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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

IMF predicts rapid global economic growth slowdown

The International Monetary Fund has lowered its forecast regarding the global economic growth this year and next year to 3-4%.

Lithuania selects floating LNG terminal location

The best place for the construction of re-gasification terminal, which will cost approximately 200 million euro, would be the Kiaules Nugara island situated in the southern part of the Klaipeda port, concluded the specially appointed Lithuanian government work group.

Estonia Finance Ministry: GDP might reach annual 6% in Q3

On recovering from the most severe recession in the European Union (EU), Estonia will probably be able to increase its GDP to about 6%, compared to 2010 third quarter, due to growing export demand.

Nordea Markets: the recovery has restarted

After several difficult years in the Baltic States, Poland and Russia in terms of the growth, the crisis is over, Nordea Markets concludes in its latest Baltic Rim review.

Estonian banks earn at the expense of currency exchange rates

The major banks of Estonia are making use of the possibility to exchange euro loans to kroons at favourable rates. Department of Consumer Protection points out, by making use of their exchange rates, banks earn several tens of kroons in a year's time.

Estonian tax policy attracts foreign businessmen

«Estonia has the best laws, good banks, cheap accounting services and less bureaucracy than in, for example, Germany and Lithuania. But the most important thing is that there is no income tax,» points out Euroalliance, a Lithuanian company registered in Estonia, Board Member Nerijus Strumila.

Unpaid taxes in Estonia hit 751 million kroons this year

During the period from January to September the Estonian Tax and Customs Department has found undeclared and unpaid taxes at the extent of 751 million Estonian kroon (33.7 million lats).

Estonia registers 1 526 new jobless persons in a week's time

Last week 1 526 jobless persons were registered in Estonia, despite this, the number of the unemployed has decreased by 329 this week, due to unemployment data re-registration.

Estonia to invest 350 million kroon in wind generator construction

The Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications has allocated 350 million kroon (15 000 715 lats) to the construction of wind generators.

Lithuanian banks concerned about worse development indicators than forecast

Economy recovery of Lithuania has slowed down in the third quarter due to reduction of state compensations for agriculture and construction industries export.

Handelsbanken: China to catch up with US faster than expected

China is to become the largest economy of the world in ten years, thus overtaking the United States (US) faster than expected.

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