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Monday 25.09.2017 | Name days: Rauls, Rodrigo

ECB marks end of crisis with interest rate rise

For the first time in almost three years, the European Central Bank has raised its key interest rate by 0.25 percentage points up to 1.25%.

Saab suspends car production

The Swedish automaker Saab has announced the stoppage of production until the resolution of dispute with suppliers over the outstanding bills.

Oil price slides below 122 dollars after concerns on demand drop

On Thursday, April 7, morning Brent crude price dropped below 122 dollars, after five days of growth, due to concerns – if the value continues to rise, it will adversely affect demand from the US and China, the world’s two largest oil consumers.

Brent hits 2-1/2 year record

Brent crude rose two and a half years high, hitting 122 US dollars a barrel, due to the ongoing Middle East and North Africa unrest.

Swedish Finance Minister: stronger krona raises concerns

The Swedish krona has been recognized as this year’s most valuable currency. However, the country’s Finance Minister Anders Borg warns that further krona gains could give way for concerns.

Mortgage loan receivers to prove ability to repay loans

The European Union’s residents willing to obtain a mortgage loan will have to prove their ability to repay the loan; it is proposed in the new Bill on mortgage loans.

Russian tourism loses 150 million dollars due to Egypt revolution

For the first time in history, Russian tourism industry had to close down its most popular destination, resulting in loss of 150 million US dollars, which lead to about 56% ticket price drop.

Oil sticks above 117 dollars

Brent crude remained steady above 117 US dollars after approaching four-weeks high, as investors expect positive US March payroll report to be announced soon and possibly boost the market.

Pharmacy giants rivalry unveiled

Due to the fact that the company Roche Holding AG founders have lost voting majority at the board of directors, analysts do not rule out the likelyhood that the company will be sold soon.

Oil price hits quarterly record

Brent crude price grew 0.8%, amounting to 116 US dollars per barrel and marking the largest quarterly rise over the last two years, as the war, riots and unrest strike the Middle East and North Africa, spurring investors’ concerns.

Moody’s cuts Belarus credit rating

The international rating agency Moody’s has downgraded Belarus credit rating by one notch – from B1 to B2.

Saab unable to pay suppliers

The Dutch-owned carmaker Saab, currently in financial difficulties, is facing problems in settling payments with several spare parts suppliers.

Standard & Poor's lowers Portuguese ratings once more

International ratings agency Standard & Poor's has downgraded Portuguese ratings by a notch for the second time in five days - from BBB down to BBB-.

Oil price fluctuations prompt tension

Crude surged on March 30 morning as the rather weak trade and military actions undermine the expectations of Libya’s return to the oil-exporting countries list.

Latvia sells CO2 emission quotas for 200 million euro

European Court of Justice can decide on Latvia receiving additional carbon dioxide (CO2) emission quotas worth 100 million euro. However, this means Latvia would have to revoke 14 million quotas trade on an inter-governmental level.

Russian oil companies forbidden to cut yield

A new bill on oil in Russia practically prohibits oil companies to reduce yields as long as there is demand for the resource.

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