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Sunday 26.02.2017 | Name days: Mētra, Evelīna, Aurēlija

Court justice system’s assessment to be performed in Latvia for first time

Latvian government has confirmed information regarding the organization of Latvia’s court justice system’s assessment.

Estonian government pushing to move agencies away from capital

Estonian government has announced an initial plan backed by the government to relocate a total of several thousand public sector jobs to 18 towns and cities throughout the country.

Videos on Facebook will play with sound automatically

The interest of users watching videos has to a large extent increased Facebook’s recent growth and the U.S. firm has notified its investors that it plans to generate income from this trend.

Multiple Latvian companies denied exports of goods to Russia

21 Latvian companies have been excluded from the list of companies that are allowed to export goods to Russia. 44 Latvian companies have been applied with temporary export restrictions.

Latvia Tours: last year’s average travel cost per person was EUR 413

Last year’s tendency shows that many Latvian travellers have found new destinations to their liking. This especially applies to Asian countries. This is related to the general improvement of the economic situation, notes Latvia Tours corporate solutions specialist Janis Kolomenskis.

Number of firearm owners in Latvia increases

Last year there was an increase of the number of residents in Latvia that own firearms. There was also an increase in the number of registered firearms. One of the main reasons for that could be the rising level of welfare in the country, as noted by Latvian State Police.

British companies experience deficit of workers

After Brexit vote, British companies have been experiencing problems with filling vacant jobs, according to human resource management data published by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Stock exchange indexes rise in Europe and USA

On Tuesday, 14 February, oil prices around the world grew slightly after the sharp drop on Monday. Investors intend to assess data on reduced oil production volumes in OPEC countries and oil reserve rise in USA.

Latvijas Radio lacks sustainable funding model for employee wages

«The management board of Latvijas Radio is currently looking into options to increase wages within the capabilities of the current budget. However, without a sustainable funding model, only temporary solutions can be found for certain positions,» as LR board chairman Aldis Paulins comments on the wage matter.

Estonia suggests EU fifth – data movement - freedom

Estonian head of government Jüri Ratas has sent a letter to EU leadership related to the upcoming 60th anniversary of the bloc’s fundamental Rome Treaty, suggesting for the EU to introduce free movement of information.

Avalanche claims lives in French Alps’ ski resort

Four snowboarders have died in an avalanche at a mountain resort in the French Alps, while being in an off-piste area.

Augulis and Ushakovs agree on cooperation in Rail Baltica’s realization

Transport Minister Uldis Augulis and Mayor of Riga Nils Ushakovs intend to sign a cooperation memorandum on cooperation in in the realization of the Rail Baltica project in the capital.

E-health system still requires improvements

The e-health system can continue functioning, but an improvement plan needs to be developed for the system because its functionality and overall purpose has deviated from their original requirements, as reported by Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry representative Laura Jansone.

17.8% decline registered in construction sector in 2016

Compared to 2015, construction output declined by 17.8 % in 2016, according to calendar adjusted data. Construction output at current prices amounted to 1425.9 million euros.

SRS: income from capital growth has to be declared before 15 February

Persons whose income from capital asset disposal in January 2017 exceeded EUR 711.44 are to submit income declarations before 15 February, as reported by State Revenue Service.

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