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Sunday 23.04.2017 | Name days: Jurģis, Juris, Georgs

Ecolines invests four millions in bus fleet renewal

Continuing investments in the renewal of its bus fleet, Ecolines has bought ten new buses using funding from Swedbank. The company has bought five Setra S431DT and five Man R08, as BNN was informed by the company.

Robot vehicle traffic supported in Estonia

The government of Estonia has backed changes in legislation that would allow robotic vehicles taking part in street traffic.

Deutsche Bank stops securing US dollar transactions for Latvian banks

German Deutsche Bank, which secures US dollar transactions for multiple Latvian banks, has decided to cease relations with banks in Latvia.

Ventspils port terminals’ cargo turnover exceeds last year’s indexes

March 2017 was the most successful month for terminals working at Ventspils Freeport – a total of 2.6 million tonnes of cargoes were transshipped, which is 21% more when compared with March 2016, as reported by Ventspils Freeport authority.

Nearly all food products in Latvia have become more expensive this year

Compared with December 2016, prices of most food products in Latvia increased in March. Prices declined only for imported strawberries, oranges and smoked ham in the first quarter of 2017, according to information from the Agricultural Market Promotion Centre.

SEB expands cooperation with Altum to service loan requests more quickly

SEB Bank and Altum have signed authorization agreement for the issue of guarantees. This will help the bank speed up the processing of loan requests from small and medium-sized companies, as BNN was informed by the bank.

Number of transfer passengers at Riga airport up 11%

In the first quarter of 2017, the number of transit and transfer passengers serviced at Riga International Airport increased by 11%, according to data on the airport’s results for the first three months of 2017.

Expert: outlook on future for processing industry remains optimistic

The general mood in industry remains optimistic on the local and export markets, which leads us to believe that February’s slowdown will not have a lasting effect, Swedbank economist Linda Vildava comments data on February’s industrial output.

Latvia officially opens its natural gas market

On Monday, 3 April, the Energy Law regulations that govern the liberalization of the natural gas market came into force in Latvia.

Tele2 plans to open at least 60 new base stations in Latvia this year

Tele2 communications operator plans to build at least 60 new base stations across all of Latvia this year. A total of EUR 3 million is planned to be invested in this plan, the company reports.

Estonian entrepreneur succeeds in Crimean court against Russian Defence Ministry

Estonian entrepreneur has won a trial against the Russian Defense Ministry in a case, where his is defending rights to own real estate in the Russian-annexed Ukrainian peninsular of Crimea.

Estonian pork producers hope to recover from crisis in no less than three years

In the Estonian pork industry, the amount of pigs will not grow in 2017 and to retake the market share lost to imported produce, it would take no less than three years, a meatpacking firm evaluated.

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