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Sunday 26.02.2017 | Name days: Mētra, Evelīna, Aurēlija

Unity picks Vilnis Kirnis as its mayoral candidate in Riga

Unity’s Riga City Council faction has picked Vilnis Kirsis as its mayoral candidate. The party plans to have an open list of candidates to encourage professionals from different fields to apply.

Marijuana in Latvia is cultivated mostly for personal use or for selling in small amounts

Ever since criminal liability was introduced for circulation of new psychoactive substances, marijuana has been on stable first place in the illegal narcotics market, according to a report on narcotics trade combating measures for 2016.

Strelchenok turns against NGOs criticizing him – Delna and Providus

The composition of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau’s Public Advisory Council has been changed, excluding two non-government organizations from it – Delna and Providus.

Stricter supervision over insolvency administrators and other decision viewed by Saeima

On Thursday, 10 November, Latvia’s Saeima will decide on amendments to the Insolvency Law to ensure stricter supervision of the work performed by insolvency administrators, as well as introduce free market principles in legal protection process.

Obama invites President-elect to talks in White House

U.S. President Barack Obama is on November 10 to meet with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to negotiate the change of heads of state and their governments.

VIDEO: how does the body react when it is kept awake for 48 hours?

According to an American study, spending six hour asleep over a course of two weeks, force a person’s mental and physical abilities to decline to a level equal to a state after spending 48 hours awake. But how does a person’s body react to being kept awake for two days straight and dangerous it is for health? An experiment was conducted in Latvia in autumn this year to find out.

Latvian foreign trade balance improves

Compared to August, Latvian foreign trade turnover at current prices grew by 4.2 %, as the exports value of goods rose by 9.8 %, whereas the imports value decreased by 0.5 % in September 2016.

Plans to colonize Mars – a look at history

The red planet has always been a fascinating object for scientists and writers. Mankind has been dreaming of visiting Mars for at least 70 years. Fortunately, technologies have reached a point when such a trip may be possible.

Pabriks: if 50% of what Trump said comes true, the world will turn upside down

If republican candidate Donald Trump becomes president of USA, it will be a big shock to the entire world, and Europe will have to consider plan B, said former foreign and defence minister of Latvia Artis Pabriks.

Hungarian parliament fails to change constitution against hosting groups of refugees

The Hungarian parliament has on November 8 not passed proposals to change the country’s constitution that would block the relocation of refugees to Hungary as part of the European Union refugee quota scheme.

EUR 100,000 to be paid for each victim of Zolitude tragedy

Maxima Latvija and Tineo have reached an agreement with representatives of relatives of Zolitude tragedy victims in regards to the payment of compensation worth EUR 100,000 per each dead family member.

Brussels to launch tech company algorithm inquiry

EU European Commission has announced this week that in 2017, it would start a two-year inquiry into the systems tech firms use to show search results or organise news feeds on social media.

Opinion: two strikes to Latvia’s corporate political culture in a single week

Last Friday, the personnel selection process for the post of chief of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau concluded with all candidates being declined. On Wednesday, on the other hand, a candidate was found for the post of director general of the State Revenue Service.

Every third family in Latvia uses electricity to prepare meals

In 2015, 65% of energy resources consumed in households were used for heating, 18% was used for water heating, 8% was used for cooking and 9% was used for other needs, including lighting and electrical appliances.

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