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Saturday 26.05.2018 | Name days: Varis, Eduards, Edvards

Greece might drop out of Eurozone by April

Vasilis Rapanos, the Head of Union of Greek Banks and the president of the largest bank in the country National Bank of Greece claims that the question of whether or not Greece remains in Eurozone will be resolved in the first quarter of 2012.

Brent crude nears 109 dollars on China data

Brent crude was up near 109 dollars a barrel after China's manufacturing data showed that activity had slightly expanded. It allows to hope for higher oil demand. Supply disruption fear triggered by rising tension between Iran and the West played a role as well.

Increase of prices predicted in tourism industry

This year prices for tourism products as air tickets, hotels and railway traffic will keep a small increase worldwide, with differences in regions and metropolis, report experts of the international business travel company Carslon Wagolit Travel.

Russia obtains more gas and oil in 2011

Overall, in 2011 Russia obtained 670.5 billion cubic meters of gas and 511.4 million tons of oil and gas condensate (10.37 million barrels a day).

Gold price – lowest in last six months

Price for gold in London markets has fell until the lowest point in the last six months – 1 523 dollars (828.5 LVL) for a Trojan ounce. Compared to the maximum of this year, the value of this precious metal has decreased by 400 dollars (217.6 LVL).

Japan to make IMF analogue in Asia

Japan is planning to create a new crediting system in Asia region with purpose to protect it from negative impact of the European debt crisis.

Volvo set to be more aggressive

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is planning to become “more direct, aggressive and competitive” in its marketing strategy.

Sale of Italian government bonds to determine stability in Eurozone

Today, December 29, stability of Eurozone faces one of the main challenges - Italy, the third biggest economy in European Union (EU), is planning to collect even 6.7 billion euro for sale of government bonds.

USA economy to develop faster

After the 2% growth this year economy of United States of America is likely to grow by 2.4% next year, forecast economists.

Gazprom export below the most careful prognosis

Russian gas export this year will reach 150 billion cubic meteres, which is below the most careful prognosis for 2011, admits Aleksey Miller, Gazprom Head of the Board.

Dollar gains while oil sticks above 107 dollars

Brent crude is still steady above 107 dollars a barrel amid stronger dollar and growing U.S. crude stocks compensating for the Iranian threat to halt a crucially important oil trade route.

Crisis affect flow of guest workers

Yet in spring Germany's yellow press was anxious about Eastern Europe emigrant crowds overflowing Germany after labour market opening, thus cutting wages for locals. Although in the first half of year number of emigrants has grown by one fifth, forecasts about countries with biggest flow of guest workers have turned out to be wrong.

Unemployment in France beats records

In France number of unemployed in November this year reached 2.85 million people, which is the highest indicator in last 12 years.

Greatest discoveries of 2011

At the end of each year, Science experts single out 10 scientific breakthroughs. According to them, clinical trial that demonstrated obvious benefits of anti-retroviral drugs is one of the most outstanding scientific achievements of the year, reports the Independent.

Facebook post saves a hostage

A woman, who was held hostage for almost five days in a suburb of Salt Lake City, USA, managed to escape after she asked for help through Facebook.

Belarus tightens its control over fuel export out of the country

«Fuel shuttles» have hard times coming. From November onwards, Belarus has tightened its fuel export – a full tank can be exported no often than once in 8 days (previously it was once in 5 days).

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