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Ceturtdiena 17.08.2017 | Name days: Oļegs, Vineta

SRS and LVRA to form a work group to improve cooperation

Continuing established cooperation, State Revenue Service and Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia will form a joint work group to propose legislative initiatives, SRS representatives say.

Tukuma ūdens plans to increase sewerage service tariff by 25%

SIA Tukuma ūdens plans to increase sewerage service tariff by 25% and reduce water supply service tariff by 1%, according to information published in Latvian Herald.

Pharmacist: inconvenient backstage with state compensated medicine

Using state funding, it is planned to secure compensated medicine for more than 720,000 residents this year, according to data from Healthcare Ministry. At the same time, 80% of residents interviewed by Euroaptieka admit that they or their relatives require state-compensated prescribed medicine on a daily basis.

Estonian agencies blamed for little interest in quality of e-services

Majority of government agencies in Estonia do not care much about the quality of their e-services, has evaluated Taavi Kotka, the former Deputy Secretary General of Information Technologies at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

More than 130 cadets to practice field combat skills at Adazi landfill

Until 25 August, more than 130 cadets of the National Defence Academy will be practicing individual and team field combat skills at Adazi landfill.

Precipitation to back down in Latvia and weather to become warmer this week

There will be a high atmospheric pressure area hovering above Latvia at the beginning of the week. Although there will be some rain in the first half of 14 August, no more precipitation is expected until the middle of the week, and most of Latvia will likely experience dry weather, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

SEA: most often youngsters face unemployment because of lacking education

So far a total of 14,616 youngsters have been provided with assistance from Latvian State Employment Agency’s realized EU fund project Guarantees for Youngsters, says SEA Director Evita Simsone.

Construction output in Latvia up 16.9% in Q2 2017

Compared to the corresponding period of 2016, construction output had increased by 15.9 % in Q2 2017. Construction production output at current prices amounted to 384.4 million euros.

Savisaar trial: Defendant rushed to hospital from court

During the trial against the former long-time head of Estonia’s ruling Centre Party, corruption-accused Edgar Savisaar, a court in Tallinn has called for medics as the health of the politician began to worsen.

Agricultural centre: there is no reason for a major butter price rise

There is no reason for a major butter price increase at the moment, said manager of Agricultural Market Promotion Center Inguna Gulbe in an interview to Rīta Panorāma.

Expert: illegal online content creates major losses for State Treasury

Illegal online film and television services seriously hurt content owners and legal service providers, as well as cause major losses for the State Treasury, industry specialists say.

Expert: Latvian farmers have high potential in cultivation of oats

Latvian farmers have high potential in the cultivation of oats, which is contributed by appropriate weather conditions and farmers’ efforts to cultivate high-quality oats. Continued efforts may result of Latvia gaining the reputation of a major oats producer in the world, says an agricultural specialist.

British investigators: Modern slavery in every large UK town

Britain's National Crime Agency, which is tasked with fighting serious and organised crime in the country, has stated that modern forms of slavery and human trafficking in the UK are «far more prevalent than previously thought».

Canadian soldiers increase activity on Riga’s apartment market

Compared with Q1, clients’ interest for apartment rent on Riga’s market has grown in Q2 2017, as detailed in Ober-Haus housing market report.

U.S. congressman voices support for Latvia’s security; says cooperation should continue

Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s state secretary Andrejs Pildegovics met with Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives Ed Royce on Thursday, 10 August. During their meeting, the congressman voiced strong support for Latvia’s security.

Weather to become hot in Latvia – up to +32° C in some areas

On Friday, 11 August, weather in Latvia will be dictated by a high atmospheric pressure area. Because of that, air temperature will climb to +27° C… +28° C, according to State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Rinkevics and Aboltina discuss her return to diplomatic service

Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkevics and Unity Saeima faction chairperson Solvita Aboltina intend to discuss the politician’s return to the diplomatic service, said the minster’s advisor Martins Dregeris.