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Ceturtdiena 23.03.2017 | Name days: Mirdza, Žanete, Žanna

93% of respondents say rivers and lakes are some of Latvia’s biggest treasures

On 22 March – World Water Day – a survey was performed to determine residents’ views towards Latvia’s natural treasure – water. 93% of respondents admit that rivers and lakes are some of Latvia’s biggest treasures. Only 3% of respondents either disagree or mostly disagree with this statement.

Maxima: 53% of residents believe women want tulips as presents for 8 March

The majority of Latvian residents plan to celebrate International Women’s Day. Approximately 68% of them plan to spend up to EUR 20 on celebration, according to results of a survey by Maxima Latvia.

Survey: women pay attention to car colour less often than men

A recent survey «Women and cars» reveals that women pay far less attention to the matter of buying a car than men. When picking a car, women primarily focus on the vehicle’s engine power and fuel consumption, according to results of a survey performed by Swedbank.

PHOTOS: Women’s Day rally gathers record number of participants

On Saturday, 4 March, the ninth Women’s Day rally was held in Latvia. A record number of participants was reached this year: 723 teams (352 in Jekabpils and 371 in Tukums), organizers say.

Headache Centre to open in Riga

Plans are unveiled to open Headache Centre in Riga to help treat people suffering from different forms of headaches, as reported by Vivendi Healthcare Centre.

Firm pledges to take tourists around Moon

U.S. cosmic transport firm SpaceX has announced that two private individuals have paid to the firm for a space journey around the Moon.

Nutritionist’s advice: how to recover energy lost in winter

The cold months of autumn and winter cause our immune systems to work overtime. Our bodies become more vulnerable to viruses. Because of that, we need larger reserves to recover. To avoid feeling unwell and tired the quality of food and their nutritional value have be high, says Rimi Child and Nutrition expert Olga Lubina.

Recommendations on making waste sorting a habit

«Waste sorting will become an everyday habit in households in Latvia in the next several years,» says waste management company Ragn-Sells representative Inese Letinska.

Survey: meat remains one of the main food products in Latvia

90% of Latvian residents aged 20-74 regularly eat meat. For 80% of them, meat is one of the main everyday food products, BNN was informed by meat processing company Forevers.

Eurovision organisers in Ukraine quit preparations

This year’s Eurovision pop song competition is facing a significant obstacle after 21 leading employee of this year’s organising committee in Ukraine refused to continue preparations.

Expert’s advice on making eating habits healthier

A person’s enthusiasm to change eating habits often turn out transient. The most effective way to achieve that is adding gradual corrections to one’s everyday menu. To ensure eating provides enjoyment, it is necessary to include new and healthy products, not merely concentrate on the exclusion of unwanted products from the menu, notes Euroaptieka healthy lifestyle movement ‘Tavs lielais izaicinājums‘ representative Liga Andzane.

Coach: exercises can be performed even in an office environment

«A lot of people spend six or more hours a day sitting in the same pose. It is important to move around at least a little bit every now and then. In addition, it is possible to exercise at work,» says Euroaptieka’s healthy lifestyle movement ‘Tavs lielais izaicinājums’ expert Mikus Embrekts.