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Ceturtdiena 23.11.2017 | Name days: Zigfrīda, Zigrīda, Zigrīds

Twitter refuses to accept advertising from Russian media RT and Sputnik

U.S. micro-blogging site Twitter has decided to quit accepting advertising from Russian state media RT and Sputnik, citing its own research and U.S. intelligence findings that they have interfered in the country’s presidential election in 2016.

Kasperky Lab: a new ransomware epidemic has begun

There have been two major ransom virus attacks this year – WannaCry and ExPetr (Petya and NotPetya). It seems a third attack has become: the new virus is called Bad Rabbit, as reported by Kaspersky Lab experts.

Tragic blast in Kyiv deemed assassination attempt

An explosion has taken place in Kyiv, which has been called an assassination attempt. One person has been killed and three more have been wounded with a member of the Ukrainian Vekhovna Rada being among them.

New ransomware affects computer systems in Ukraine and Russia

Computer systems in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere have been affected by a new strain of ransomware entitled Bad Rabbit and is said to be bearing similarities to the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks earlier in 2017.

Exchange indexes and oil prices increase in USA and Europe

On Tuesday, 24 October, exchange indexes in USA increased after leading manufacturing companies showed better profit indexes. Exchange indexes in Europe also increased prior to an important meeting of the European Central Bank.

Notes with Einstein's happiness advice auctioned for 1.33 million euros

Two notes, where the outstanding physicist Albert Einstein has written his advice for a happy life, have been sold in an auction house in Jerusalem for a sum equalling 1,33 million euros.

EP proposes gradual phase-out of glyphosate; full ban proposed for 2022

Members of the European Parliament have put forth a proposal to impose a full ban in glyphosate-containing herbicides in December 2022, as well as put up restrictions for this substance’s use to ensure its gradual phase-out, as reported by EP representatives.

New Google smartphones reported to have issues with screen

In the latest smartphones of U.S. internet giant Google, problems with screen have been noticed.

Maltese journalist said to be killed by remotely-controlled explosive

Officials in Malta have unveiled it is assumed that investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered by an explosive places under her car, which was detonated remotely.

Swedish Foreign Minister: harassment exists at highest political level

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Sweden, Margot Wallström, has commended the current sexual assault and harassment awareness campaign in social media and urged to fellow politicians to address the problem.