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Monday 28.05.2018 | Name days: Vilhelms, Vilis

Policemen to receive uniform compensation – 85 lats

When planning the funds for 2011 the State Police found the possibility to pay out uniform compensation in February to the officials with special service ranks, the business news portal BNN was informed by the State Police spokeswoman Zane Maskaļonoka.

Consolidation of 60 –70 million lats required not to cut family benefits

If the state family benefits are maintained at their current level, this year the budget consolidation will be carried out at even greater extent – 60 to 70 million lats, the Finance Minister Andris Vilks ponts out.

Residence permits – a catch for millions

The amount of investments placed in order to obtain a residence permit could triple by the end of the year, surpassing 100 million euro.

Experts: industrial growth needs investments

The industrial output of December was affected by the weather conditions and shrinking number of orders, believe economists, indicating that export and investments will ensure the industrial growth in 2011.

Illegal tobacco comprises 38% of Latvian market

Last December illegal tobacco market share amounted to 38% in Latvia , according to TNS Latvia study. The same figure comprised 47% in Lithuania and 19% in Estonia.

Real estate market activity not to drop

In January 2011 the serial apartment prices in Riga remained at the level of the previous months and are considered to be stable. The first month of 2011 reported a rise in the number of people willing to sell their flats due to high public utilities bills or debts and purchase a flat with smaller living space instead, indicates Latio's housing market report.

Organizations plan basic salary increase

Entrepreneurs expect wage rise along with higher performance rate achievement by employees, reveals the labour market outlook survey by Fontes.

Criticism on the new Latvenergo tariff project

The Public Utilities Commission is criticizing AS Latvenergo submitted tariff project, providing related users are applied differentiated tariff, as not complying with legal acts. The Ministries of Welfare and Environmental Protection and Regional Development are also objecting to the new tariff.

Macro-economic indicators index grows by 5.3%

The macro-economic indicators composite index has surged 5.3% in December 2010, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

Latvia hits flu epidemic threshold

Latvian average incidence of influenza or flu exceeded epidemic levels in the fourth week of January, according to the Infectology Center of Latvia.

Danske Bank: Latvia’s GDP to grow 2.9% this year, next year – 3.1%

Latvia’s gross domestic product indicators could grow 2.9% in 2011, while in 2012 – 3.1%, indicates Danske Bank’s Baltic macroeconomic outlook.

CC: lower prices formulation to boost medicines producers competition

Both the Cabinet of Ministers approved surcharge system and the medicines producers fight for the doctor's, instead of the patient's choice in case of analogue medicines have not permitted to fully make use of the option to set lower prices to medicines.

Riga drafts almost 3 000 protocols for uncleared pavements and roofs

Since the beginning of December 2010, the police and inspections have overall drawn up about 3 000 administrative acts in Riga, of which around two thousand were prepared in January, the business news portal BNN was informed by the Riga City Council.

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