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Sunday 04.10.2015 | Name days: Modra, Francis

Russia's air strikes increase complexity of warfare and interest in Syria

The launch of Russia's air strikes in the territory of Syria has complemented an already complex mix of foreign powers serving their interests in the civil war, an expert evaluated.

Paris introduces 68-euro fine for dropping cigarette butts

France's capital Paris has on October 1 introduced fines for leaving cigarette butts on the street in the amount of 68 euros.

Eurozone back to deflation in September

Prices in eurozone have returned to deflation in September, as prices of goods and services decreased by 0.1% compared to September 2014, Eurostat data indicate.

Russia warns of launching air strikes in Syria

A U.S. defence official has unveiled on September 30 that Russia has warned the U.S. of its plans to start bombardment of Islamic State targets on Wednesday.

LG and Google present Nexus 5X smart-phone

On Tuesday, 29 October, LG Electronics and Google officially presented the third result of cooperation of the two giants – Nexus 5X smart-phone, which is fitted with Google’s latest mobile OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Volkswagen: Firm's board was unaware of manipulations with emissions of diesel cars

A board member of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen has stated that the company's board had been unaware of the decisions, after which computer software has been installed in certain models of diesel cars with the aim of manipulating emissions tests.

Russian and U.S. presidents find no common ground on future of Assad as leader of post-war Syria

Presidents of the U.S. and Russia met on September 28 in New York as part of the U.N. General Assembly, but remained of differing opinions as to whether Bashar al-Assad should lead the future post-war Syria.

Facebook crashes for 2nd time in five days

Facebook operation is back to normal after on September 28, its website was out of access for 40 minutes, which is the second time of its outage in five days.

In pictures: Lunar eclipse seen on «supermoon»

On the night to September 28, a rare celestial phenomenon – a lunar eclipse and a supermoon (full moon with its closest approach to the Earth) – could be seen in Europe, Western Africa and the Americas.

Anti-war protests held in Russian cities

As part of peace rallies in Russia on Sunday, September 27, some 200 people gathered in St. Petersburg and around 30 activists in Moscow calling on Russia to withdraw its soldiers from Ukraine and not to engage in warfare in Syria.

Several hundred people die during pilgrimage to Mecca

Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz has stated there was a need to improve the level of organisation and management of movement of pilgrims, after on September 24, during pilgrimage to Islam's holy city of Mecca, 717 people died in a stampede.

British historian: Baltic States have genuine cause for concern

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have genuine cause for concern, writes British historian Robert Service in his article in Financial Times.

SEB: China’s economic growth becomes slower

With positive economic growth registered in Europe and USA this summer there are also opposite signals coming from China. Gradual slowing of growth rates in China and changes in its currency policy have led to serious fluctuations on global stock markets.

59% of Europeans are fat, World Health Organisation found

Nearly six of every 10 Europeans are overweight or obese, the World Health Organisation found.

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