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Saturday 27.05.2017 | Name days: Loreta, Dzidra, Gunita, Dzidris

Pulks: Riga municipality’s social network accounts are financed by residents; KNAB investigates

«Social network accounts of Riga municipality were created using money of Riga residents. They cannot be illegally privatized to then be used to accomplish political goals,» says Riga City Council’s Unity faction deputy chairman Olafs Pulks.

Several media-related people become candidates in municipal elections in Latvia

Among candidates that intend to participate in the upcoming municipal elections in Latvia are several people who are closely associated with the media environment. Not all of them, however, have direct ties to journalist work.

Three Latvian parties sign cooperation memorandum for elections in Ventspils

Leaders of three political parties in Ventspils have signed a mutual agreement on the creation of a single list of candidates and participation in municipal elections in Ventspils, as BNN was informed by the parties’ representative Inese Ozolina.

Balodis: argument that presidential elections cannot be entrusted to the people is wrong

The argument that the presidential elections cannot be entrusted to the people is directed against the people and the entire country, says head of Saeima work group on presidential authority Ringolds Balodis.

Juta Strīķe to become a candidate in Riga mayoral elections as member of JKP

Former Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau official Juta Strīķe has joined the ranks of ex-Justice Minister Jāņis Bordāns’ New Conservative Party. She intends to become an official candidate in the upcoming mayoral elections in Riga.

Providus: parties delegate lesser-known members for municipal elections

Although it is currently unclear how many Saeima deputies will be taking part in municipal elections, the reason for such a step could be Saeima’s desire to realize its ambitions on a municipal level, says Providus researcher Iveta Kazoka.

LRA and LA to start in municipal elections in Riga together

On 1 February, political parties Latvian Association of Regions and For Latvia’s Development signed a cooperation agreement on a joint start in the upcoming elections in Riga. The candidate for the post of chairman of Riga City Council will be announced once both agree on consultations of the two parties’ work group.