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Saturday 21.10.2017 | Name days: Severīns, Urzula

Video: First-person footage of supertyphoon Haiyan

The Philippines are still being rebuilt after supertyphoon Haiyan struck the Eastern-Asian archipelago in November 2013. A man named Jim Edds filmed, how it looked like in the midst of the superstorm.

Video: Biting and spitting in sync

Here’s an apparatus that can swallow and spit out the melting city snow effectively. Best thing is, there are no cars parked and snow can be packed for transportation right away.

Ten most popular YouTube music videos of 2015 in Latvia

Thanks to Google’s latest Year in Search report it was possible to determine Latvian resident’s most favourite YouTube music videos. Unlike Lithuania and Estonia, Latvian residents are interested the most in local musicians - Bermudu Divstūris, OLAS and Brainstorm.

Video: Ever-green Super Mario filmed running round cake

Ah, the lovely video game character of Super Mario. Baker and pastry decorator Jami Behrends has put time and effort into baking this tasty stop-motion video that brings back memories of playing Super Mario in the 1990s.

Video: How’s rake better than leaf blower?

A rake does not give a dad the chance to equip his kid with a machine that attempts to make a tornado with the kid like in this video. Perhaps some things would be better left uninvented.

Video: Your phone, when notifications arrive from 8m Instagram account

Dutch footballer Demy de Zeeuw curiously filmed the moment in his phone, right after he posted something interesting on a football-related Instagram account with eight million followers. Yes, and he had his notifications on.

Video: With snowboards in closed water amusement park

For several weeks already, it is possible to do winter sports in the three Baltic states. If you haven’t tried snowboarding, perhaps this video will serve as a draw to give «the wider ski» a try.

Five extravagant video advertisements that prove the power of the Internet

Creative, ironic and very accurate – those are videos on the Internet that have managed to acquire millions of views in a relatively short period of time. The official Latvian representative of the most prestigious creativity festivals in the world – Cannes Lions – has compiled five of the most creative internet advertisements that are sure to make people smile and businessmen consider changing their advertisement strategy.