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Sunday 23.04.2017 | Name days: Jurģis, Juris, Georgs

Study: 61% of Latvians often lash out at family members in stressful situations

Interviewing people with children, 69% of respondents said they often release the stress they bottled up during the day at home in the evening. 61% of respondents said they sometimes lash out at their family members, including children, in stressful situations.

Signe Meirane: what is worth enjoying in Latvia’s regions?

With spring in full swing, family and friend weekend trips become a regular and popular activity for many. Whether it means visiting different interesting locales, cultural events or other leisure activities – recreation and rest are only improved if there is a tasty meal involved. Rimi gourmet Signe Meirane offers insight into traditional cuisine in Latvia’s regions and what is worth trying out when travelling around Latvia.

Around Latvia in 18 days

Architect and marathon runner Dins Vecans wants to break stereotypes about impossible things and wants to inspire society to believe in their dreams. This is why he intends to start an 18-day marathon around Latvia. He plans to start on 18 May.

April 6 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Unexpected guest arrives at Ventspils Port

Ventspils Port has welcomed an unexpected guest – Siem Barracuda ship. This vessel picked Ventspils for crew change, refuelling and resupply.

April 5 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

April 4 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Among Baltic States, Estonia has highest chances of getting to Eurovision finals

There is a 65% probability that Latvian performers will enter Eurovision finals on Saturday, 13 May. Estonia’s chances of entering the finals are given 75% probability, Triobet bookmakers predict.

Swedbank: residents sometimes have the oddest accidents

People can sometimes experience significant losses when dealing with risky everyday situations. Data compiled by Swedbank on different unusual insurance cases.

Saeima to participate in Earth Hour

On Saturday, 25 March, Latvia’s Saeima will take part in the Earth Hour movement. The building’s façade lighting will be switched off for one hour, joining millions of people and organizations around the world in this event.

93% of respondents say rivers and lakes are some of Latvia’s biggest treasures

On 22 March – World Water Day – a survey was performed to determine residents’ views towards Latvia’s natural treasure – water. 93% of respondents admit that rivers and lakes are some of Latvia’s biggest treasures. Only 3% of respondents either disagree or mostly disagree with this statement.

Maxima: 53% of residents believe women want tulips as presents for 8 March

The majority of Latvian residents plan to celebrate International Women’s Day. Approximately 68% of them plan to spend up to EUR 20 on celebration, according to results of a survey by Maxima Latvia.

Survey: women pay attention to car colour less often than men

A recent survey «Women and cars» reveals that women pay far less attention to the matter of buying a car than men. When picking a car, women primarily focus on the vehicle’s engine power and fuel consumption, according to results of a survey performed by Swedbank.

PHOTOS: Women’s Day rally gathers record number of participants

On Saturday, 4 March, the ninth Women’s Day rally was held in Latvia. A record number of participants was reached this year: 723 teams (352 in Jekabpils and 371 in Tukums), organizers say.

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