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Monday 25.09.2017 | Name days: Rauls, Rodrigo

Bill Gates donates USD 4.6 billion, reduces shares in Microsoft

The co-founder of the U.S. computer software firm Microsoft, Bill Gates, has allocated to charity 4.6 billion U.S. dollars (3.9 billion euros), which is the philanthropist's highest donation since the year 2000.

Cargo of Nutella chocolate spread stolen in Germany

Thieves in central Germany have taken hold of a 20-tonne cargo of Nutella spread and Kinder chocolate eggs.

Schulz criticises diesel scandal carmakers in attempt to boost election campaign

Martin Schulz, the key rival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the nearing German parliamentary election, has severely criticised the country's «dieselgate» carmakers, in a drive to increase voter support for his social-democrats.

Soundcloud to continue operation after securing vital investment

Popular music streaming service Soundcloud will be able to continue to operate after securing vital investments reportedly amounting to 144 million euros, without which the the firm faced closure last week.

Eggs with banned insecticide found in 15 EU states

EU's European Commission has stated that in fifteen EU member states and also in Switzerland and Hong Kong eggs containing the insecticide fipronil, a substance used to kill lice and ticks on animals that is prohibited by the EU for use in the food industry.

British investigators: Modern slavery in every large UK town

Britain's National Crime Agency, which is tasked with fighting serious and organised crime in the country, has stated that modern forms of slavery and human trafficking in the UK are «far more prevalent than previously thought».

Qatar cancels visa requirement for nationals of 80 countries, Latvia included

On Wednesday, 9 August, Qatar cancelled visa requirement for nationals of 80 countries, including Latvia. According to the new scheme for citizens of 33 countries, mainly from the Schengen Area, there is no need for them to buy a visa. Those residents are also allowed to stay in Qatar for up to 90 days.

Facebook to introduce video platform, to compete with YouTube

Popular social network Facebook has announced launch of a new video service entitled Watch that would compete with video streaming service YouTube and web television channels.

French police arrests attacker of soldiers

French police has managed to shoot and arrest a man suspected of driving a car onto six soldiers, injuring them. One policeman has been injured during the arrest operation in northern France on the A16 motorway at the town of Marquise.

Volkswagen announces discounts to customers in Germany to change their old diesels

German carmaker Volkswagen has stated this week that buyers in Germany would receive discounts reaching 10 000 euros if they return their older diesel vehicles and purchase a new vehicle.

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