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Friday 20.04.2018 | Name days: Mirta, Ziedīte

World Bank: food becomes cheaper

Late last year prices for basic food products in the whole world decreased by 8%, the most rapid fall - by 15% - was observed for wheat prices, reports the World Bank.

Republicans and democrats suggest Obama attacking Iran

The influential American organization British Policy Center which includes retired generals, as well as politicians from both Republican and Democratic party, have prepared a set of proposals referring Iran. According to the document, the most substantial task of USA foreign policy is not to allow nuclear weapons to appear in Teheran.

PlayStation «godfather» to become CEO of Sony

The post of president and chief executive director in the Japanese company Sony on April 1 this year will be filled by the vice president of the company, 51 years old Kazuo Hirai. He is going to replace Howard Stinger who will be Chair of the Board of Directors starting from June 2012, was said in the notice of the company.

Queen Elizabeth II annuls title of knight to «the world's worst banker»

Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom annulled title of knight to Fred Goodwin, the former director general of the Royal Bank of Scotland. The queen's decision was based on a suggestion by the Prime Minister David Cameron.

Samsung patent disputes catch eye of the European Commission

The European Commission launched a special probe against Samsung after the Regulator found that the company might be using the so-called basic patents (standard Essential Patent) in lawsuits against competitors.

Twitter ad income to increase until half a billion dollars

Ad income of Twitter in 2014 will increase 3.9 times reaching 540 million dollars (288.3 million LVL), although profit increase rate will slowly fall lower, notes research agency eMarketer.

Oil price exceeds 122 dollars

On Tuesday, January 31, price for oil has increased by more than 1 US dollar, in the hope that Greek debt crisis and European Union agreement of budget amendments would help to strengthen global economic development and further demand in the oil market.

Apple promises to learn about work conditions at China’s manufacturing plants

The head of Apple Company Tim Cook has announced the beginning of the research, during which Apple plans to find out about work condition violations in Chinese manufacturing plants, where Apple products are being put together.

25 EU states agree on new fiscal pact

On January 30, 25 of the 27 European Union member states agreed in Brussels to sign a fiscal pact that stipulates stricter rules to prevent debt crises from reoccurring in future.

Samsung income up by 13%

In last quarter of 2011, Samsung Electronics consolidated income reached 47.3 trillion South Korean vons (22.27 billion lats) reporting growth by 13%, compared to indicators of 2010.

Sarkozy plans to introduce financial transaction tax

France will introduce the tax of financial transactions regardless of the position of other European countries, the President of France Nicola Sarcozy stated. According to him the collection of 0.1% from the revenue of financial institutions will be introduced in August 2012.

Greece refuses to assign control over state budget to EU

The Greek government refuses the plan proposed by Germany, according to which Athens must assign control over the state expenditure and income, and taxes, under authority of a special EU commissar.

Micro-bloggers boycot Twitter

Many Twitter users have chosen to boycott the micro-blogging site following its announcement to introduce censorship.

USA sends third aircraft carrier to the coast of Iran

USA plans to send a third aircraft carrier to the area of the Persian Gulf, the Enterprise based in Norfolk (Virginia State). Moreover a missile cruiser and three missile destroyers are to be sent there as well, they will arrive in March.