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Saturday 29.10.2016 | Name days: Laimis, Laimonis, Elva, Elvijs, Elvis

Five possible natural disasters that worry researchers

Massive floods, fires, earthquakes and volcano eruptions – without a doubt, those are natural processes that transpire on earth. These processes are also affected by climate change, which is something mankind is responsible for.

PHOTO: Latvians 120 years ago

Up until 17 September 2017, the National History Museum of Latvia will be holding an exhibition for a wide audience ‘The Latvians: An Interpretation. Latvian Ethnographic Exhibition of 1896’. This exhibition will reflect the exhibition that was held in Riga 120 years ago.

Weekend destination: have a look at building stones at the Latvian Museum of Natural History

On 29 October, all interested will be welcome to visit the Museum of Natural History for a special event organized by geologists and dedicated to building stones.

Bookmakers believe in Porzingis’ chances of entering NBA All-Star Game

On Wednesday, 26 October, Kristaps Porzingis will begin his second season in NBA. Davis Bertans will make his debut. This will be the first time in the history of basketball when two Latvian players will be taking part in a single NBA season. Bookmakers believe Porzingis will make it to the prestigious All-Star Game.

A look at the new enclosure for lions in Riga Zoo

On Friday, 21 October, Riga Zoological Garden finished the restoration of the open-air enclosure for lions.

List of the world’s safest countries for travel

As winter comes closer, people think about visiting warmer countries. One of the most important criteria to consider when making travel arrangements is safety.

Bookmakers: scandals have ruined Trump’s chances of becoming US President

Presidential elections in USA have become a competition between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton on who can find more compromising information to discredit the other the most. Scandals that surround Trump have lately been loud enough to overshadow Clinton’s irresponsible storage of classified information on a private service.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Polish Film Festival

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week during October 11 and October 16.

What should an airport do if a UAV flies into its territory?

On 28 October, a team of international experts will meet in the Natural Sciences Academic Centre of the University of Latvia to discuss the growing role of IT in management processes.

Autumn Riga Restaurants Week begins

Monday, 10 October, marked the beginning of the autumn Riga Restaurant Week. 57 restaurants will be taking part in this event. This special week will last until 16 October.

Survey: Latvians dream about having a private home outside the city

The majority of Latvian residents dream of having a new private house with three to five rooms and a total area of 100 m2. An ideal variant if this house is close to nature has a terrace, a balcony and a garage. Such dream homes are stated in DNB Bank’s recently realized survey.

Tenth Riga Restaurants Week approaching

The 10th Riga Restaurants Week will be taking place throughout 10-16 October. Each restaurant week features more restaurants participating. This year, their number has reached 57. For a price of EUR 15 or EUR 20, visitors are offered an opportunity to enjoy special meals prepared by professional chefs from products found in Latvia.

How to avoid buying a fake ticket for an event?

When deciding to attend an event at the last moment, people often end up in a situation when tickets are either already sold out or their price is too high. Often people look up offers posted on social media. To help people avoid buying fake or expired tickets, Biļešu Serviss administrative director Liga Rubine offers some advice on how to avoid fraud.

Security experts warn – Cerber virus has become active

Lately there has been an increase in infection cases involving one of the most dangerous ransom computer viruses – Cerber. Specialists of eScan anti-virus programme warn that this is the most active ransom virus. Its infection spread rating reaches 25.97%.

New scientific method in development in Latvia

To enhance the democratization of science and develop the so-called Citizen Science method in Latvia, an international discussion titled ‘Discussion on Citizen Science Development in Latvia’ will take place in Vidzeme’s Cesis Concert Hall on Friday, 30 September.

Bookmakers do not believe Lipman could leave LHF

Although calls to sort out the work and management of Latvian Ice Hockey Federation are heard more and more often and criticisms towards LHF President Kirov Lipman are head louder and louder, bookmakers doubt any changes can be expected for the near future.

What percentage of our brain do we use in our everyday lives?

We use only 10% of our brain – many well-educated people who watch films about minds put into ‘overdrive’.