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Sunday 24.06.2018 | Name days: Jānis

Lithuanian economy grows by 5.8% in 2011

Last year Lithuanian economy grew by 5.8%. This is four times more than that of 2010, when the increase was 1.4%.

LB: households had a lesson and are now spending more carefully

Mood indicators of the European Commission are recently indicating that, in spite of global economic events, mood of consumers has not become notably worse. However, despite of this factor, retail trade turnover decreased in December, notes Igors Kasjanovs, economist of the Bank of Latvia.

Maternity vacation conditions are different amongst Baltic countries

The longest maternity vacation belongs to Estonia – 140 days, in Latvia – 122 days and in Lithuania – 126 days. Right now maternity vacations in all three Baltic countries are paid for evenly, but there are some differences.

Lembergs’ shadow of interests over Staldzene

Ventspils City Council has begun a public discussion of the detailed plan of a part of Staldzene territory, which is located, we would like to note, on the shore of the Baltic Sea and covers 50 he of land in the dune area. City residents have begun a signature collection campaign against the logging of the forest of Staldzene.

Latvian residents are under the illusion of secured old age

Latvian residents are under the illusion of wealth - currently capable people do not associate themselves with pensioners and hope for a secured old age when they will travel a lot, visit cultural events and do sports.

Punishments for falsifying data in zero declarations could soon be introduced

State Revenue Service has begun to receive the first «zero declarations», although there is no clarity yet, about the punishments that await those who do not hand in their declarations or knowingly lie about it. What will the administrative punishment be like, will be determined by March, when it should be clarified.

22% glad about population census results

More than a half (64%) of Latvian economically active population aged 18 to 55 years believes that the census results cannot be considered to be more positive than previously expected.

Economic Diary. Latvia. Week 4 2012

How good it is to live in a country we can be proud of. In the fourth week of the year there were some serious reasons to be proud of Latvia for a long period of tight economy and humiliations in front of the international creditors.

Welfare Minister: we will be able to cut long queues in kindergartens already this year

Already this year it will be possible to «clear away» long queues in municipal kindergartens, today said Welfare Minister Ilze Vinkele in the press conference dedicated to the government's first 100 days.

Only three ministers have a positive rating

Only three ministers have a positive rating, after the first hundred days of work of Valdis Dombrovskis’ government, even the Prime-minister himself has a negative rating - minus 1.7%, according to Latvijas fakti public opinion questionnaire results.

EPI: Latvia is the second greenest country in the world

When assessing the most environment friendly country in the world, Latvia takes the second place, outrunning countries like Norway, France, Great Britain, Sweden and the 132 country competition, losing only to Switzerland. So states the recent Yale and Columbia universities’ research of «Environmental Performance Index» (EPI) research.

Kalnmeiers-Antonov: Prosecutor General meets with potential assassination victim

Alexander Antonov, the father of the now ex-owner of the so far ex-Krajbanka Vladimir Antonov, without any publicity visited Riga on the 25th of January. After declaring the bank’s bankruptcy Latvian government turned to Great Britain with a request to transfer Vladimir Antonov who was there at the time, but received a decline.

Survey: losing support, one third of Latvians could get along one month

Financial security of 33% of Latvian residents does not go further the closest pay day, was found out in Swedbank survey about residents' ability to maintain current level of living in case if something unexpected happens to any of family's supporters.

70% of residents not interested in Saeima foreign policy debate

Most part (70%) of economically active Latvian residents aged from 18 to 55 years admit that they are not interested in Saeima annual foreign policy debate.

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