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Tuesday 24.04.2018 | Name days: Nameda, Visvaldis, Ritvaldis

Apple buys Anobit Technologies

Apple company has confirmed the purchase of the company Anobit Technologies which is based in Israel. The transaction price is unknown, but unofficial information indicates that it might be 400 – 500 million dollars (219.6 – 274.5 million LVL).

Scotland wants to quit the United Kingdom

The referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom is schedulled for 2014, says Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

Brent price drops due to threats to terminate oil supply from Iran

Price for Brent crude oil has decreased until 113 USA dollars per barrel, as the European debt crisis and expected increase in oil savings in United States of America has been become overshadowed by threats to terminate oil supply from Iran and Nigeria.

Fitch announces sovereign ratings it will spare

Currently, it is unlikely that France will lose its highest - AAA grade credit rating in 2012, says Ed Parker, expert at the international rating agency Fitch.

Apple CEO receives stock award of 376 million dollars

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has received a one-time stock award of almost 400 million dollars, which makes it the largest award given by the company in a decade.

2011 inflation spikes 109% in Belarus

In 2011 inflation reached a record increase of nearly 109% in Belarus, according to the country's national statistics.

Analysis: Eurozone «steam» rises again

Talks about the crisis in the Eurozone remained silent and absent from newspaper articles in the end of the year, however this topic may yet return with twice the scale this year.

Czech Central Bank: Greece must quit eurozone without EU aid

Greece will have to leave the eurozone without a new, massive European Union financial aid package, says Miroslav Singer, the Czech Central Bank President.

Belarusian businessmen are forbidden to use foreign internet resources

From the 6th of January 2012 Belarusian law that obliges legal persons and individual enterprises to only use websites posted on Belarusian internet segment.

Tymoshenko's husband seeks asylum in Czech Republic

Husband of the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko Alexander Timoshenko is seeking political asylum in the Czech Republic, reports Reuters, referring to information sources in Prague.

Ambassador: Minsk should think of a single currency with Russia

If Belarus sees yet another severe currency and financial crisis, it will need to consider transition to a single currency with Russia, says Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov.

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