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Sunday 24.06.2018 | Name days: Jānis

Less people are economically active, and more unemployed than previously reported

Number of economically active people aged 15 to 74 years reaches comprises 1 028.9 thousand people, that is, by 118.1 thousand or 10.3% less than previously reported, according to the Central Statistics Bureau.

Latvian parties to join forces for municipal election

The political party Unity is expected to call on all Latvian parties to join forces for Riga municipal election schedulled for next summer.

Demand for new cars in Europe is «dangerously» low

March this year marks the sixth month when demand for new passenger cars in the European Union has been negative. Namely the general passenger car realization drop reached -7%, compared to March last year.

State budget deficit reaches 3.5%, debt – 42.6% of GDP

General government budget deficit in 2011 reached 494.1 million lats or 3.5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) , while the general government debt comprised 6028.2 million lats or 42.6% of GDP, according to the Central Statistics Bureau.

US Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism visits Latvia

The United States of America Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal has arrived in Latvia for an official visit from April 19 to 23.

Estonian households have biggest savings in Baltic

The unpretentious consumers' mood in the period with rising employment rate and household income has caused positive changes in household finance during the last year reporting increase in savings.

Ex-president’s limo complains too often; time to buy a new one

The former state president Vaira Vike-Freiberga plans to buy a new car, because her current Mercedes-Benz S500 limousine, released in 2006, is in a bad technical condition.

Latvia takes part in the World Bank and IMF meeting in Washington

From Wednesday, April 18, until April 23 Finance Minister Andris Vilks and Finance Ministry's State Secretary Sanita Bajare participate in the spring session of the World Bank group and International Monetary Fund in Washington. The event is attended also by representatives of the Bank of Latvia and Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Poll: almost 70% believe – government should break speed camera supply contract

The majority, or 69% of respondents who shared their views on the government and speed radar supplier contract, believe that this contract should be broken. As one of the reasons they mention misses in deadlines in relation to the deployment of stationary radars.

Criminals attempt to smuggle in more than half a million packs of cigarettes to Latvia

State Revenue Service Customs Board managed to uncover a smuggling operation on the Daugavpils – Medumi road: they found more than one million packs of cigarettes of different brands hidden in special secret compartments in a large car.

SEB: job market situation improves in the Baltic States

Compared to 2010, when the job market in the Baltic States suffered the lowest level of employment, the number of employed people has increased in all Baltic States – employment in Estonia recovered by 11%, in Latvia – by 7.7% and by 5.9% in Lithuania.

Average wage in Estonia 28% higher than in Latvia

Purchasing power of employees in Estonia and Latvia grew last year as the increase in wages exceeded the inflation rate. But real income of Lithuanian employees kept decreasing already the third year in turn, according to the latest SEB Baltic household finance report.

EU co-finances 10.84 million lats to repair transit streets

The Ministry of Transport has approved six projects of transit streets repair, with 10.84 million lats co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Riga bicycle week to have more than 20 events

This is the second year in a row, when opening the spring season, Riga City Council and the Riga bicycle week association, in cooperation with other bicycle activists, plan different entertaining and educative events from April 22 to May 5.

Latvia, Poland and Estonia to have a united position during NATO summit

The plenary session of the Latvian, Polish and Estonian Presidents ended on Tuesday, April 17. The main topic of their discussion was the coming NATO summit in Chicago.

Policemen will be no more allowed to work as detectives

Saeima Defence Committee on Tuesday, April 17, passed on to third reading amendments to the Law on Detective Activity. The amendments provide that officials and employees of law enforcement bodies will be no more allowed to obtain detective activity certificates.

Latvia to allocate half a million dollars to Afghanistan defence forces

Starting from 2015 the government is planning to allocate half a million US dollars per year to Afghanistan defence forces, according to the government's meeting on Tuesday, April 17.

Trade unions prepare for retirement age referendum

Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) in the emergency Board meeting on Monday, April 16, reviewed the question on amendments to the Law on State Pensions. LBAS express a strict opinion – still consider valid the previous agreement providing to start increasing the retirement age in 2016.

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