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Monday 19.03.2018 | Name days: Jāzeps

Belorussians lose over a billion dollars on devaluation

Residents of Belarus with deposits at Belorussian banks have lost over a billion dollars due to the official currency devaluation. In early April, people had deposited 9.7 trillion Belarus rubles in total (3.1 billion dollars).

Sampo and Swedbank not expecting bank cards replacement

Banks Sampo and Swedbank do not believe credit cards will be abandoned in five years' time, with full transition to the Internet bank and mobile payments.

Poland not willing to join eurozone

Given the euro crisis, Poland hardly sees any reason it should join the eurozone, says Marek Belka, Bank of Poland Governor.

Spain to carry out the all-times largest IPO

The Spanish government plans to get 7.5 billion euro by selling the national lottery company Loterias y Apuestas del Estado shares. The IPO is expected in late October and will become the biggest Spanish company's stock flotation in the country’s history.

China emerges as world's top gold buyer

The Chinese have ranked the first in the world in terms of buying gold bars and coins, acquiring nearly 91 tons of gold in the first quarter of 2011.

Oil drops on stronger dollar

US crude fell below 100 dollars as investors flocked to the dollar amid fear over the euro area debt crisis.

Internet of great help to Swedish economy

Sweden's Internet economy is expanding rapidly and is forecast to outdo the traditional industries’ performance. Already in 2009, the Internet industry's revenues hit 40 billion US dollars or 6.6% of gross domestic product.

What if Russia attacked the Baltics?

Swedish Military Academy has come up with a study on the response of Sweden if Russia attacked the Baltic states. According to the research, Sweden is drafting its own military doctrine that also provides helping the neigbouring states in case of military conflict.

Brent rises above 111 dollars

Oil prices surged on Friday, May 20, over traders’ forecasts on world economy weakening and demand drop in summer.

Japanese economy slides into recession

Japanese economy is sliding back into recession amid declining production and dropping consumption triggered by May 11 quake.

Kazakhstan to invest 7 billion dollars in energy sector over five years

It is planned to invest about 7 billion US dollars in Kazakhstan’s energy sector by 2015, thus boosting the power capacity up to 3 700 MW, says Aset Isekeshev, the Kazakh deputy mayor.

Expert: oil prices are blown up

Recently, the oil price has even amounted to 100 dollars a barrel on the global market and given the current situation it is too high, considers Rex Tillerson, CEO of the oil giant Exxon-Mobil.

Portugal to receive 78 billion euro bailout

European Finance Ministers agreed on Monday, May 16, to grant Portugal three-year 78-billion-euro EU-IMF loan.

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