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Friday 23.02.2018 | Name days: Haralds, Almants

Oil price exceeds 100 dollars

Brent crude surpassed the 100 dollars mark in Asia on Monday, February 7, affected by significant regional equities performances since the start of the Chinese New Year, analysts say.

Lufthansa wants to acquire SAS

The German airline Lufthansa chief of European sales and marketing Karsten Benz told the Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti they are interested in acquiring SAS. However, he also admitted the deal is not planned in near future, due to various reasons.

Europe and Latin America end «banana war»

The European Parliament's approved reduced import tariffs, providing shrinking customs duties for Latin American exporters, mark the end of a 20-years-long «banana war».

Arab bourses lose 49 billion dollars due to Egypt unrest

Protests in Egypt have made Arab bourses lose 49 billion dollars (24.9 billion lats).

Sweden to sell 6.3% of Nordea shares

The Swedish government is about to sell more than 255 million shares or 6.3% of Nordea bank stock, according to the Swedish Finance Ministry. The statement supports the centre-right government's plan to sell parts or all of the state-owned companies.

Novatours: Egypt riots caused losses to equal the volcano's

Protests in Egypt will bring tourism companies as big losses as the consequences of Iceland's volcanic eruption, according to Novatours Executive Director Andree Uustal.

Key political risks in Latvia – exchange rate and outstanding payments

According to Aon's Global Risk Map for 2011, Latvia is placed at the medium risk level group, while the neighbouring countries – Estonia and Lithuania – at low-risk zone, the business news portal BNN was informed by the leading insurance broker company in the world and the Baltic States – Aon.

Latvia reported the lowest producer price surge in EU last December

Compared to the previous month, in December 2010 producer price gains in Latvia formed 0.1%, which is the smallest increase among the European Union (EU) member states, indicates the EU Central Statistical Office Eurostat data.

IMF: Belarus has tackled the crisis

Belarus has completely exited the global economic crisis, points out Chris Jarvis, the Head of the International Monetary Fund Mission in Belarus, after the meeting with the Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich.

Estonian-Russian border line-ups to drop by half

Trucks line-ups at Torfjanovka, Brusnichnoe, Svjatogorska and Ivangorod are planned to drop by half, according to the Russian North-West Customs Office.

Oil sticks above 90 dollars a barrel

Oil price hovers below 91 dollars a barrel also in the morning of February 2. Since the end of the previous electronic trading oil has surged 10 cents up to 90.87 US dollars a barrel.

Second highest EU unemployment rate - in Latvia

The registered unemployment level in Latvia reached 18.3% in December, which is the second highest indicator in the European Union (EU), according to EU central statistical office Eurostat.

Latvia the only EU state with growing number of air passengers

Compared to 2008, in 2009 in all the European Union member states, except Latvia, the number of passengers carried by air has dropped, indicates the EU central statistical office Eurostat data.

Intel chip defect prevention to cost one billion dollars

The world’s largest chip manufacturer Intel has announced it has found a design deficiency in the recently distributed chip production.

Moody's cuts Egypt debt rating

Ratings agency Moody's has downgraded Egypt debt rating by a notch - from Ba1 to Ba2 with a negative outlook, implying that further cuts are also possible.