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Saturday 17.03.2018 | Name days: Ģertrūde, Gerda, Gertrūde

Maxima does not fear Rimi as competitor

It is a positive tendency that there is competition among companies. The tougher the competition, the better it is for the consumer, Maxima representative Ivars Andiņš told the business news portal BNN upon commenting on the new Rimi hypermarket opened in Imanta very close to them.

BIGBANK' profit in 2010 – 5.3 million euro

Last year, BIGBANK’s profit totalled 5.3 million euro. The bank’s interest rate income comprised 31.3 million euro, while the interest rate expenses – 8.1 million euro, according to the company’s annual report.

Businessman Ravis might acquire more companies shares

In addition to SIA Latvijas energoceltnieks ( construction company LEC) shares the businessman Guntis Rāvis acquired in February this year, he might as well get hold of another one or two companies shares.

Rīgas piena kombināts wants to take over Rīgas piensaimnieks to become dairy giant

Dairy Rīgas piena kombināts is currently negotiating with its competitor Rīgas piensaimnieks owners possible acquisition of the Riga-based milk processing company and a merger.

Stock exchange performs market supervision over Parex Bank

NASDAQ OMX Riga Stock Exchange decided on Tuesday, March 1, to apply supervision status to AS Parex banka, according to official statement.

AS Latfood exports spiked 16.6% last year

In 2010, the Latvian potato chips Ādažu čipsi and salty snacks producer AS Latfood's exports comprised 1304 tons, outdoing the performance of 2009 by 16.6%.

Latvenergo not concerned about Enefit expansion

In Lithuania and Estonia, the company Latvenergo has gained 10% and 4% of the market share, respectively, yet is not alarmed by Enefit’s expansion.

Lukoil subsidiary Litasco lost its contract with Ventbunkers for transshipment of fuel oil in 2011

«In December 2010, Lukoil subsidiary Litasco lost its contract with Ventbunkers for transshipment of fuel oil in 2011. Litasco will loose market share in the European fuel oil market,» states Dr. Rudolf Meroni, the Chairman of the Ventbunkers Supervisory Board.

Grindex profit last year – 7.1 million lats

Last year, the holding group Grindex turnover comprised 65.1 million lats – an increase of 11.5 million lats or 21.5% more than in 2009. While, in the reference period, the group’s net profit attributable to the parent company’s shareholders accounted for 7.1 million lats – a growth of 3.5 million lats, or 97.2% more than in 2009.

Naftimpeks in fight with Statoil and Neste

Riga port company Naftimpeks conflict with Statoil and Neste on railway tariffs has reached the court, as Naftimpeks is not satisfied with the tariffs rise imposed by both of the Scandinavian capital companies and believes it is ungrounded.

Experts: Estonia and Lithuania cannot compete with major Latvian ICT companies

In order for Latvia to become an information and communication technologies giant, this should be formulated as a national task. Despite it would be difficult for it to compete with India or China, Latvia does not at all lag behind other Baltic states that much, moreover, it is even more powerful in some sectors.

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