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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Organizer of pre-referendum campaign appointed to Latvian Post board

Arnis Salnajs, so far unknown to the general public, founded a union For the Latvian Language on January 20. It indulges in active campaigning, urging citizens to attend the 18 February referendum and vote against Russian as an official language. On the very same day, he was unexpectedly appointed board member of the state joint stock company Latvian Post.

Latvians return to vacations abroad

2012 sees an increasing supply of leisure travelling offers, as tourism operators hope to boost turnover by 10 - 15%. People are again willing to spend money on leisure abroad.

Turība professor elected as the Head of the National Electronic Media Council

Ainārs Dimants, Head of the Communication Sciences Department of Turība, on Thursday, February 9, was elected to the post of the Head of the newly elected National Electronic Media Council (NEPLP).

Latvian GDP up 5% year-on-year

According to the flash estimate of the Central Statistical Bureau, compared to the 4th quarter of 2010, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded 5.0% in the 4th quarter of 2011, according to seasonally non-adjusted data.

Voters not yet interested in Russian referendum

On the first day of polling stations, Latvian voters showed very poor interest in the national referendum on amending the Constitution and turning Russian into an official language, reports Mixnews.

Expert: Latvia with its rye-bread traditions is unlikely to overpower Estonia

Representatives of communication and marketing sectors hold contradictory views of the official Facebook page of Latvia which was launched on January 27 this year, however, they approve of the Latvian Institute to popularize our country also through social networks.

Only 9% of residents find the uptake of EU funds effective

The absolute majority (81%) of economically active residents of Latvia aged from 18 to 55 years are of opinion that uptake of EU funds is not carried out effectively in Latvia.

Saeima Speaker: writing a new Constitution is no good signal

Writing a new Constitution requires at least two and a half years long discussion. It cannot be invented in a single day or simply copied from some other country. A new fundamental law is not a document that can be developed somewhere away from the eyes of everyone, says the Saeima Speaker Solvita Aboltina.

Bank of Latvia: inflation to fall despite the increase in prices for energy resources

In January the year inflation in Latvia dropped because of the so called underlying effect, and it will continue decreasing despite the increasing prices for energy resources, the latest data of the Central Statistics Bureau are commented by Daina Paula, economist of the Bank of Latvia.

Taxi drivers on strike in Vilnius

Taxi company workers carried out a protest action in Vilnius, in the morning on the 8th of February. About fifty cabs kept driving in circles for several hours near the Pedagogical University.

Politologist: there will be no «eternal frost» in Latvia's relationship with Russia

It is naive to hope for an «eternal frost» in the relationship between Latvia and Russia, notes the politologist Zaneta Ozolina commenting on the forthcoming event – referendum on the status of the Russian language and oncoming calendar dates which are important for both sides.

19% of Latvian population subject to poverty

425 thousand persons or 19% of Latvia's population were at risk of poverty in 2010. The lowest at-risk-of-poverty rate was recorded in Riga – 12%, but the highest in Latgale – 30%, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

Election Commission establishes polling stations of national vote

Today, February 8, the Central Election Commission is launching polling stations of the referendum on the draft law "Amendments to the Latvian Constitution".

The President willing to initiate a new constitution

The State President Andris Berzins has admitted that he is ready to initiate a new constitution for Latvia, adding that our neighbouring countries have already changed their fundamental laws.

17% of Latvian residents don't feel increase in prices

Absolute majority (80%) of economically active residents of Latvia aged from 18 to 55 years have felt the increase in prices for daily goods and services within the recent three months.

Lawyer: ACTA is directed outward Europe

One of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement aims is to make it easier and faster to destroy counterfeit physical goods on the borders of the European Union, says Ingrida Karina-Berzina, professor at the Stockholm School of Economics and the Riga Graduate School of Law.

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