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Saturday 16.12.2017 | Name days: Alvīne

Half of Latvians against euro in 2014

A half or 51% of the economically active population are against Latvia joining the eurozone in 2014, according to TNS Latvia and LNT survey.

Shutting off utility services - effective fight against debtors

«Life shows that those providers of utility services that are allowed to cut off their services to debtors are the most successful ones,» says Arvils Aseradens, Chairman of Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee of the Saeima.

Economists: government's euro activities lack ambitions

It is still possible to introduce the euro in 2014. The government should stick to this aim, but it calls for clear and immediate action to meet the Maastricht criteria, says Olga Ertuganova, Latvijas Krajbanka economist.

Eurozone to ensure stability in Latvia

Latvia is currently like an ill patient, but this is actually a success story. This is because Latvia has followed the International Monetary Fund's instructions and the situation has improved despite people do not feel that yet, says Inna Steinbuka, the new head of the European Union office in Latvia.

Half of Latvians have changed their mind on EU benefits and losses

One fourth (25%) of all the economically active population aged 18-55 say Latvia has benefited from joining the European Union, while 37% believe the move has brought only losses.

Lack of funds during pre-elections likely to foster parties’ hidden campaigning

Due to the short pre-election period, as well as political parties’ limited funds, residents of Latvia might be subject to hidden political campaigning in media more than ever, Sergejs Karitis, representative of the National Council of Electronic Mass Media, told in an interview to the information portal BNN.

Petrol prices drop significantly

Latvian fuel traders have reduced petrol prices by as many as two santims per litre. Consequently, now a litre of 95-octane petrol at SIA Latvija Statoil costs 90.5 santims, at Lukoil – 89.8 santims, but at Neste – 89.3 santims.

Only 3% familiar with parties’ pre-election programmes

Although the emergency parliamentary elections will take place already this September, only one-fifth or 20% of the economically-active population already know what deputy candidates have been nominated.

Vilks: more hidden pre-election campaigning expected

Currently, politic parties’ ability to accumulate financial resources for the elections could be very limited, so it is likely there will be cases of hidden campaigning and administrative use of funds, says Alvis Vilks, deputy director of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

60W light-bulbs snatched out at stores

On Thursday, September 1, the European Union is discontinuing production of energy-inefficient 60W incandescent bulbs; therefore, many companies are trying to create reserves.

Over 200 000 debtors in Latvia

As of late June, 2011, the number of debtors mostly with liabilities to banks accounted for 220.7 thousand, which is 11.8 thousand or 5.1% less than in late March, but still 15.5 thousand or 7.5% more than a year earlier.

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