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Ceturtdiena 21.09.2017 | Name days: Matīss, Modris, Mariss

Quadrupling numbers of smuggled cigarettes

In the first quarter of 2011, 16 367 customs physical controls have been carried out (including partial and advanced control, persons physical control), amounting to 3 913 or 31.4% more than a year ago.

Expert: state budget tax revenue exceeds estimates

According to the latest information, Latvia state budget revenues exceed the planned, while revenue derived by other means rather than taxes lag behind considerably, says Kaspars Āboliņš, Budget and Finance (Taxation) Committee representative.

Shrinking number of state administration employees

In the last quarter of 2010, the total number of public sector employees amounted to 8.3% of Latvia’s population, coming closer to the average EU indicator – 7.9%.

Lukoil Baltija R head: petrol price might hit lat per litre in second half of year

If oil bourse price keeps gaining at the current pace, Latvia is likely to see benzin price hitting one lat per litre in the second half of the year, says Haim Kogan Lukoil Baltija R head.

Family benefits lack 11 million lats

The Welfare Ministry has failed to find resources for the state family benefit payments after July 1; therefore, it was requested from the Finance Ministry to seek about 11 million lats missing for benefit payments in the second half of the year.

Ober-Haus: rental market shows especial activity

Riga rental market has been especially active in the first quarter of 2011, with both locals and foreigners reporting equal interest, according to Ober-Haus.

Consumers benefit from fuel price wars only in short term

Fuel traders wars are beneficial to consumers only in a short term, the Latvian Fuel Traders Association (LFTA) Chairman Mārtiņš Stirāns (Stirans) says.

Parex to use reserves at Bank of Latvia to repay syndicated loan

To repay the syndicated loans, Parex Bank has accumulated almost all the necessary financial resources, including its accrued cash reserves at the Bank of Latvia, because further keeping them on the compulsory reserve account has neither economical nor logical grounds.

12.98 million cubic meters of wood felled in Latvia last year

12.98 million cubic meters of wood were felled in Latvia in 2010, of which 7.64 million cubic meters (58.9% of the total volume) were cut in public forests.

Political parties receive huge donations despite crisis

During the recent municipal and European Parliament elections in 2009, several Latvian political parties received illegal contributions or membership fees exceeding 42 000 lats.

End of producers' original goods is near

Proportion of producers' original goods is shrinking at a rapid pace on growing share of store brands, says Skaidrīte Ābrama, senior economist at the Competition Council, stressing they forecast retailers will keep focusing on this.