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Sunday 20.04.2014 | Name days: Mirta, Ziedīte

India-detained Estonian seamen released on bond

In Southern India, 14 Estonian «pirate hunters» detained in October have been freed on bond, but without permission to leave the country.

Opinion: elections could make it that there may not be a foreign policy to speak of next year

Because of the upcoming elections in Latvia next year, there may not be a foreign policy to speak of, says Director of Latvian Institute of International Affairs Andris Sprūds.

Officials request fines not to be applied to consumers whose solvency was not evaluated

Economy Minister Daniels Pavļuts and Consumer Rights Protection Centre manager Baiba Vītoliņa have sent an official letter to fast loan companies and their associations, asking not to apply fines to consumers if their solvency wan not evaluated properly prior to allocating a loan.

Several destructive storms have affected UK in one week

Meteorologists in the Britain have warned about coming storms just days after strong winds and heavy rainfall left 43,000 people without electricity and 1,200 homes flooded.

Bērziņš believes he has no obligation to comply with regulations regarding disclosure of health

President of Latvia Andris Bērziņš believes he has no obligation to comply with regulations of the Law on Official Secrets regarding his obligation as President to publish information about the state of his health.

Mid-December has been warmer than usual in Latvia

This year’s second ten-day period of December in Latvia has been unusually warm. The average air temperature of this period was +2.3° C, which is 4.6° C above the norm.

How to recover from eating too much on holidays

New Year’s celebration cannot be imagined without a rich table with many dishes served. Champagne is also a frequent guest. What to do if you had just a bit too much food or alcohol the other day? How to recover from unpleasant side-effects of a rather pleasant evening? Pharmacists Oksana Gehtmane and Ligita Kukula of BENU pharmacy provide useful advice.

Most Latvians plan to enjoy pork roast for New Year’s celebration

According to results of a survey on Christmas shopping habits of Latvia’s residents, the majority of the population cannot resist having pork roast on New Year’s.

December expected to remain warm and windy in Latvia

This week’s weather in Latvia is more reminiscent of autumn than it is of winter – warm temperatures, cloudy sky and frequent rains (seldom snow). Meteorologists do not expect there to be any significant changes in weather conditions next week – weather is expected to remain warm and windy.

Foreign media seem very interested in Latvia’s joining of Eurozone

Latvia’s resigning Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis is away in Brussels, where a meeting of EU leaders is being held. It is during this meeting that leaders of EU member states will decide on a common mechanism for resolving bank financing problems. However, foreign journalists were no less interested about Latvia’s upcoming membership in Eurozone.

EPRDM asks to cancel differentiated fares initiative in Riga’s public transport

After evaluating a number of regulations issued by Riga City Council in regard to public transport ticket fare discounts, Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry concluded that several of those regulations are, in fact, illegal. Municipality has been asked to provide explanations.

Āboltiņa: if parties do not agree, the President could appoint Riekstiņš as Prime Minister

The Prime Minister candidate that could be announced by President Andris Bērziņš next year is likely Latvia’s NATO representative Māris Riekstiņš, says Saeima Chairwoman Solvita Āboltiņa.

Ceiling collapses on top of audience during play in London; dozens injured

Audience of Apollo Theatre in London was showered with debris from the theatre’s ceiling during a Thursday play. More than 80 people were injured. Authorities say there were many families with children there that day.

Ethnic unrest continues in South Sudan; UN peace keepers killed

In the Republic of South Sudan, ethnic Nuer rebels have stormed a UN base killing ethnic Dinka civilians and three Indian peacekeepers.

PHOTOS: Saeima deputies prepare presents for children

Continuing the tradition that was established long ago, Saeima deputies and workers participate in a charity campaign aimed at providing presents to children of large families.

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