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Monday 18.12.2017 | Name days: Klinta, Kristaps, Kristofers, Krists

59% say Latvia should keep its airbaltic shares

59% of all the economically active population in Latvia believe the state should keep its shares in the Latvian national airline airBaltic.

Heating debts hit 39 million lats

As of May 1, 2011, heating debts total 39.17 million lats in Latvia, says Aino Salmiņš, representative of the Union of Latvian Local Governments.

Annual inflation in Latvia - 4th highest

Annual inflation hit 4.8% in May, accounting for the fourth highest in the Europen Union. EU inflation rate remained flat - 3.2%, while eurozone inflation dropped 0.1 percentage point down to 2.7%.

Government approves Vilnitis' dismissal

Based on a proposal by a specifically designed commission to assess Normunds Vilnitis, head of Latvia anti-corruption bureau, the government decided today, June 16, that it approves of the suggestion and the matter is now forwarded to the Saeima for review.

Taurus may acquire Latvia's shares in airBaltic

Company called Taurus is a likely purchaser of Latvia's shares in the national airline airBaltic, as it has come with a ready-made proposal, which Uldis Augulis, Transport Minister, presented to the government.

4G frequency allocation may bring millions

It would be could if Latvia could collect a couple of millions from 4G frequency usage rights auction, says Andris Virtmanis, head of Public Utilities Commission, Electronic Communications and Postal Department.

Growing demand for barbecue grill and protection against mosquitoes

Arrival of hot weather in May and June has boosted demand for a number of goods topical in summer. For example, demand for barbecue grills and protection against mosquitoes grew by half in the second week of May, compared to the first one.