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Sunday 26.03.2017 | Name days: Eiženija, Ženija

ERDB ceases participation in capital of problematic asset manager Reverta

On Tuesday, 7 March, European Reconstruction and Development Bank ceased participation in capital of problematic asset manager Reverta, as mentioned in the company’s report submitted to Nasdaq Riga.

Approximately 500 Latvian soldiers to participate in military exercises in Germany

The Allied Spirit VI military exercises organized by the US army in Europe will be taking place in Germany throughout 8 March – 31 March. Approximately 500 Latvian soldiers are 130 units of military vehicles will be taking part in those military exercises.

Finland, Estonia see multi-speed EU as acceptable, if model stays open

The presidents of Estonia and Finland, The multi-speed model of member state future cooperation in the EU is acceptable, in case closer cooperating countries remain open to for other member states to join in.

Hungary decides to detain all asylum seekers, house them in containers

The parliament of Hungary has passed a law that sets forth detaining all asylum seekers, who have and will enter the country and keeping them in migrant centres built from containers close to the country’s borders.

EM to assist in building closer economic cooperation between Latvia and China

Latvian Economy Ministry in China wishes to discuss investment attraction matters and the creation of a Latvian-Chinese think tank to better picture directions for future cooperation. Special attention will be provided to enhancing cooperation within 16+1 format and One Belt One Road project.

EU’s largest four support multi-speed option of bloc’s future

Evaluating the long-term development options for the European Union as offered by the European Commission, heads of the governments of France, Germany, Italy and Spain have after joint talks voiced their support for the option of multi-speed future of the EU.

Ukraine sues Russia to UN Court for alleged terrorism and ethnic discrimination

UN International Court of Justice has started trying a case, where Ukraine accuses Russia of funding terrorism and discriminating against Crimean Tatars.

Eurostat: Latvia is the only EU member state in which most CEOs are women

Latvia is the only European Union member state in which the majority of management posts in different enterprises are taken by women, according to the latest data from Eurostat for 2014.

Sweden reintroduces military conscription, including men and women

The Swedish government has decided to reintroduce military conscription from 2018 reasoning that its army lacks soldiers and reservists.

Georgian independent TV channel in polarising ownership row

The highest court in Georgia has ruled for the ownership control of the country’s largest independent TV channel to be returned to its previous co-owner. Supreme Court court backed a claim by owner Kibar Khalvashi - close a supporter of the ruling Georgian Dream party - that the former government illegally forced him to surrender his shares in Rustavi 2.

Cyber-security experts: Android malware attacks phones of Israeli military

An Android malware has appeared capable of spying on its victims – listen in on conversations and gain access to the list of contact stored in the device’s memory. Israeli military are reported as the biggest target for this form of malware, eScan anti-virus developers say.

Grindeks board member announces decision to resign

Member of Grindeks management board Ibrahim Muhtsi has announced his decision to resign from his post on 1 March, as reported by the company.