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Saturday 24.03.2018 | Name days: Kazimirs, Izidors

Zakulis elected chair of Finance and Capital Market Commission

Today, January 12, the Saeima elected Kristaps Zakulis Chairman of the Latvian banking watchdog Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Vinkele: people live longer, therefore the retirement age should be increased

Lifetime in Latvia is increasing, therefore it is evident that also the retirement age must be increased, thinks Ilze Vinkele, Minister for Welfare. In the same time she admits that it means also existence of corresponding work places.

State Employment Agency Chair temporarily suspended

Welfare Ministry has temporarily suspended Baiba Pasevica, Chairwoman of the State Employment Agency, on the grounds of disciplinary investigation launched into her work.

Central Election Commission revises question on referendum ballot paper

The Central Election Commission has approved a new formulation of the ballot paper question in the referendum on changing the officials status of Russian.

Bank of Latvia: unemployment to drop twice as slow as in 2011

In late 2011, the registered unemployment rate stopped falling. It has been reporting stabilization since mid-October, namely, the rate accounted for 11.5% of all the economically active population.

Royal Mail sends repackaged mail and apologizes

Latvijas Pasts has received over a thousand repackaged and damaged packages from Royal Mail every package was received with an official Royal Mail apology and request to report any specific package content damage or lack of it.

Riga residents to pay 13% more for heating

Starting from January 1, heating bills of Riga residents will be applied a rate of 42.16 LVL/MWh (excluding VAT), which is 13% more than in December 2011.

BBC: the perspectives of Latvia’s future are dim

Because European leaders are currently preparing for another crisis summit in the end of the month, the perspectives of the future for many small economies in the region look rather dim.

Rimshevics: most of the people asked, do not want the position of the head of FCMC

A number of people, who were initially approved by the Latvijas Banka President Ilmars Rimshevics and Finance Minister Andris Vilks, have refused to stand for the post of the head of the Financial and Capital Market Commission.

Unemployment rate remains flat in Latvia

Unemployment accounted for 11.5% of all the economically active population in late December. Compared to November 2011, the rate has remained flat.

National Association to challenge referendum lawfulness

National Association is set to address the Constitutional Court with an application to declare referendum on bilingualism in Latvia as unconstitutional. The party will also seek to assess its compliance with the core content of the Constitution and the fundamental principles of statehood.

Economists estimate 2012 inflation at 2 - 2.5%

2012 average annual inflation rate could fall somewhere between 2 - 2.5%, which makes it two times smaller than that of 2011. However, we shall not exclude also geo-political shocks, which may hit harvest, contributing to a more rapid rise in prices, economists say.

S&P increases Riga credit rating

Riga municipality concluded last year with a 0.1% deficit. But in accordance with 2011 financial and audit numbers recount may become more specified, including deficit level.

Latvia: inflation up 4% in 2011

Consumer prices were up 4.0% in 2011, of which prices for goods increased by 4.9%, while for services – by 1.6%, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

Audit Office: 200 000 LVL wasted on soldiers' health care

Latvian National Armed Forces soldiers' social security (compensations and benefits) have been allocated and paid out in accordance with the law. However, soldiers' health care services have not been provided according to the legislation and regulations.

Paradnieks on Culture Minister: everyone must take responsibility for their actions

Those who are now demanding a state-funded Latvian language protection campaign during the Russian referendum have wasted the past 20 years doing nothing to build a cohesive society, says Imants Paradnieks, Saeima deputy and one of the National Association leaders.

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