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Wednesday 23.05.2018 | Name days: Leontīne, Ligija, Lonija, Leokādija

Zatlers' Reform Party to search for new leaders and change party's statutes

In the general meeting of Zatlers' Reform Party in the end of March there will not yet be a decision upon change of the party's leader, however there are plans for internal reforms with an aim to unite differently thinking party members, reveals Janis Vilnitis, board member of the party.

Statoil: fuel price to keep gaining

In a long run, oil price will keep growing, because it depends on both: consumption and development of the world's major countries, says Ilze Silina, the new Statoil Latvia CEO.

Frost brings profit to car-service centers

Klaipeda streets are mostly empty because of -20 degrees Celsius frost. Car-service center owners are happy because of the sudden client flow these days: the reason for the absence of cars is frost.

Strike: major smuggling impossible without officials’ support

Smuggling is a quick and lucrative source of money and, unfortunately, also public officials are involved. It is clear that large-scale smuggling cannot take place without acceptance and support from the part of officials, says Juta Strīķe, deputy head of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau.

Finance Minister: last year budget deficit – 4% of GDP

Last year consolidated combined budget deficit, compared to 2010, decreased by 357.8 million lats and was 444.9 million lats. Budget deficit is 4% of the gross domestic product, according to provisional estimate of Finance Ministry.

Swedbank: banking problems do not hit 3rd tier of pensions

In the long run, if young people, who are still far from retirement, invest money in financial markets, they can outrun the inflation. Cash is not the safest means of saving up, says Reinis Jansons, Swedbank Investment Product Manager.

Saeima adopts declaration about national role of the Latvian language

Saeima on Thursday, February 2 with 65 votes «for» adopted the declaration about national role of the Latvian language, stating an opinion that Latvian as the only official language has been included in nucleus of the Constitution and is one of basic principles of the constitutional system.

Harmony Center distances itself from Saeima’s statement on Latvian

It is the time with the nation as the legislature. Already back in December 2011, the parliamentary majority showed its standpoint on the amendments to the Latvian Constitution and now it will be the say of the people and only, Harmony Centre faction says in a statement.

Survey: 84% of students in Riga schools ready to pay for education

More than 4/5 or 84% of respondents aged from 14 to 18 years admit that they are ready to pay for their further education, indicates survey which was carried out in comprehensive and professional schools of Riga.

Saeima elects members of National Council for Electronic Media

In an open vote of February 2, the Saeima elected members of the National Council for Electronic Media (NCEM) – Ainārs Dimants, Aija Dulevska, Gints Grūbe, Dainis Mjartāns and Ivars Zviedris.

1.5 million cigarettes last year attempted to be transported to England and Ireland

In 2011, 389 attempts to unlawfully transport tobacco products to United Kingdom and Ireland with Russian and Belarusian excise signs were arrested.

Residents fail to understand nature and requirements of initial declaration

More than a half (59%) of economically active Latvian residents aged from 18 to 55 years does not understand nature and requirements of initial declaration.

University of Latvia Rector: was it the best way out of crisis?

“Although we here in Latvia have a feeling that the crisis is over, it still remains an open question whether the way we exited the crisis was the best possible,” Marcis Auzins, the University of Latvia Rector, said when opening the 70th University of Latvia Conference.

IT scientist: ACTA definitions are so vague that one can interpret them in any way

At the moment definition of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) are so vague that one can interpret them in any way, notes computer scientist Ilmars Poikans, known also with a nickname Neo.