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Sunday 28.05.2017 | Name days: Vilhelms, Vilis

May 8 in pictures

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Tens of thousands of Germans evacuated to defuse World War Two explosives

In the German city of Hannover, some 50 000 people have been evacuated for sappers to defuse several bombs dating back to World War Two.

France’s new President-elect seeks French unity in face of extremist tendencies

In the run-off of the French presidential election centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has won overcoming far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and stating he would work to ensure in future there would be no reason to vote for extremism.

Macron’s campaign in France reacts to large document leak

With the run-off in France’s presidential election on Sunday, May 7, nearing, the party of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has announced it has been the target of a large cyber attack after a large amount of documents have been made available online.

Stockholm to drop ID checks on Swedish-Danish border

Sweden will this week drop document checks in passenger transport travelling to the country from neighbouring Denmark, the government of Sweden has stated. However, border control spot checks by police being conducted at some of Sweden's borders would be tightened to cover more travellers.

Document review terms for EU Blue Card applications to be shortened

Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has accepted Interior Affairs Ministry’s proposed cabinet requirements to shorten the document review period for the issue of EU Blue Card* from 30 to ten work days, as reported by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Merkel and Putin discuss gay rights, Ukraine and Syria

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin to prevent alleged gay persecution in Chechnya. In a joint press conference on Tuesday, May 2, after holding talks with Putin at the Russian presidential residence in Sochi, Merkel stated she had received «negative reports on the treatment of homosexuals, particularly in Chechnya».

Facebook rejects claims on ads to emotionally unstable teenagers

Reacting to claims over a leaked study, the management of Facebook has denied claims that the popular social network has offered advertisers to target emotionally insecure teenagers.

European Council accepts guidelines for Brexit talks

On Saturday, 29 April, the European Council approved guidelines for talks with Britain for this country’s exit from the European Union, as confirmed by Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis’ press-secretary Andrejs Vaivars.

Snap parliamentary election called in Malta

The Prime Minister of EU’s presiding country, Malta, Joseph Muscat has announced that a snap parliamentary election will be held in the country to safeguard it from uncertainty linked to claims that the PM’s family owns an offshore company in Panama.

Study: number of Baltic tourists’ trips to USA increases

In the summer season, Baltic tourists prefer to travel by air to Asia and UAE. The most popular destinations reachable by land include Italy, Spain and Germany, according to information compiled by travel agency Estravel and car rent company Budget.

Rinkevics: we have to demonstrate unity of EU member states in Brexit talks

«We have to demonstrate the unity of 27 EU member states in Brexit talks,» says Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkevics.

American company shares traded the most; Apple shares popular the most in Baltics

Shares of Apple, Amazon and Facebook were traded the most in Q1 2017, as announced by international online trading and investment company Saxo Bank. Deals with Apple shares were the most popular among Saxo Bank’s Baltic investors.