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Sunday 23.04.2017 | Name days: Jurģis, Juris, Georgs

Diplomat suggests excluding Hungary from EU

The Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn has this week suggested Hungary’s European Union membership should be halted for a time or even for ever judging that Hungary has been acting contrary to EU’s core values.

Cameron – advocate of British EU membership - leaves politics

Former long-time British Prime Minister David Cameron has stepped down on September 12 as an MP at the country’s parliament thus quitting active politics after defeat in the Brexit referendum.

Italians file defamation complaint over Charlie Hebdo ridiculing quake victims

The town of Amatrice in Italy that suffered in a devastating earthquake in August has sued French satire weekly Charlie Hebdo over depicting victims as penne and lasagne pastas.

German engineer charged as part of Volkswagen emissions investigation

Charges have been pronounced in a U.S. investigation at the core of the international scandal on emission-test-cheating equipment in automobiles produced by the Volkswagen group carmakers.

Conservatives take lead in Croatian parliamentary election

Initial results of Croatian parliamentary election held on September 11 - after a government led by the HDZ fell in June over a conflict of interest scandal - indicate that the same party has taken the lead.

Seven tragic fates of WWII warships

Seas and oceans of the world hold many secrets about warships and submarines that sunk during World War II. Although more than 70 years have passed since the end of the war, researchers around the world continue their work to unravel the mysteries of that time.

SAS plans to provide onboard internet for film streming

Scandinavia’s largest airline SAS has on September 8 announced plans to upgrade aircraft cabins, including the installation of the quickest onboard internet among European flight carriers.

Austria charges two suspected of links to Paris attacks

Austrian prosecutors have on September 9 charged two men with suspected links to Paris terror attacks that took the lives of 130 people.

Mogherini calls for integration of EU’s military resources after Brexit

European member states should combine military resources to rejuvenate the European project after Brexit, announced EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini on Thursday, 8 September.

Ambassador: Russia’s economic situation is rather dramatic

Russia has a lot of serious problems and its economic situation is rather terrible. Despair and perseverance in the matter of overcoming sanctions demonstrates their efficiency, says Latvian ambassador to Canada Karlis Eihenbaums.

Denmark to buy «Panama documents» on its citizens

Denmark has agreed to purchase information leaked from the «Panama documents» law firm Mossack Fonseca to look into offshore operations of its citizens, Danish Tax Minister Karsten Lauritzen stated on September 7.

Visegrád four to propose joint position for EU future

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia will outline a joint proposal for the future of the European Union after the UK leaves the bloc at an informal summit planned to take place next week – Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło stated on September 6.

Protesters in Kyiv quit blockade of TV channel deemed as being pro-Kremlin

Protesters in Ukrainian capital Kyiv have on September 6 quit a siege on Inter TV channel that has also suffered an attempt of arson for allegedly pursuing a pro-Kremlin agenda.

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