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Tuesday 24.04.2018 | Name days: Nameda, Visvaldis, Ritvaldis

Income of electric car maker Tesla measured in billions

The income of the American electric car maker Tesla have in the last quarter of 2017 been above three billion U.S. dollars, while losses have also been large.

European Commission predicts Latvia the most rapid growth among Baltic States

The latest economic outlook by the European Commission estimates that Latvia’s GDP may grow 3.5% in 2018, which is the most rapid growth rate among Baltic States.

EU safeguards for Brexit transition period called «silly threats» in UK

In the Bexit talks it has surfaced that the European Union is seeking to set forth for the transition period a chance to restrict the UK's access to the single market in case the UK does not fulfils its commitments before the final arrangements come into effect.

Deal on German federal government reached suggesting key concessions made by Merkel's bloc

The German conservative parties led by long-time Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed on a coalition deal with Social Democrats, which – if backed by the SPD members – could result in a strong federal government that Germany has lacked since September last year.

Factory workers in Germany gain chance to adjust working hours to looking after family

Factory employees in Germany's south-west have negotiated the right to work less hours to adjust their work to the needs of family members, moreover the agreement with employers could be extended to several million other workers in Germany.

Putin signs law on adding South Ossetian forces to Russian army

Russian long-time head of state Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill on the ratification of an agreement between Russia and South Ossetia that sets forth adding to the Russian army the individual military units of this self-proclaimed republic formed in the territory of Georgia.

140 thousand Greeks protest against «Macedonia» name solution to neighbouring country

140 thousand people in Greece have attended a mass protest in Athens voicing their opinion as to government attempts to solve long diplomatic dispute with the country of Macedonia.

Latvia in December had more rapid producer price rise than the average in EU

Compared with the same month of 2016, Latvia’s industrial sector’s producer prices grew 2.7% in December 2017. It is a more rapid increase than the average in the European Union, according to data published by Eurostat.

Trump, Putin’s critics and refugee organization nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s critics, and UN Refugee Agency UNHCR have been nominated for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

Coface: growth will continue, but ‘overheating’ risk will remain for businesses

In its latest rating, Coface international credit risks insurance company has upgraded ratings for Ukraine, Georgia, and Netherlands. Experts say there is a possibility of businesses overheating. That and political tension will be among the main business risks in 2018.

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