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Friday 09.12.2016 | Name days: Sarmīte, Tabita

PHOTO: experts accidentally find unique decorative paintwork fragments

During restoration work in Culture Ministry’s building, experts unexpectedly discovered fragments of unique paintwork by Julijs Madernieks.

Eight pieces of advice for keeping a cool head during Christmas shopping

Money seems to disappear at an alarming pace when shopping right before Christmas. Janis Dambergs, head of DNB Bank’s everyday services category confirms that volumes of card transactions always tend to increase considerably in December. In January, on the other hand, they tend to decrease just as sharply.

Bank of Latvia to release coin dedicated to Christmas Battles

On Tuesday, 6 December, the Bank of Latvia will release a new 5 euro silver collector coin «Christmas Battles».

Whiskey and beer festival or the first Irish Days in Riga

Irish Days in Latvia will be celebrated in Latvia next week with all kinds of cultural and entertainment events. The goal of this celebration is to promote ancient and modern Irish traditions and further deepen relations between Latvia and Ireland.

PHOTO: winter returns to Riga

Following first Advent, winter returned to Riga and the rest of Latvia with snowfall and blizzards. Such weather has been present for the past couple of days.

Gingerbread cookies, mulled wine, nearly 100 craftsmen – a look at Old Riga’s Christmas market

26 November marked the opening of the traditional Christmas market in Old Riga. More than one hundred local craftsmen, farmers and traders will be offering goods to residents and guests of Riga all the way until 8 January.

TOP 8 of the most magical European Christmas markets

Because the Advent Sunday is no longer far away, it would be worth visiting one of the Christmas markets in Europe – it is possible to find special gifts, enjoy great meals, listen to Christmas carols and take in the festive atmosphere.

Weekend destination: Christmas tree event and Christmas market in Old Riga

On Advent Sunday, 27 November, residents and guests to Riga are invited to come to Dome Square, where the festive Christmas tree will be lit up at 17:00.

Six impressive wonders of nature in Europe

Nature is the most wondrous work of art. There are many amazing works of art. Many of them are far away and many of them are located in Europe.

November 21 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Italian Music Concert «Les Strade D’s Europa»

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week during November 21-27

More than half of Latvians to spend up to EUR 20 on festive meal

52% of Latvia’s residents plan to spend upwards to EUR 20 on the festive meal to celebrate the national holiday. 36% plan to spend EUR 21-40 and 9% of residents intend to spend EUR 41-60 on the meal, according to results of a survey conducted by Maxima Latvija.

How to survive in Antarctica? Seven survival tips

Antarctica is a 14 million m2 large desert, where wind speed often reaches 200 m/h, air temperature often drops as far as -73° C and the air is as dry as it is in the Sahara Desert. Scientists working in Antarctica live as though they are on a space station. This is how dangerous this place truly is.

Ten pieces of advice for healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is one of the keys for good health. It improves our well-being and appearance. But what to do if we have problems with falling asleep? What recommendations are worth listening to?

November 14 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Two euro commemorative coin dedicated to Vidzeme to be released soon

On Tuesday, 15 November, the Bank of Latvia will release a two euro coin dedicated to Vidzeme. This coin, featuring Vidzeme’s coat of arms, will be one of the bank’s contributions to the country’s 100th jubilee.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. XI International Slavic Folk Festival «Pokrovskije Kolokola»

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week during November 14-20

Four events worth attending during Latvia’s national celebration month

November is a month of patriotism for Latvia. There are many events organized to reflect the mood and commemorate the bravery of Latvian troops in their fight for freedom.

VIDEO: how does the body react when it is kept awake for 48 hours?

According to an American study, spending six hour asleep over a course of two weeks, force a person’s mental and physical abilities to decline to a level equal to a state after spending 48 hours awake. But how does a person’s body react to being kept awake for two days straight and dangerous it is for health? An experiment was conducted in Latvia in autumn this year to find out.

Plans to colonize Mars – a look at history

The red planet has always been a fascinating object for scientists and writers. Mankind has been dreaming of visiting Mars for at least 70 years. Fortunately, technologies have reached a point when such a trip may be possible.

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