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Sunday 17.12.2017 | Name days: Teiksma, Hilda

Bank of Latvia not to change interest rates

Bank of Latvia decided in a session on September 15 not to change its interest rates and the minimum reserve requirement imposed on the banking sector. Other monetary measures remain in force as well.

Politicians divided over where to get money for health care

Leaders of the main politic parties are divided over where to get financing for the health care sector. Dins Smits, health minister candidate from Zatlers Reform Party, believes that many people are currently not in the tax system that is funding health care.

53% of citizens notice campaigns slandering political rivals

More than a half or 53% of the economically-active citizens of Latvia have noticed various campaigns slandering political rivals in the eve of the Saeima elections.

Diagnosis: each party has its own pre-election headache

University of Latvia housed one of the last prime minister candidates public discussions in the eve of early elections of the 11th Saeima. Parties showed different attitude towards their most dynamic voters - students.

Zatlers Reform Party: assessment of popularity ratings - speculation

Just a week ahead of the 11th Saeima elections, Zatlers Reform Party's (ZRP) popularity ratings have plunged. Members of the party have their own explanation to this. Moreover, they do not pay that big attention to them at all.

Prime minister candidates pledge 250-300 lats pensions in five years

Prime ministers nominated by politic parties running in the 11th Saeima elections estimate that the average pension could hit 250-300 lats in five years, they told in a debate organized by TV3.

Uncertain economic future calls for caution

Trade, transport and manufacturing sectors boosted growth also this quarter, just like in the previous one, Igors Kasjanovs, Bank of Latvia Economist, comments on the latest GDP data.

Only safe airplanes fly to Latvia and EU

Russian aircraft flying to Latvia as well as the European Union are in a good technical condition and they are checked regularly, says Maris Gorodcovs, director at the Civil Aviation Agency. He is refraining to comment on the technical condition of planes flying within the airspace of Russia.

Ushakov: Harmony Center fears de-occupation coming to light again

One of the reasons why the association Harmony Center is concerned with how to name events of 1940 is natural fear that certain politic forces could bring de-occupation to light again, says Nil Usakov, Harmony Center's candidate for Prime Minister post.

Finance Ministry: GDP growth needs to be assessed together with external factors

Q2 GDP growth pace accounts for the fastest in the past nearly four years. We can see this from the Central Statistical Bureau's data that GDP is up 5.6% versus Q2 2010.

Latvian GDP expands 5.6% in Q2

Compared to the second quarter of 2010, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is up 5.6% in the second quarter of 2011, while growing 4.6% in the first half of 2011 versus the same period a year earlier, according to the seasonally non-adjusted data of the Central Statistical Bureau.

Annual inflation hits 4.7% in Latvia

Compared to July 2011, the average consumer price level in August 2011 dropped 0.3%. Prices of goods fell 0.6%, while prices of services gained 0.2%, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

People find new job twice as fast as in 2010

Despite success of finding a new job depends on experience, ambitions and the sector, active search can result in employment twice as fast as last year, specialists told BNN.

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