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Monday 28.05.2018 | Name days: Vilhelms, Vilis

Decline in crude stocks boosts oil price to surpass 90 US dollars

Oil price a barrel climbed above 90 dollars on December 22, due to a considerable drop in crude oil and gasoline inventories as the severe winter weather has affected oil sales in both Europe and the United States of America (USA) significantly.

Moody's plans to cut Portugal rating

The international rating agency Moody’s is considering possible downgrade of Portugal's credit rating.

France and Germany to block Romania and Bulgaria’s Schengen zone entry

France and Germany have decided to block Romania and Bulgaria’s accession to Schengen zone next year, the European Commission's press representative revealed on Tuesday, December 21.

Standard & Poor's raises China and Hong Kong’s credit rating

The rating agency Standard & Poor’s has raised China’s credit rating from A+ to AA- with a stable outlook.

Moody’s cuts Ireland’s credit rating

The international rating agency Moody’s has lowered Ireland’s credit rating by five levels, noting that a further reduction is possible since the Irish government still struggles to prevent losses in the state banking system.

Portugal faces sugar deficit

Portugal has become the first European country witnessing sugar shortage in three decades time.

Survey: Facebook recognized as the best workplace in US

Among the largest companies in the US, Facebook has been regarded the best workplace, suggests the survey on career opportunities, which was conducted by the portal Glassdoor.

Several China provinces to reach Russia GDP indicators in ten year’s time

By 2020, the economy of six provinces in China will form as high gross domestic product as that of Russia and Canada, indicates the survey by Britain’s largest bank HSBC.

Economist: China to face difficult battle with inflation

Inflation in China is much higher and more large-scale than forecast by several economists, forcing the Central Bank to rely on various severe measures in order to limit price growth, the economist at Essence Securities Gao Shanwen points out.

EU to force private lenders cover future bail-outs losses

The European Union (EU) plans making private lenders cover the losses of future bail-outs of any eurozone country.

Facebook users call for Statoil and Neste boycott

The social network Facebook has launched a campaign whose initiators call for car drivers to boycott Statoil and Neste petrol stations.

Russian Central Bank might hike interest rates

Russian Central Bank has announced it might raise interest rates in the first quarter of 2011, thus indicating that the focus of policy makers is shifting to inflation, although the recovery from the last year's downfall is still slow.

Forex: the dollar weakening is US bonds stability sign

The dollar has dropped, as the surge of the US bond yield has currently stopped. Meanwhile, the Australian dollar strengthens due to the country’s employment rate increase, developed faster than expected.

EU finance ministers: Portugal and Spain's necessity for bailout – excluded

The European countries’ finance ministers have excluded the possibility of providing emergency financial assistance to Portugal and Spain, as well as the extension of the debt crisis fund, whose volume currently is 750 billion euro.

Baltic States and Poland interested in nuclear plant building

The Baltic States and Poland have expressed their interest in continuing to collaborate with regard to regional energy projects, said Prime Ministers of the states in a meeting in Warsaw.

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