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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Foreign lawyers draw up tactics to recover Krajbanka funds

Lawyers have already been hired in Austria and Luxembourg to develop action plan on how to recover Latvijas Krajbanka funds," says Janis Brazovskis, deputy head of the Latvian financial watchdog Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Last year’s budget deficit – 3.1% of GDP

A financial deficit of 426.8 million LVL has formed in the State consolidated budget of 2011, that is about 3.1% of the Gross Domestic product according to money flow accountancy, as the data of the State office states.

Total value of cars stolen in 2011 - 8.5 million euro

Last year 1 000 cars were stolen in Latvia, which brings the total value of the thefts to 8 485 017 euro (5.9 million LVL).

Audit Office criticizes Interior Ministry's physical fitness assessment system

Health status and physical fitness assessment system practiced at the Interior Ministry does not meet the goal set by the law. There are serving officials whose fitness, health and psychological characteristics do not meet the requirements.

Zakulis' financial liabilities at Swedbank - 98 000 lats

Kristaps Zakulis, candidate for the post of director at the Financial and Capital Market Commission is highly dependent on a single commercial bank. He has obtained a loan of more than 120 thousand lats from Swedbank.

Heating tariffs to be affected by natural gas and wood chip price rise

Compared with summer tariffs for natural gas use have grown by 9-14%, however Ronalds Irklis the member of the Social Service Regulation commission believes that these changes are not connected with the regulator’s decisions.

Referendum on Russian schedulled for February 18

Referendum on Russian as the second official language in Latvia will be held on February 18, according to the Central Election Commission.

Central Bank: Latvia must work on extra consolidation plan

Seemingly the last round of fiscal consolidation has been completed in Latvia. It is forecast that the deficit will fall below 3% of the Maastricht criterion next year. Now it is important not to rest on satisfaction about the progress, but keep looking pragmatically at the public finances and ensure their sustainability.

Zakulis wants to prevent all rumour from spreading

The candidate for the post of director at the Financial and Capital Market Commission Kristaps Zakulis' priority is to prevent rumour from spreading. According to him, this is especially important when it comes to the banking sector.

December 2011 - the second warmest in 88 years

The past year rounded up with a warm and very wet December. With the average monthly air temperature hitting +2.1 ° C (4.5 degrees above a long standing average), last month ranks the second warmest December in the past 88 years, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center.

Portal: Antonov's father receives death threat in Riga

Shortly before departure from Riga, the former Snoras and Latvijas Krajbanka owner Vladimir Antonov's father Alexander Antonov received death threat, according to an application submitted to the Latvian General Prosecutor's Office.

Unemployment rate remains flat since October

Last week, the registered unemployment rate remained at 11.5% in Latvia, according to the State Employment Agency, which has currently registered 130 295 unemployed people and 2512 job vacancies.

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