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Friday 22.06.2018 | Name days: Ludmila, Laimdots, Laimiņš

Normalisation in Estonian-Russian business contacts witnessed by transit entrepreneur

Despite political and military issues, the transit sector relations between Estonia and Russia have somewhat gotten better, believes Estonian-based businessman Anatoli Kanajev, who has struck a deal to sell container terminal operator Transiidikeskuse AS to German logistics company Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG.

Facing investigations, Facebook announces changes to user privacy settings

Facing numerous investigations over alleged failure to protect user data, Facebook has announced a changes to profile privacy controls allowing users to track and edit the personal data the firm has in its use.

Poland to purchase defence missiles from U.S. for 3 billion euros

Poland has signed an agreement to buy the Patriot missile defence system from the U.S. for 3.85 billion euros, as Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 has motivated Warsaw to quicken its military modernisation.

Kremlin's behaviour no obstacle to Germany's final support to Nord Stream 2

Despite Berlin's recent criticism of Russia's actions in the spy poisoning case and the Syrian civil war, German authorities have given a final go-ahead to the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline from Russia planned to be built in the Baltic Sea.

NATO, three more countries expel diplomats, Russia sees «blackmail» by U.S.

NATO military alliance as well as Moldova, Ireland and Belgium have been the latest to announce expulsions of Russian diplomats. Russia, in turn, has reacted by explaining the measures as the result of «a colossal blackmail» by the U.S.

Stock exchanges on a rise in USA and Europe; oil prices decline

On Monday, 26 March, stock indexes increased in USA, increasing investors’ optimism for trade talks. In Europe, however, stock indexes declined, which was partially caused by increased euro value.

Russian ambassadors summoned in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, report Russian agencies

Russian news agencies report that ambassadors of Russia have been summoned by Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

10 000 people in Chisinau call for reunification of Moldova and Romania

Over 10 000 people have joined a demonstration in Moldova expressing support to the idea of Moldova to be reunited with Romania.

Terror-stricken French town holds memorial service

In France, after a terrorist attack on Friday in a town in the south of the country, where four people have been killed, a memorial service has been held to honour the victims.

Syrian rebel groups in eastern Ghouta announce ceasefire

In the besieged eastern Ghouta territory in Syria, which has been under heavy air strikes and artillery fire for about a month, several opposition rebel groups have agreed to ceasefire.

Turkey's offensive in Syria condemned by NATO ally Germany

Angela Merkel, the head of the German federal government has stated that Turkey’s military offensive in the northern Syrian town of Afrin was unacceptable and she blamed Russia for simply watching, while attacks by Syrian government forces on besieged eastern Ghouta continue.