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Monday 18.06.2018 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

State budget deficit - 217.3 million lats

Latvia’s general government consolidated budget revenues comprised 461.8 million lats in June, 2011, while expenditure hit 451.5 million lats, forming a financial surplus of 10.4 million lats.

Latvians to vote on Saeima dissolution

Latvia will hold a referendum on the Saeima dissolution on July 23, 2011, following the former president Valdis Zatlers call to dismiss the Saeima which he announced in a live TV speech on May 28.

Many want to work in Germany

In most of job consultations (34.6%) provided by the employment agency EURES, people wanted to get to know more about job opportunities in Germany.

Expert compares Latvian social networking site to a bastion is the bastion of Latvian social networking sites. Despite international site Facebook flourishing popularity, is in a well-fortified position, says Arturs Mednis, head of social media agency Inspired Digital.

People lack information about food served when eating out

The majority of people in Latvia believe there is insufficient information about food served while eating out and the three major things they would like to know include the ingredients, origin and preparation.

Harmony Center, Unity and Zatlers Party may be elected in Saeima

The majority (72%) of the economically active population aged 18-55 say the political party Harmony Center (Saskaņas centrs) will be elected in the Saeima in the autumn 2011 elections.

Riga - among TOP 5 summer travel destinations

American business news site suggests Latvia capital city Riga as one of the TOP 5 best summer travel destinations in Europe. Riga ranks next to cities like Faro, Amsterdam, Crete and Barcelona, the Riga Tourism Development Agency informs.

Unemployment to shrink slowly

The labour market will be uneasy yet for no less than three years, as the number of new job positions will be insufficient for the majority of the 150 000 registered jobless persons to find employment, according to the Welfare Ministry.

Bank of Latvia economist: Latvia trapped in poverty

Latvia has been granted a fantastic chance - we can peek into the future. It is very simple, our future is going on just a few thousand kilometers south - in Greece, says Gundars Davidsons, Bank of Latvia economist.

Less couples opt for marriage contracts

Recent years show less and less couples choose to conclude a marriage contract, as 788 such contracts were signed in the first six months of 2009 and the figure dropped to 394 in the same period in 2011.

Former Saeima member: Latvia losing its brand along with bright people

Latvia lacks clear foreign policy, as the Foreign Affairs Ministry is functioning but still its comments come too late and they are to poor in contents as well, says Vaira Paegle, the former Saeima deputy.

64% want visa-free regime with Russia

The majority (64%) of the economically active population in Latvia support introduction of a visa-free regime with Russia, according to TNS Latvia and LNT study.

15% prefer 10th Saeima to 9th

Nearly half a year after the 10th Saeima elections, the residents of Latvia regard its performance as worse than the one of the 8th and 9th parliament convocations.

Latvian government debt - 5.325 billion lats

Governmental and municipal debt grew up to 5.325 billion lats in June. Having hit 5.103 billion lats in late May, it now has climbed 222 million lats, accounting for a rise of 244.4 million lats since the beginning of the year.

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