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Wednesday 02.09.2015 | Name days: Lizete, Elīza, Zete

Researchers discover personality types that can potentially put at risk traffic safety

A large number of traffic accidents that took place in August in Latvia makes one wonder about possible correlation between drivers’ behaviour and the possibility of accidents. Research jointly organized by London School of Economics and Political Science and Goodyear tire manufacturer to look into social psychology on the road has provided multiple types of reactions exhibited by drivers and how they can affect the level of safety on roads.

Unemployment in Eurozone down to its lowest level of last three years

Eurozone’s seasonally adjusted unemployment level has declined to 10.9% in July, as compared with June’s 11.1%.

Hacked cheating website contained information about 2,000 users from Latvia

The recently hacked cheating website contained confidential information of more than 2,000 user accounts registered in Latvia, as concluded in a report by, IT incidents prevention institution.

LG releases 23-karat gold smart-watch

LG Electronics and American Reeds Jewelers plan to release the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, which will be released in limited number. This smart device is adorned with 23-karat gold, alligator skin strap and exclusive lacquered frame.

Weekly horoscope (31.08 – 06.09): fresh opportunities

BNN presents a weekly horoscope for 31st August – 6th September…

Knowledge Day in Latvia and elsewhere in the world

Schools will open their doors on 1 September. 31 out of 34 international exchange students will begin their education in Latvia. Youngsters from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, Hungary and Turkey are anxiously preparing for the Knowledge Day, because most of them are not used to spending the first day in school celebrating, dancing and singing.

LG Electronics develops roll-up wireless pocket keyboard

At IFA 2015 exhibition in Berlin, LG Electronics will present the first ever roll-up wireless pocket keyboard. LG Rolly keyboard (model KBB-700) can be easily rolled up to fit in a pocket, bag or briefcase.

Ceasefire implemented in parts of Syria

In the Syrian civil war, that has caused a Middle Eastern migration flow to Europe a ceasefire has come into force in western parts of the country on August 27.

Instability in Europe's stock markets amid China's troubles

Western Europe's largest stock exchanges on Wednesday, August 26, saw a small rise in indices, after they fell sharply this week under the influence of the almost uncontrolled fall of Chinese stocks.

Kosovo and Serbia sign key agreements normalising relations

Kosovo and Serbia on Tuesday, August 25, signed four agreements marking normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, as well as between Albanians and Serbs inside Kosovo.

20% of Estonians stay in workforce after retirement

In Estonia, more than a fifth of workers having reached the retirement age - 62-63 years – stay in workforce.

Merkel condemns Germany's violent clashes over asylum seeker centre

Following several nights of violent protests in the country's east German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the protests against granting asylum to migrants, in which a number of policemen have been injured.

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