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Sunday 21.12.2014 | Name days: Saulcerīte, Tomass, Toms

EU state leaders gather for summit on sanctions against Russia and bloc's investment plan

Eiropas Savienības un tās dalībvalstu līderi pulcējas Briselē, lai 18. un 19.decembrī piedalītos galotņu sanāksmē, kuras darba kārtībā galvenie jautājumi būs jaunas sankcijas pret Krieviju un investīciju plāns bloka ekonomiskās izaugsmes atjaunošanai.

December 17 in pictures

Thousands of protesters in Hungary demand government to step down

Several thousand Hungarians on Tuesday, December 16, took part in a protest in Budapest demanding the government to resign over tax hikes, alleged corruption and for directing the country towards Russia's sphere of interest.

Bryan Adams to perform his best songs in Riga

Next year, March 25th, Arena Riga will offer residents and guests of Latvia’s capital a concert by famous Canadian rock star Bryan Adams. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of his album ‘Reckless’, Adams will come to Riga accompanied by his group and a spectacular audio and video show.

Mourning in Pakistan after heartless attack on school

Mourning and burials have commenced in Pakistan after on Tuesday, December 16, Taliban fighters attacked a school killing 132 pupils and nine staff.

Russia tries to rescue ruble, raising interest rate to 17%

Russian Central Bank raised on the night to Tuesday, December 16, its key interest rate by 5.5 percentage points to 17%. Amid the rapid increase of inflation this is an emergency measure taken to rescue the Russian ruble, Reuters news agency evaluates.

Australian hostage crisis: Police opens investigation into tragic ending

Police in Australia has opened an investigation into the hostage crisis of Monday, December 15, which in a Sydney cafe ended tragically, leaving three people dead.

Denmark declares its rights to claim enormous territory in the Arctic

Denmark has announced its rights to claim an enormous territory of the Arctic seabed at the North Pole area. According to information provided by Danish authorities, this territory is a continuation of Greenland.

Armed man in Australia holds hostages at cafe

An armed man is holding the customers and staff of a cafe captive in Australia's largest city Sydney.

Human rights office set alight in Chechnya

In the Russian federal republic of Chechnya an office of a human rights organisation has been set on fire not long after the organisation criticised the republic's President for calling for violence.

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Interest rate raised to 10.5% by Russia's Central Bank

In attempt to stop the growing inflation, Russia's Central Bank has raised its main interest rate by a percentage point to 10.5%.

Poroshenko in Australia: Should Russia close its border, war would stop almost immediately

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is on a two-day visit to Australia, where he has called on Russia to close its border with Ukraine, which would result in the end of warfare in Ukraine's east.

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