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Sunday 22.10.2017 | Name days: Irīda, Īrisa

Daylight saving time. History and what it means for industries?

Latvia and many other countries around the world will transition from daylight saving time on 29 October. All clocks will be switched one hour back.

Austrian government expected to be headed by 31-year old Kurz

In the Austrian parliamentary election, held on Sunday, October 15, victory is projected to the right-wing Austrian People's Party and its leader Sebastian Kurz could be become Europe's youngest head of government.

London housing rent prices have risen sharply to low-income renters, study finds

UK low-income renters currently on average pay 28% of their monthly income on housing rent, which is a considerable increase from 21% in the mid-1990s, researchers have found.

Italian court: sick pay applies to woman, who cared for her ill dog

A woman in Italy has won a trial on right to receive sick pay for being absent from work to care for her dog after surgery.

Madrid issues ultimatum to Catalonia, Spain celebrates national holiday

Spain is celebrating on Thursday, October 12, its Fiesta Nacional de España, but Madrid has issued to separatist Catalonia an ultimatum to clarify if its regional government has really declared Catalan independence, which could result in the Spanish government imposing direct rule over the autonomous region.

Hungary pledges to raise language argument with Ukraine to EU level

Hungary has pledged to oppose in the European Union about a law passed in Ukraine that sets forth curbing the use of ethnic minority languages as the teaching language in schools in Ukraine. The Transcarpathia region in south-western Ukraine is home to around 150,000 ethnic Hungarians.

Rinkēvičs: Baltic air and maritime defence should be on agenda of next NATO summit

In the next NATO summit in 2018, delegates should work on making the defence of the Baltic region stronger in air and at sea, evaluated Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs.

Google finds Russian advertising campaign around U.S. election, media report

Internet giant Google has discovered evidence of Russian agents spending large sums of money in attempts to affect the 2016 U.S. presidential election, media wrote.

Average prices in Latvia – up by 2.9% on year

The average price level in Latvia in September 2017, as compared to September last year, has increased by 2.9%, according to official estimates.

350,000 people attend Spanish unity demonstration in Barcelona

No less than 350,000 people have attended a pro-unity demonstration on Sunday, October 8, in Barcelona, capital of the separatist region of Catalonia voicing their support for the region’s unity with Spain.

Spanish court bans Catalonian parliament from holding possible separation session

The Spanish Constitutional Court has aborted the Catalonian regional parliament’s sitting of Monday, October 9, during which the region’s separation from Spain could be declared as the court would such a move would breach the country’s constitution.

UK situation with children of Latvian nationals has improved

Lately, the situation with the children of Latvian nationals in the UK has got better, stated Latvian Ambassador to the UK, Baiba Braže. The Ambassador acknowledged that the number of children taken away by British authorities from families of UK-based Latvian nationals has decreased and added that currently, local authorities are more active in informing the Latvian Embassy of such cases.