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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Highly professional specialists quit public administration

More and more employees leave posts at ministries and at the moment there are no signs the trend could stop. Specialists agree there are serious grounds to raise concern over significant gaps forming in the public administration. If no solution is found, quality Latvia's EU Council Presidency is at stake.

Strike: person involved in Jaundzeikars’ case no longer working at CPCB

The so-called oligarchs’ case is now one of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau’s key priorities, reveals Juta Strike, acting director of the CPCB.

TV5 rejects accusations of discrediting Latvia’s statehood

The TV channel TV5, which is owned by LNT, does not recognize the National Council for Electronic Media’s accusations of discrediting Latvia’s statehood and national symbol, says the channel’s representative Inguna Sermole.

Why is it impossible to hold referendum on the Russian language in Estonia?

There are less well-educated people who are able to show initiative in Estonia than in Latvia. Consequently, it is impossible to initiate a referendum on granting second official language status to Russian, admits Vladimir Linderman, head of the association Dzimtā valoda.

Maximum treatment period to be assessed upon issuing sick leave

It is set to introduce changes in the procedure of issuing sick leaves next year. One of the propositions is to determine the maximum duration of treatment for different diagnoses, the Health Minister Ingrida Circene says.

Historian: we will not change our stance on occupation

The key issue on the scheduled meeting agenda of the Latvian-Russian Committee of Historians is the establishment of the Committee, because it does not count as founded yet. This trip will be successful if we achieve this, recognizes Inesis Feldmanis, head of the Committee of Historians.

Zile: we have made a mistake in economic policy

Given the pessimistic forecasts for the EU's economic future, which promises Latvia the chance to keep its growth a little above the average, we cannot expect immediate and appreciable rise in living standards, indicates Roberts Zile, former Finance Minister and European Parliament deputy.

Ronis emphasizes Latvia’s transit advantages in Kazakhstan

On Thursday, November 10, the Latvian Transport Minister Aivis Ronis is continuing his work visit to Kazakhstan, where he is attending Kazakhstan’s Transport Day - 2011 events, involving several countries transport ministers and representatives of the region's transit, transportation and logistics companies.

Vaidere: it’s time for Latvia to «show its teeth»

So far the European Union's multi-annual budget for 2014/ 20 does not give much optimism, given that very unfavourable conditions were provided for Latvia in such vital areas as the Regional and Cohesion Policy, Inese Vaidere, the European Parliament deputy, reveals in an interview to BNN.

Kalnins: Latvia must quit EU

"We lost our economic independence once joining the EU. What's more, we have lost residents of rural areas," says the outstanding Latvian composer and politician Imants Kalnins.

Bank of Latvia: growing uncertainty in the world

Although so far the export growth has been rather steady, it is expected to slow down in the nearest future due to the weakening external demand and reduction in the global price pressure, indicates Ramune Rimgailaite, economist at the Bank of Latvia.

Rinkevics: EC’s current financial offer to weaken Latvia’s competitiveness

On November 9, the Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics met with Janusz Lewandowski, the European Commissioner for Budget, in Brussels to express Latvia’s interests regarding the European Commission’s proposals for the next multi-annual EU budget.

Vilks: lenders furious over state company efficiency

Lenders are not pleased with the corporate governance and its effectiveness in Latvia. They do not want similar surprises as in the case of airBaltic, when the country failed to sort out this matter, says the Finance Minister Andris Vilks.

Latvia lost 100 billion lats after 200 000 people emigrated

Over the last decade, at least 200 000 people have emigrated from Latvia, causing the country loses (at current prices) of 100 billion lats, reveals Michael Hazan, winner of this year's economics prize Spīdola.

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