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Saturday 24.03.2018 | Name days: Kazimirs, Izidors

New coalition to continue negotiating over ministerial posts

After a one-day break, the political forces forming the new coalition – Zatlers Reform Party, Unity and the national association AFL!-FF/LNNK – will continue to negotiate on October 14 the areas of responsibility and potential ministerial candidates.

Candidates to CPCB head’s post to be decided

The State Chancellery assessment committee’s meeting will take place on Friday, October 14. It will decide on candidates to the CPCB director’s post. This meeting will conclude the first round of the competition, after which the committee will announce the candidates that were put forward to the second round.

Delna: political independency of Latvian media – under threat

The key issue of the Latvian media is the ability to ensure political independence, as well as the politicized appointment of National Electronic Media Council's (NEMC) members, according to the Society for Transparency – Delna prepared survey The Assesment of National Integrity System.

Zatlers and Aboltina argue over posts

It does not mean that yet another new coalition is underway just because Zatlers Reform Party has put on hold government building talks. The party is simply not sure about its potential coalition partners - Unity and the national association All for Latvia!TB-LNNK.

State institutions resume health insurance

Given that the monitoring of state budget funds has considerably reduced and there are no restrictions for spending, ministries have resumed to inquire about health insurance by announcing a procurement tender.

Additional requirements for CPCB’s head – lawyer's degree and excellent reputation

The candidates to the CPCB head’s post will be required lawyers degree and excellent reputation, according to amendments to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau Law, which were adopted by Saeima at the third reading on October 13.

Current account surplus in August – 21 million lats

In August 2011, current account surplus of the balance of payments was 21.0 million lats. Compared to July, the current account balance has improved particularly due to the trade deficit reduction and the inflow of the EU funds.

Agreement phrase on occupants – almost void

It seems that once again Harmony Center’s (HC) inclusion in the government will merely remain an unfulfilled dream of HC’s electorate, even though the parties forming the government will most likely sign an agreement maintaining HC’s statement that there was an occupation, but there are no occupants.

Lembergs: Zatlers showed his true face by letting down Unity and HC

Valdis Zatlers, leader of Zatlers Reform Party first let down Unity and then Harmony Center, thus showing his true face. Everyone willing to deal with him in future should take this into account, Aivars Lembergs, Ventspils Mayor, told journalists, when commenting on the newly-formed ruling coalition.

Lembergs wonders why Security Police has not arrested him yet

"I expected the Security Police to arrest me last week when I announced that Ventspils was about to introduce its own national currency, but nothing like that happened," Aivars Lembergs, Ventspils Mayor, said in a press conference on October 12.

Ventspils admits paying for advertising on LTV1

This year, Ventspils city has managed to remind about itself 813 times on LTV 1, according to TNS Latvia Advertising Register. This number includes the city’s commercials on LTV1, as well as, for example, Ventspils logo appearance in one of the broadcasts.

Kolats resigns; Council attempts to change his mind

Dzintris Kolats, director general of Latvijas Radio, has decided to leave his current post and submitted his resignation to the National Council for Electronic Media on Wednesday, October 12, Abrams Kleckins, chairman of NCEM’s council, told in an interview to BNN.

Despite growing salaries, actual income climbs only in Latvia

In absolute terms, the greatest remuneration can still be found in Estonia. However, given the impact of the inflation, the actual income is up only for Latvian households. It has been dropping in Estonia and Lithuania.

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