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Political calendar of Latvia from the 13th to 17th of February 2012

February 13th, Monday -The President of Latvia Andris Berzins participates in the meeting of the Council of National Minorities and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Academy of Defense. -Saeima Chairman Solvita Aboltina carries out a two-day official visit to Georgia

Living wage to grow up to LVL 173.47

The living wage has increased up to LVL 173.47 this January, which is by 0.68% more than that in December last year when this index was LVL 172.3. Last year, in January 2011 the living wage was LVL 171.41.

Unemployment grows in early 2012

In late January, the registered unemployment rate totalled 11.7% of the economically active population in Latvia. It is 0.2% percentage points more than in December 2011. As of early January, 130 296 jobless people had registered at the State Employment Agency.

17% of Latvians support tracking personal data to improve online security

One tenth part or 10% of the Latvian economically active population aged 18 to 55 are well aware of the new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), while 48% of the respondents do not show any interest in it.

Opposition members set to amend security instances

A former lawyer and now Saeima member Andrejs Elksnins has submitted proposals to amend the law on Investigatory Operations. However, they seem to make life easier for suspects but more difficult for the police.

Greens/Farmers leader: we will be there if the government falls

"It seems that the coalition does not need any help. In this case, let them keep working. If they need help, we will be there. The government can fall at any point. In general governments fall very suddenly," says Greens and Farmers Union faction leader Augusts Brigmanis.

Economic Diary. Latvia 6th week of 2012

The news that the New Wave contest could leave Latvia, and the GDP of our country increased by 5% in the fourth quarter of the last year, more important news – important for each of us individually and for the whole of our economy in general remained largely unnoticed.

Welfare Ministry: social benefits slash poverty risk

Public and municipal support is essential to a great part of people subject to poverty risks, according to the Welfare Ministry. The statement comes after the ministry carried out an in-depth analysis of the the Central Statistical Bureau's data on poverty and social exclusion in 2010.

LB: services provided to foreigners balance up the current account

In December this year the Latvian current account payment balance surplus increased to 43.8 million lats. Still, in the end of year there was observed a notable decrease in foreign trade activity and the export declined significantly, however the increase in amount of services provided to foreigners gave a positive impact to the balance.

Organizer of pre-referendum campaign appointed to Latvian Post board

Arnis Salnajs, so far unknown to the general public, founded a union For the Latvian Language on January 20. It indulges in active campaigning, urging citizens to attend the 18 February referendum and vote against Russian as an official language. On the very same day, he was unexpectedly appointed board member of the state joint stock company Latvian Post.

Latvians return to vacations abroad

2012 sees an increasing supply of leisure travelling offers, as tourism operators hope to boost turnover by 10 - 15%. People are again willing to spend money on leisure abroad.

Turība professor elected as the Head of the National Electronic Media Council

Ainārs Dimants, Head of the Communication Sciences Department of Turība, on Thursday, February 9, was elected to the post of the Head of the newly elected National Electronic Media Council (NEPLP).

Latvian GDP up 5% year-on-year

According to the flash estimate of the Central Statistical Bureau, compared to the 4th quarter of 2010, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded 5.0% in the 4th quarter of 2011, according to seasonally non-adjusted data.

Voters not yet interested in Russian referendum

On the first day of polling stations, Latvian voters showed very poor interest in the national referendum on amending the Constitution and turning Russian into an official language, reports Mixnews.

Expert: Latvia with its rye-bread traditions is unlikely to overpower Estonia

Representatives of communication and marketing sectors hold contradictory views of the official Facebook page of Latvia which was launched on January 27 this year, however, they approve of the Latvian Institute to popularize our country also through social networks.