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Monday 24.07.2017 | Name days: Krista, Kristiāna, Kristiāns, Kristīne

Estonia allocates million euros to reduce migration flow in Mediterranean

The government of Italy has earmarked one million euros for aiding to cut massive migration flow from Libya to the European Union. according to the decision made on Monday, July 3, the money will come from state reserves and will be paid to the European Union’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

Samsung reuses parts from faulty Galaxy Note 7 in firm’s new smartphone

Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has taken note of calls by environmental organisations and has reused in its latest headset useful parts from the reportedly fire-unsafe smartphone Galaxy Note 7.

China opens its 8-trillion-euro bond market to foreign capital

China has launched a bond selling programme to foreign investors allowing them to purchase and sell China’s bonds.

Russia involved in global ransomware attack, Ukraine establishes

Ukraine has stated it has evidence that Russia’s security services were behind last week’s global ransomware attack.

Eurovision asks Ukraine to pay fine for delays and row with Russia

The management of the international Eurovision song contest has asked Ukraine to pay a large fine for problems in the organisation of the 2017 competition events in Kyiv. European Broadcasting Union stated Ukraine's state broadcaster UA:PBC should pay the fine because of «severe delays which created unnecessary difficulties».

Group of Chechens found guilty of Nemtsov’s murder

A court jury in Moscow found five Chechen men guilty of killing Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov.

Latvia receives high score in latest innovation ratings

Latvia’s score in the latest innovative ratings is proof of stable and sustainable state development. This is proof Latvia is headed in the right direction, which benefits productivity and high added value goods, says Latvian Economy Minister Arvils Aseradens.

Amid global ransomware cyberattack analysts point to Ukrainian accounting software

A number of cybersecurity firm analysts have noted that in this week’s international cyberattack, which has severely affected computer systems in Ukraine, has been linked to the Ukraine-built accounting and finance software MEDoc.

Italy warns it could not allow in ships with migrants rescued at sea

The government of Italy has warned the European Union that the country may stop foreign ships from unloading migrants at Italian ports, because the migrant situation in Italy is deemed to be unsustainable.

Victims of Portugal’s forest fires let down by communications with rescuers

After the Portugal wildfires, in which 64 people died and 254 got injured earlier in the month, the government of Portugal has ordered an investigation into the operation of emergency communication operations as at least 10 emergency calls are reported to have failed to reach firefighters.

Netherlands ruled partly liable for 350 Srebrenica victims

In relation to the Srebrenica massacre, an appeals court in the Netherlands has for the most part upheld an earlier ruling that the Dutch state was liable for the deaths of 350 Bosniak men in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

Trial against Yanukovych suspended in Ukraine

A court in Kyiv has suspended the trial against the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, over state treason charges. Kyiv Obolonskiy district court, Yanukovych's lawyers opposed the petition of state prosecutor Ruslan Kravchenko on the application of special judicial proceedings in the case in the absence of Yanukovych from court.