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Ceturtdiena 17.08.2017 | Name days: Oļegs, Vineta

Volkswagen announces discounts to customers in Germany to change their old diesels

German carmaker Volkswagen has stated this week that buyers in Germany would receive discounts reaching 10 000 euros if they return their older diesel vehicles and purchase a new vehicle.

BATL: absurd decisions may cause a complete collapse in Latvia

Problems keep piling up in the transport and logistics industry, which is the second largest national economy industry in Latvia. On top of that, this industry may experience a complete collapse because of two unreasonable and absurd decisions, experts say.

Average consumer price level up 2.6% in Latvia

Compared to July 2016, the average level of consumer prices increased by 2.6 % in July 2017. Prices of goods grew by 2.6 % and prices of services by 2.9 %.

LPCS: milk processors have successfully replaced Russia with other markets

Latvian milk processing companies have successfully recovered from Russia’s embargo, and have found other export markets, says Central Union of Latvian Dairy Farmers chairman Janis Solks.

top!: Lidl entry to Latvia’s market will impact low-price stores the most

The entry of German low-price network of stores Lidl to the Latvian market will affect local low-price stores the most, says top! marketing and public relations manager Ilze Priedite.

Antane: by helping neighbours build up their economy, we are sinking our own

«The contribution to the state budget from raising duel excise tax cannot be calculated purely mathematically because the increase of fuel prices leaves a negative impact on every sector of Latvia’s national economy, as well as every Latvian resident’s level of welfare,» said President of Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics Inga Antane.

Experts: Lidl entry in Latvia will intensify competition for employees

German low-price store network Lidl entry into Latvia’s market will intensify competition for employees, said CEO of Latvian Association of Food Traders Noris Kruzitis in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

German automotive industry agrees to cut diesel car emissions

German automotive firms have reached an agreement with senior German politicians that harmful emissions would be reduced by improving software in five million diesel cars.

Analysts: Latvia’s bread market stabilizes; demand increases for high-quality bread

Latvia’s bread market has stabilized: demand for bread with high added value continues growing, some growth in also noted for traditional bread segments, according to analysts’ data. In Estonia and Lithuania, like Latvia, there was an increase in demand for high-quality bread.

Parcel machine firm Omniva reports 25% revenue increase

Estonian automated parcel services' firm Omniva has in the first six months of 2017 experienced 25% growth in revenue on year reaching 51.8 million euros.

Airlines concerned over airport lines caused by new security checks

Additional security checks at numerous EU airports introduced after recent terror attacks mean people entering and leaving the Schengen are facing long queues, an airline lobby group has warned, but the European Commission has stated the delays were «the price of security».

Estonian industrial production increases 15% from June last year

The production of industrial companies in Estonia was higher 15% in June 2017, as compared to June last year, estimated Statistics Estonia.

Employers: a massive tax reform is developed, but there is still a lot of work left

«As a socially responsible organization, we believe changes to the tax system are a step in the right direction. But work is not over yet. True benefits from the reform will appear only once people’s attitude changes,» employers comment on the tax reform.

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