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Sunday 26.03.2017 | Name days: Eiženija, Ženija

Zile: EU will establish a visa-free regime with Turkey

The European Union will sign a visa-free regime agreement with Turkey in exchange for help to stop uncontrolled influx of asylum seekers, said MEP Roberts Zile in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorama.

Why Apple continues to lose its positions?

There are three reasons why Apply has lost its initial influence, believes Saxo Bank’s financial analyst Peter Garnry.

Blast in Taiwan kills at least four and injures dozens

Over the past twenty four hours, Taiwan’s resort Hua Hin was struck by nine explosions. At least four people were killed and several dozen were injured in those blasts. Foreign citizens are among the victims as well.

Eurostat June data: Latvia experienced the largest industrial production growth in EU

The largest industrial production growth in the European Union in comparison with the previous month was registered in Latvia this June, according to the latest data from Eurostat.

Iceland plans to hold early election in autumn

The government of Iceland announced this week that plans to hold early parliamentary election on October 29 in a situation caused by the political scandal following the leaked Panama documents.

Research: British dealers are leading online narcotics trade among European countries

In a study into the online trade of illicit drugs to Europeans, it has been found that among European states dealers from the UK are leading the market, but world leaders in this illegal business are drug traders from the U.S.

Scores of wildires cause devastation in Portugal and France

Pushed by strong winds, wildfires in southern France and Portugal have ravaged several thousand hectares of land, left four people dead and taken dozens of houses.

Imprisonment suggested in Italia for imposing vegan diet on children

The Italian parliament is discussing a legislative proposal to put behind bars parents, who do not give foods of animal origin to their children.

Latvia – one of the most hygienic countries of the world

Latvia is one of three countries of the world, whose consumers carefully consider purchases associated with personal hygiene. According to information from a study compiled by Nielsen, aside from Latvia, two other European countries are part of the ‘clean three’ – Croatia and Serbia.

Protesters in Russia condemn anti-terrorism law as violating privacy

Hundreds of people in Moscow on August 10 took part in a protest to object to amendments to Russia’s anti-terrorism law considered by protesters as restricting their internet freedom and right to privacy.

Pakistan buries victims of large terror attack

In Pakistan, funerals were held on August 9 for the 74 people killed at a suicide bomb attack that took place at a hospital in the south-east of the country.

Facebook to restrict ad-blocking software on social network

The management of Facebook has announced it would restrict the operation of ad-blocking programmes to that users of the social network could not avoid seeing advertisements.

EU not to fine Portugal and Spain for excessive budget deficits

The Council of the European Union has this week backed the proposal of the European Commission not to enforce fines pertaining to Spain and Portugal for exceeding the budget deficit rules of the EU.

«Rain of stars» this August to be more intense

The Perseids meteor shower, romantically called «the rain of stars» in Latvia, is expected to be more frequent than normally and to reach its peak this week.