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Wednesday 23.07.2014 | Name days: Magda, Magone, Mērija

Political calendar of Latvia. April 7 -11, 2014

Political calendar of Latvia. April 7 - 11, 2014...

Schumacher has had moments out of coma

Having spent several months in the state of coma, auto-racing legend Michael Schumacher has had conscious moments, his agent has unveiled.

Latvian Media Council to limit broadcasts of RTR channel in Latvia

The National Electronic Mass Media council has made a unanimous decision to restrict the broadcasting of Rossiya RTR television channel in Latvia three months after this decision comes into force. This decision was made based on Article 19 of the Electronic Mass Media Law.

U.S. warns China not to repeat Crimea scenario in Eastern Asia

In relation to deployment of China's ships around Scarborough Shoal in South China Sea, a senior U.S. diplomat has noted that China should not be in doubt of U.S. determination to defend its allies if Beijing would attempt to solve the territorial dispute along the Crimea scenario.

Security Police investigates Latvian Pro-Kremlin MEP

Latvian Security Police is scrutinising allegations of subversive behavior by one of the country's European Parliament members, seen by many a Russian agent of influence in the Baltic state.

First customers of H&M in Riga Plaza to be given EUR 20 as gift

The international clothes brand H&M has announced the opening of its brand new store in Riga Plaza shopping centre in Riga. The new store will be opened on April 26th. The opening ceremony will begin at 11:00 a.m. The first 50 customers will be given a gift card worth EUR 20 to spend in the store.

Second powerful quake shakes Chile in two days

On April 3, a day after a 8.2 magnitude earthquake, northern Chile has suffered a 7,6 magnitude tremor. Together with tens of thousands of people Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has also been evacuated from the region of Iquique.

50 hours of community service for threatening the Mayor of Riga

Prosecutor of Riga City Central Prosecutor’s office has completed the criminal process launched against a person who threatened to kill or seriously injure the Mayor of Riga.

University of Latvia requests Vētra to be dismissed from the Higher Education Council

The University of Latvia has sent a letter to the Latvian Rectors' Council with a request to dismiss Jānis Vētra from the Higher Education Council. LU believes Vētra has breached his authority as Chairman of HEC and member of Education Ministry’s Study Licensing Committee by expressing a biased opinion about the university’s Dentistry education programme.

Baltic survey: living costs in Riga are the highest

Among the capital cities of the three Baltic States, livings costs for a family with two children are the highest in Riga. Compared to residents of the two other Baltic capitals, Riga residents have the least money left after paying for basic necessities, according to results of Swedbank Institute of Private Finances.

Chile on tsunami alert after powerful quake in Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, off the northern coast of Chile, a 8.2 magnitude earthquake has struck. Tsunami alert was announced in the north of the country, five people have died, and several others have been injured.

Tips on how to clean up your car for spring

Spring is a good time to perform a big cleaning of one’s car, because snow, dirt and salt left from winter can have a very nasty long-term impact on the car’s performance capabilities. Sand and all kinds of stains can make it unpleasant to remain inside a car. Experts of Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia offer a number of tips for car owners on how to prepare their vehicles for the warm season.

Russia to give Kaliningrad to Lithuania

During a state visit to Vilnius on April 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he would sign an order giving the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad to Lithuania as a present.

Euromonitor: overview of popularity of hot drinks in Latvia

Hot drinks’ recovery from the economic crisis began in 2012 and continued in 2013. Coffee remains the main driver of performance as it accounts for the majority of total volume sales.

NATO to discuss increased presence in Baltic states

Foreign ministers of NATO member states will from April 1 to 2 meet in Brussels to discuss possible support to Ukraine and how to increase security of member states in Eastern Europe.

Weather in Latvia to be cold and snowy this week

The first week of April will be colder than the last week of March in Latvia. A cold atmospheric front will cross the country, bringing along with it colder masses of air.