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Monday 25.09.2017 | Name days: Rauls, Rodrigo

Madrid rushes to get in way of Catalan independence vote

Central powers of Spain have rushed to block the independence referendum planned by the region of Catalonia and threatened with charges to Catalan regional MPs.

Exhumed Dalí's paternity not proven

Spanish lady María Pilar Abel Martínez has been proven wrong in her belief that Salvador Dalí had been her father, DNA samples from the dead artist's exhumed remains showed.

Scandal-stricken Danske Bank to search money laundering in Estonian branch

In relation to the «Azerbaijani Laundromat» scandal, where journalists have found that the ruling elite of Azerbaijan has used USD 2.8 billion to pay to European politicians, Danish Danske Bank has pledged to investigate alleged money laundering via its branch in Estonia.

Ansip: New cyber security measures would respect national sovereignty

With the European Commission readying to unveil new measures to increase cyber security, the Commission's Vice-President, Estonian politician Andrus Ansip pledged that the new measures would not take away too much power from EU countries’ national institutions.

Toy giant Lego to reduce workforce by 1 400 after slowdown in sales

Danish toymaker Lego Group is facing a decrease in sales and has unveiled plans to reduce its workforce of 18 200 jobs by 8%.

Concerns over North Korea’s hydrogen bomb tests cause exchange index decline

On Tuesday, 5 September, stock exchange indexes mostly declined, which was caused by North Korea’s hydrogen bomb tests. Oil prices grew at New York and London stock exchanges.

Media report on British plans to curb immigration of low-skilled workers

A British interior ministry document has been leaked revealing proposals to limit the number of low-qualified workers travelling to the UK from the European Union.

Latvia has third largest mobile internet consumption in the world

Last year, mobile internet consumption in Latvia continued rapidly growing, reaching record high amount – 5 GB per SIM card. This puts Latvia on the third spot among the world’s technological superpowers.

Specialists recommend updating Instagram mobile app to safeguard data

Cyber criminals have used an error present in Instagram code to steal users’ data. Kaspersky Lab specialists have concluded that this vulnerability exists in Instagram’s mobile app released last year.

Azerbaijan being linked to slush fund worth several billion dollars

A consortium of European newspapers has found in an investigation that the governing elite of Azerbaijan has maintained a secret slush fund worth 2.8 billion U.S. dollars to make payments to European politicians.

U.S. hurricane damages estimated at over USD 150 billion

To recover from Hurricane Harvey, southern U.S. states would need more funds than in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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