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Wednesday 28.09.2016 | Name days: Sergejs, Svetlana, Lana

Security experts warn – Cerber virus has become active

Lately there has been an increase in infection cases involving one of the most dangerous ransom computer viruses – Cerber. Specialists of eScan anti-virus programme warn that this is the most active ransom virus. Its infection spread rating reaches 25.97%.

New scientific method in development in Latvia

To enhance the democratization of science and develop the so-called Citizen Science method in Latvia, an international discussion titled ‘Discussion on Citizen Science Development in Latvia’ will take place in Vidzeme’s Cesis Concert Hall on Friday, 30 September.

Bookmakers do not believe Lipman could leave LHF

Although calls to sort out the work and management of Latvian Ice Hockey Federation are heard more and more often and criticisms towards LHF President Kirov Lipman are head louder and louder, bookmakers doubt any changes can be expected for the near future.

What percentage of our brain do we use in our everyday lives?

We use only 10% of our brain – many well-educated people who watch films about minds put into ‘overdrive’.

PHOTO: mushroom days at the Latvian Museum of Natural History

Like 2015, Latvian Museum of Natural History has organized an exhibition dedicated to the variety of mushrooms found in Latvia. The Mushroom Days 2016 will be held throughout 14-18 September.

Bank of Latvia releases coin honouring achievements of Latvian entrepreneurship

On Tuesday, 13 September, the Bank of Latvia released a five euro coin titled «National Entrepreneur». This coin is dedicated to the accomplishments of Latvian entrepreneurs and their contribution to the enhancement of economic independence and national consciousness of the Republic of Latvia.

Latvia celebrates Father’s Day: programme of events in Riga

On Saturday, 10 September, a processing dedicated to Father’s Day will begin at the Freedom Monument at 12:00. Families from all over Latvia are invited to participate. The procession will end in Vermont Garden at the big stage. Immediately after the procession a concert will begin, featuring performances from Dailes Theatre’s Ilga ensemble.

Seven tragic fates of WWII warships

Seas and oceans of the world hold many secrets about warships and submarines that sunk during World War II. Although more than 70 years have passed since the end of the war, researchers around the world continue their work to unravel the mysteries of that time.

PHOTOS: a look at Riga Food 2016

Riga Food 2016 food industry fair will continue in Kipsala until Saturday, 10 September. This fair gathers professional chefs and gourmets from all over the world every year.

Worthwhile advice on Latvian business etiquette from Czech entrepreneur

«Latvia is a prospective market strategically positioned on the coast of the Baltic Sea, which makes it an ideal distribution location for trade between Europe and Asia», evaluates a Czech businessman and evaluates that knowledge of Latvian business etiquette is essential for successful business talks.

Political calendar of Latvia. 5 – 9 September, 2016

Calendar of political events in Latvia for 5 – 9 September, 2016...

Economic calendar of Latvia. 5 – 9 September, 2016

Calendar of economic events in Latvia for 5 – 9 September, 2016...

TOP 12 of the most mysterious and shocking plane crashes

Aliens, terrorists, secret weapons – these are some of the most often mentioned reasons mentioned to explain unexplained plane catastrophes. Although it is hard to determine what happened, the truth can be rather shocking.

Knowledge Day in photos

A new school year commenced in Latvia on 1 September, Knowledge Day, with festivities.

Economic calendar of Latvia. 29 August – 2 September, 2016

Calendar of economic events in Latvia for 29 August – 2 September, 2016...

Political calendar of Latvia. 29 August – 2 September, 2016

Calendar of political events in Latvia for 29 August – 2 September, 2016...

Near-death experience from the perspective of scientists

Bright light, a feeling of euphoria, all-encompassing love, conversations with dead people – those are some of the aspects associated with near-death experience. But is this experience as paranormal as we make it out to be?