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Sunday 28.05.2017 | Name days: Vilhelms, Vilis

Ukraine in joint declaration with Lithuania, Poland condemns WWII aggressors

The Vekhovna Rada of Ukraine has this week adopted a joint declaration with Lithuania and Poland attaching responsibility for World War II to Germany, the USSR and the international community’s «appeasement policy».

Facebook sorry for removing breast cancer informative video

Facbook has expressed apologies for the removal of a breast cancer informative video shared on the social network by a Swedish foundation.

Pregnant woman in Italy dies after doctor allegedly refused to perform abortion

Police in predominantly Catholic Italy is investigating a case of a woman pregnant with twins dying after miscarriage.

Russia applies discount on transit from Belarus

Russian Railways has applied a 25% discount on petrol, diesel fuel and crude cargo transports from oil processing plants in Belarus to Russia’s north-west ports. With that, Russia has basically provided Belarus with tariffs equal to tariffs in Baltics.

Estonia plans to increase female proportion in military

Estonia has announced plans to triple female involvement in the country’s Defence Forces and to expand the list of units accessible to woman soldiers by 2018.

European Space Agency attempts to re-connect to its Mars probe

The European Space Agency has lost contact with its Mars probe on October 19 shortly prior to its planned landing on the planet.

Rumours state Donetsk militant commander Motorola was killed by Latvian mercenary

On Wednesday, 19 October, rumours began surfacing on Ukrainian and Russian websites that Donetsk pro-Moscow militant commander Arseny Pavlov, aka Motorola, was possibly killed by Latvian mercenary named Marks Ozolins.

List of the world’s safest countries for travel

As winter comes closer, people think about visiting warmer countries. One of the most important criteria to consider when making travel arrangements is safety.

Belgium seeks to convince Wallonia region over Ceta

Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders has stated on October 18 that European Union member states could reach an agreement on the EU-Canada trade deal in case the objections of the Belgian region of Wallonia can be met.

Bookmakers: scandals have ruined Trump’s chances of becoming US President

Presidential elections in USA have become a competition between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton on who can find more compromising information to discredit the other the most. Scandals that surround Trump have lately been loud enough to overshadow Clinton’s irresponsible storage of classified information on a private service.

EU berates Russia for targeting hospitals and doctors in Aleppo bombardment

The foreign affairs ministers of the EU have on October 17 condemned Russia’s air strikes on the Syrian city of Aleppo assuming war crimes could have been committed.

Google adds fact check tag to news search engine

Internet’s most widely used search engine Google has added to its News section a new function - «fact check» offering readers the possibilities to check facts included in the particular news story.

Several airlines prohibit taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board

A number of passenger flight carriers in Europe, Asia and Australia have banned passengers from taking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 onto planes after such ban was introduced in the U.S. following reports of this smartphone model catching fire.

Wallonia region blocks signing of EU-Canada free trade agreement

On Friday, 14 October, the parliament of Belgium’s Walloon region voted in favour of blocking the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.