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Tuesday 20.02.2018 | Name days: Smuidra, Vitauts, Smuidris

After French Salmonella scare, supermarkets continued selling recalled baby milk

French government has suggested fining a number of the country’s large retail chains after it came to light that they had continued selling baby milk powder linked to a Salmonella scare.

Latvia’s industrial production rise in November was more rapid than average in EU

Compared to the same month the year before, industrial production output in Latvia had grown by an average of 3.6% in November 2017. This is slightly more rapid than the average level in the European Union, according to data from Eurostat published for 22 member states.

Alcohol advertising ban in Lithuania creates trouble around magazines from abroad

Since an alcohol advertising ban has come into effect in Lithuania in January 1, foreign publishers have refused to adjust to the new rules making their local distributors tear out pages from the magazines.

South Korea aiming to ban bitcoin trade

The South Korean government voiced plans of drafting a law that would prohibit the trade of virtual currencies, which includes bitcoin.

Conexus applies for certification with Gazprom shareholders still on board

In spite of the fact that there are representatives from Russian Gazprom concern among shareholders of Conexus Baltic Grid, the company has decided to submit an application to the Public Utilities Commission for certification.

Kālija parks: Ventspils Freeport’s lawsuit on lease termination is legally absurd

The company Kālija parks denies allegations regarding any violations of the signed lease and calls Ventspils Freeport authority’s claim for termination of land and dock lease unjustified and legally absurd, as noted by the company’s council member Aivars Gobiņš.

Apple investigated in France over possible planned obsolescence, denied by firm itself

A prosecutor in France has commenced an investigation into allegations of possible planned obsolescence» in Apple's iPhone as French law sets forth that it is a crime to deliberately shorten time of use of a product with the aim of prompting users to buy a new one.

Estonia prices up by over 3% last year; dairy products and eggs – by 10%

Driven by more expensive food products and non-alcoholic beverages, consumer prices in Estonia have in 2017 compared to 2016 levels risen by 3.4%, statisticians have estimated.

Survey: more than 40% of employers plan to increase wages for employees in 2018

In 2018, employers will feel positive changes not only in terms of job offers but also in terms of wage rise. 41% of employers have plans to increase wages for at least some of their employees, according to results of a survey performed by CV-Online Latvia.

De facto: government refuses to reveal the costs of Inčukalns gas storage facility’s shares

Twenty years after the privatization of Inčukalns underground gas storage facility by Latvijas Gāze the state controls it once again. The government has paid a so far unknown amount of money for more than one-third of shares, as reported by De Facto programme of LTV.

American lawyer believes bitcoin created by Estonian IT researcher

As attempts to find the mysterious inventor of bitcoin continue, an American lawyer has noted he believes that Estonian cryptographer Helger Lipmaa working in Tartu can be identified as the author of the crypto-currency – a claim rejected by the Estonian himself.

KVV Liepājas metalurgs’ potential investor given two weeks to consider purchase

The potential investor of insolvent KVV Liepājas metalurgs is given two weeks to consider purchasing the company, says Latvian Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens.

Number of passengers carried by airBaltic in December up 27%

In December 2017, Latvian airBaltic airline carried 27% or 260,000 more passengers in comparison with the same period of 2016. This is the largest number of carried passengers in December in the airline’s history, according to provisional data from airBaltic.

Electricity consumers in Estonia changed their suppliers less last year

Estonian consumers changed their electricity supply companies at 21,600 points of consumption in 2017, which is less than the 25,800 points of consumption, where suppliers were switches the year before, estimated the Estonian transmission system operator Elering.

2017 recognised as safest year to date in commercial passenger air traffic

Organisations tracking aviation accidents have estimated that in 2017 no passenger has died as a result of a commercial passenger jet plane accident.

Fall in Finnish travellers seen in Estonia

Businesses operating in the Estonian tourism industry have estimated that the number of Finns to visit Estonia decreased in 2017, but the gap had been filled by visitors from other European Union countries tourists.