament of Belgium’s Walloon region voted in favour of blocking the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

TM: 16+1 format offers an opportunity for Latvia’s voice to be heard

We [Latvia] are interesting to China not just because of our geographical location, but also because of the possibilities for bilateral cooperation for China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative. One such format is 16+1, said Transport Ministry’s industry attaché Helmut Kohl.