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Friday 15.12.2017 | Name days: Jana, Johanna, Hanna

Expert: fuel price to surge 5 santims

It is expected fuel price will increase by five santims due to the increased excise duty rate, value added tax, as well as duties on the state crisis reserve provision, the Head of the Latvian Fuel Traders’ Association Uldis Sakne indicates to the business news portal BNN.

Swedbank: tax rise to boost inflation

If the scheduled tax increase is approved in the proposed version, it will clearly raise inflation, indicates Dainis Stikuts, the senior economist at Swedbank.

Tourists turnover at hotels surges 17.7%

In 2010, the number of visitors in hotels and other accommodation places comprised 1 312 thousand people – an increase of 17.7%, compared to 2009. The number of visitors from Latvia edged up 20.5%, but of foreign visitors – 16.4%.

30% would cover costly tests and surgeries with health insurance

Every third resident of Latvia would use health insurance policy to cover expensive medical tests or surgeries. While about 40% of the respondents would utilize their policy for dental services, but 30% – for hospital treatment.

Advance payments used for situation improvement

In 2010, the local governments’ consolidated budget formed a surplus of 54 million lats due to advance payments.

Millions overpaid for medicines

Despite many medicines in the list of reimbursable medicines are equally effective, patients opt for more expensive ones. For example, in the last 11 months of 2010, patients overpaid more than eight million lats, according to Health Payment Center.

State benefit payment restrictions in force until 2012

Given the current economic situation, the restrictions on sickness, maternity, paternity, parental and unemployment benefits, introduced in 2009, will be maintained by 2012.

Nearly 80 000 unemployed participate in hundred-lats programme

Since the initiation of the project, which provides employing jobless persons at local governments for 100 lats allowance, already 79 053 contracts on the participation in the program have been concluded.

Economically-active population in Latvia drops 1.5%

In the last quarter of 2010, the number of economically active population has fallen by 1.5%, compared to the same period a year ago. Almost two thirds (64.5%) of the people in this age group were economically active – this indicator formed 68.9% among men, while among women – 60.7%.

Talsi tragedy victim to get 100 000 lats from State Fire and Rescue Service

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to allot 101 296 lats from the emergency budget to the institution of the Interior Ministry - State Fire and Rescue Service in order it could comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court to pay a compensation to Talsi tragedy victim Andris Zass.

Only 4% of Latvian households consume up to 100 kWh electricity monthly

Only 4% of Latvian households consume up to 100 kWh electricity a month during the heating season, according to market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia study in collaboration with LNT broadcast 900 sekundes. While Latvenergo objects.