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Sunday 19.04.2015 | Name days: Vēsma, Fanija

Huawei presents its newest P8 and P8max smartphones in London

Huawei has presented two of its newest P series smartphones over at London. The two new models presented there are P8 and P8max.

Space researchers present new discoveries on the birth of the Sun and other stars

It would seem that the Sun had missed the «demographic explosion» that hit the Milky Way some ten billion years ago. At the time, stars formed 30 times faster than they do now. The Sun is a «late bloomer», which formed five billion years after the average star formation speed had already decreased.

Cologne cathedral to host memorial service to victims of March plane crash

The historic Cologne cathedral in Germany will host on Friday a memorial service to 150 people, who died, when a Germanwings passenger airplane crashed into the Alps.

Yanukovych's ally shot dead in Ukraine

Former Ukrainian MP Oleh Kalashnikov - also an ally of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych – has been found dead shot wounds in Kyiv on Wednesday, April 15.

EU motivates Turkey and Armenia to settle down and «bury the hatchet»

Armenia and Turkey should use events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of commemoration of victims of genocide to restore diplomatic relations, open borders and set the foundation for economic relations, as noted in European Parliament’s April 15th resolution.

By merging with Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia to create world's second largest supplier of mobile phone network equipment

Finnish company Nokia, which currently focuses on the development of telecommunications network development, has reached an agreement on buying French rival Alcatel-Lucent for 15.6 billion euros.

Crossing the Mediterranean, boat capsizes with hundreds of African migrants

When crossing the Mediterranean to reach Italy from Libya, a boat with about 550 African migrants has capsized, the majority of who have drowned – survivors told Save the Children organisation on Tuesday, April 14.

Finland up for election after years of economic stagnation

In three out of the last five years Finland has experienced economic recession, for which the ruling National Coalition party is expected to be voted out of the government in the Finnish parliamentary election due to take place on Sunday, April 19.

Coca-Cola iconic bottle design celebrates 100th birthday

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle design. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Avicii and Rita Ora, as well as Latvian singer Samanta Tina have become the faces of the advertisement campaign for the 100th jubilee.

Ukraine and Russia agree on withdrawal of more weapon types from front line

In a situation, when the truce in the war in Ukraine is threatened by increased fighting, Ukraine and Russia have on Monday, April 13, agreed to call for more types of weapons to be moved away from the front line.

Saturday – International Table Top Day

This Saturday, April 11th, the International Table Top Day will be celebrated in Riga with all kinds of topical events. This particular celebration was first created in 2012 so that people all around the world would be able to dedicate one whole day to their favourite pastime.

Nordic countries: Russia has become the largest threat to Europe’s security

Admitting that Russia has become the largest threat to Europe’s security, Nordic countries have agreed on closer cooperation in the field of security and in regard to provision of larger support to Baltic States.

Cuba and U.S. continue historic «warming» of relations

With Cuba and the U.S. continuing their historic effort to leave behind 50 years of hostile relations, a meeting took place on Thursday, April 9, in Panama between the foreign ministers of both countries.

Amnesty International reports of summary killings in Ukraine tantamount to war crimes

Non-governmental human rights organisation Amnesty International has announced it has proof pro-Kremlin separatists have carried out summary killings of four Ukrainian soldiers held captive.

Ukrainian President: we can stop Putin, but only if we are given arms

Supporters of the so-called People’s Republic of Donetsk are preparing their forces for battle – under such conditions, western countries should help Ukraine with arms, believes the first president of independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk. At the same time, he does not guarantee that those arms will not end up in the hands of separatists, as reported by