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Monday 29.12.2014 | Name days: Solveiga, Ilgona

Chinese newspaper accuses Apple of providing pornographic content

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Author: PantherMedia/SCANPIX

Apple is once again in the pages of the People’s Daily, this time in an article listing a number of websites and app stores that have been investigated for providing pornographic content in China.

The company’s appearance on the list (in Chinese), which mostly includes relatively obscure websites, has spurred concern on the Chinese Internet that this may represent the beginning of another campaign by the government against Apple, writes Wall Street Journal.

The People’s Daily article is not featured prominently in Wednesday’s paper, nor does it make efforts to emphasize Apple, which is listed next to the names of other app stores singled out in the middle of the second paragraph of the article. According to Apple’s terms of use, pornographic content is not allowed on its app store.

Some analysts compared Apple’s run-in with state media last month to Google’s difficulties with China Central Television, which accused the company of spreading pornography in 2009. The accusations presaged deeper difficulties in China, including hacking attacks that led Google to move its operations to Hong Kong in 2010.

Apple in recent years has had other run-ins with the government over pornographic content on its sites.

The Chinese government is better known for its crackdowns on politically sensitive content, but it has also long sought to keep pornography off the web in China. To accomplish this quixotic task, it has launched repeated campaigns to block illicit material online, shuttered hundreds of websites and blog accounts, and even called Internet executives into industry-wide meetings to call for greater vigilance.


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Court requests Draviniece to be reinstated in her post in CPCB and be paid compensation

This Monday, December 29th, Riga Regional Court ruled in favour of former head of Legal and Personnel Management Office of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau Ilze Draviniece. The court has made the decision to request the management of CPCB to reinstitute Draviniece in her post.

Mogherini urges to open new debate with Moscow

EU's head of foreign policy Frederica Mogherini has noted that the EU should commence a new debate with Russia in order to end the «confrontation» over events in Ukraine.

Ferry rescue effort in Adriatic Sea continues

Rescue effort in the Adriatic Sea off the Greek island of Corfu continues as about 160 people on Monday, December 29, were still on board of an Italian ferry that caught fire.

Riga Freeport manager Loginov agrees with his wife on separation of all their owned property

Head of Riga Freeport Leonid Loginov and his wife, Irina Gorbatikova-Bondarenko, have signed an agreement regarding the separation of all of their owned property.

Latvians, more than other nationalities, worried about external threats to Latvia

In regard to changes to external threats to Latvia in the year 2015, Latvians, more often than representatives of other nationalities, expressed concern over the growing risks for the country.

Search for missing AirAsia plane continues

Officials in Indonesia have on Monday, December 29, widened the search area for missing AirAsia passenger plane and have assumed that it is at the bottom of the South China Sea.

Private aircraft crashes in Saldus; one person dead

Last Sunday, December 28th, a private airplane crashed in Saldus, Novadnieki. The pilot of the airplane died in the crash.

Weather in Latvia expected to be warm and humid at the end of the year

A high atmospheric pressure zone will hover above Latvia at the beginning of the week. With that, the sky will remain clear for longer and snowfall is expected only in some areas.

The most noteworthy economic events for Latvian households in 2014

Residents believe the main economic events to have affected their family finances in 2014 include the growth of consumer prices, rise of real estate property tax and decline of labour taxes.

CRPC urges residents to keep in mind their rights when travelling

Latvian residents like to travel to visit their relatives and loved ones living outside of Latvia. In order to make sure celebrations do no turn into an unpleasant adventure, the European Commission and Consumer Rights Protection Centre urge residents to remember their rights.

Mid-December unusually warm in Latvia

In spite of a storm, the second ten-day period in Latvia has gone by with unusually high air temperature. The average air temperature in Latvia was 2.4° C, which is 4.8 degrees higher than the annual norm.

Latvia will not build a pavilion for World Expo 2015

Latvia will participate in the World Expo 2015 international exhibition in Milan, but will not build its own pavilion, as decided by the Latvian government this Tuesday, December 23rd.

Authorities change security measure for Saeima deputy Potapkin’s wife in the Gan Bei case

On December 23rd, Riga Regional Court ended the case related to the complaint submitted by Galina Karmac, who is the wife of Saeima deputy Sergei Potapkin from Harmony, about changing the security measure applied to her as part of the investigation of the Gan Bei case, as reported by the court’s representative Inta Saboha.

Trader: Russian embargo has created serious changes for dairy farming

«This year has marked clear differences in demand and turnover before and after the Russian embargo, when milk procurement price had reduced by 25% and dairy farmers had limited their expenses,» – says Dimela Veta Latvia manager Girts Budis.

Police warn about increased activity of thieves during holidays

During the upcoming long holidays, Latvian State Police urges residents to be careful and ensure safety of their property. Police warn residents about thieves and how they often use holidays to break into homes while their owners are away.

North Korea returns online amid cyber-attack row with U.S.

North Korea has partly regained internet access after suffering a mayor cyber-attack, while being engaged in internet security row with the U.S.

Airbus delivers the first A350 XWB aircraft to Qatar Airways

Airbus aircraft manufacturer has supplied the first wide-body A350 XWB aircraft to Qatar Airways this week. With that, Qatar Airlines is the first one in the world to have received this new aircraft.

Rimsevics: after Lithuania’s entry, list of Eurozone states will not change for a long time

Eurozone is not expected to expand for a long time after Lithuania’s joining of the monetary union, admits governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilars Rimsevics.

Latvian Emergency Medical service announces procurement of 40 ambulances

Latvian Emergency Medical Service has announced a procurement of 40 new ambulances in lease, according to information stated on the Procurement Monitoring Bureau’s website.

Economy Ministry calls to cancel Latvia’s participation in World Expo 2015

It is likely that the government will decide to halt Latvia’s participation in World Expo 2015 during the meeting on December 23rd, said Latvian Economy Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola after the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers Committee on December 22nd.

Marriage rates in Latvia remain on a rise

In the first eleven months of this year 11,647 marriages were registered in Latvia, and it is 916 marriages or almost 9% more than in first eleven months of 2013.

Decline of Russian rouble adversely affects pensions of Russian citizens living in Latvia

In November, income of Russian pension recipients declined by 15%. An even larger decline is expected at the beginning of 2015. Pensions are expected to decline by half in comparison with summer 2014.

Russia calls to halt economic activities of companies from EU, USA and other countries

Although Russia is nearing a full economic crisis, there are politicians in Moscow who are prepared to worsen the already critical situation. Three deputies of the Russian State Duma have submitted a draft to the parliament that defines so-called aggressor states and measures that should be taken in order to defend Russia’s economy and market.

Christmas in Latvia expected to be snowy

Weather in Latvia will remain fluctuating in the next couple of days. The majority of Latvia’s territory is expected to experience precipitation – mostly rain and wet snow.

Lithuania’s political and economic events diary. Lithuanian foreign minister disagrees with U.S. and EU on Moscow

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius has said firmly on Thursday, December 18, he sees no positive steps by Russia in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, adding that there are no grounds for lifting the existing sanctions.