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Wednesday 22.02.2017 | Name days: Rigonda, Adrians, Ārija

NATO-flagged German troops deployed in Lithuania

With the first NATO battalion arriving in Lithuania, the military alliance and Germany, who sent its troops, has started fulfilling their pledges to help defend the Baltics and Poland.

Latvia and France to cooperate more closely in defence field

Latvia and France have signed an inter-governmental agreement in the field of defence. The new agreement states that both countries will cooperate in multiple defence-related fields – development of security and defence concepts, defence and planning policy, cyber-defence, military exercises, etc.

Trump: we strictly support NATO, but we also ask member states to do their part

During his visit to US Armed Forces Central Command in Florida, President Donald Trump emphasized support to NATO. However, he also mentioned that most of the member states of the alliance still do not divert sufficient finances to military expenditures.

Ryanair blames second on-board luggage for flight delays

Irish low-fares airline Ryanair has unveiled that it is reviewing its decision to allow passengers take second free luggage bag on board after it found that passengers abuse the allowance and cause flight delays.

French media to identify fake news together with Facebook and Google

French newsrooms have announced they would work together with Facebook and Google to counter the increase of pre-election fake news.

Finland collects from online alcohol stores two million euros in taxes

Finnish customs officers have managed to collect from retailers in several European countries that sell alcohol online over two million euros to cover unpaid taxes, Finnish Customs announced on Monday, February 6.

French presidential candidate Le Pen pushes for «intelligent protectionism»

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, also the leader of far-right party National Front, has explained her policy ambitions for the spring presidential election. Addressing supporters in France’s city Lyon, Le Pen evaluated that globalisation meant «manufacturing by slaves for selling to the unemployed».

Video: Romania abandons easing corruption punishment after mass protests

Romania’s government has taken a U-turn in its attempts to ease punishment to corrupt officials, but mass protests, initially targeting the government move continued on Sunday night.

What decisions has Trump made as U.S. President

Since taking the office as President of the U.S. on January 20, Donald Trump has been quite active. The 70-year-old has signed 17 executive orders, thus using his executive powers.

Artillery attacks in Ukraine reported as claiming lives

As artillery attacks intensify in the war in eastern Ukraine, there have been victims on both sides of the frontline after overnight fighting, the warring sides report.

Saeima ratifies Paris agreement on climate change mitigation

On Thursday, 2 February, Latvia’s Saeima ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The goal of this convention is to enhance global action on global change mitigation, BNN was informed by Saeima’s press-service.