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Ceturtdiena 21.06.2018 | Name days: Monvīds, Egita, Emīls

Doctors regard Estonia’s Sickness Insurance Fund budget draft as unlawful

The Sickness Insurance Fund’s budget draft for the year 2011, which is scheduled for second reading at the Estonian parliament, still does not comply with the legislation and the government’s requirements, considers the Estonian Doctors’ Union.

Euro introduction in Estonia might boost offers in real estate market

Euro introduction could result in a rapid offers in Tallinn’s housing market increase, forecast the real estate company Ober-Haus Kinnisvara analysts.

Economist: the worst is still ahead

Solving the economical problems of Europe will take many years, but the worst is still awaiting, believes Swedish Handelsbanken Chief Executive Par Boman.

USA supports Lithuanian nuclear power plant construction

The United States of America (USA) ambassador to Lithuania Anne Elizabeth Derse said USA supports the nuclear power plant construction.

IMF: Greece has chances of receiving assistance in debt repayment

Although the conviction that Greece will manage to return to the international market before the expiry of three-year loan time-limit, there are several options that can help the country deal with its difficulties, pointed out the International Monetary Fund representatives.

Gazprom offers Eesti Gaas 10 % cheaper price formula

The Russian company Gazprom has put forward an offer to Eesti Gaas on new price formula providing lowering the gas price by 10%.

Expert: Ireland is not the last state needing bailout

The European Union (EU) has to be ready for the fact Ireland is not the last state needing financial aid, as the crisis of Ireland is spreading, points out Finnish Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen.

Estonian professor: Estonia could abandon cash

Estonia could use the transition to the euro to transfer to cashless system, believes Tartu University Professor of Economics Raul Eamets.

Lithuania shows Estonians how to make use of IKEA

Lithuania's furniture industry has once again taught a lesson to Estonia of how to make use of such giant clients as IKEA also during the crisis period. Out of 30 main Baltics suppliers to IKEA, the major part is taken up by Lithuania, while Estonia supplies a very little share.

EU and IMF could grant 90 billion euro to Ireland

The amount of financial assistance for Ireland, which has been affected by the world economic crisis, could reach 80 – 90 billion euro.

Estonian economist: Latvia should not rush to join eurozone

Estonia has been too quick in joining the eurozone, so it is to become one of the poorest countries in the «community» of rich ones, therefore Latvia should not rush with joining the eurozone, says Tallinn University professor Ivar Raig.

EU trade balance deficit – 11.7 billion euro

The European Union balance of trade has reached 11.7 billion euro deficit, compared to the September of 2009, when the budget deficit was 10.5 billion euro, indicate Eurostat data.

China to form 24% of 2030 world output

China economy will surpass the United States by 2030, forming 24% of the world output.