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Wednesday 06.05.2015 | Name days: Didzis, Gaidis

Chinese newspaper accuses Apple of providing pornographic content

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Author: PantherMedia/SCANPIX

Apple is once again in the pages of the People’s Daily, this time in an article listing a number of websites and app stores that have been investigated for providing pornographic content in China.

The company’s appearance on the list (in Chinese), which mostly includes relatively obscure websites, has spurred concern on the Chinese Internet that this may represent the beginning of another campaign by the government against Apple, writes Wall Street Journal.

The People’s Daily article is not featured prominently in Wednesday’s paper, nor does it make efforts to emphasize Apple, which is listed next to the names of other app stores singled out in the middle of the second paragraph of the article. According to Apple’s terms of use, pornographic content is not allowed on its app store.

Some analysts compared Apple’s run-in with state media last month to Google’s difficulties with China Central Television, which accused the company of spreading pornography in 2009. The accusations presaged deeper difficulties in China, including hacking attacks that led Google to move its operations to Hong Kong in 2010.

Apple in recent years has had other run-ins with the government over pornographic content on its sites.

The Chinese government is better known for its crackdowns on politically sensitive content, but it has also long sought to keep pornography off the web in China. To accomplish this quixotic task, it has launched repeated campaigns to block illicit material online, shuttered hundreds of websites and blog accounts, and even called Internet executives into industry-wide meetings to call for greater vigilance.


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Latvia’s economy remains the most rapidly growing one in the EU

European countries have been demonstrating many positive factors lately. Oil prices remain relatively low, stable economic growth remains in the world, euro continues to decline and the European Union continues its implementation of a beneficial economic policy.

Industrial production volume up 8.7% in Latvia

Compared to February, Latvia’s industrial production volume, according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices, increased by 10.9% in March.

Lembergs’ official income grows 45%; debts remain the same

Lembergs’ official income grows 45%; debts remain the same

Public transport in Riga experiences problems with ticket registration

During a regular update of ticket registration software used by public transports in the Latvian capital, Rigas Karte Company, which provides maintenance of this system, came across an error that resulted in passengers with weekday season tickets being unable to register their trips this Tuesday, 5 May.

Vejonis confirms his readiness to take up the post of President of Latvia

Latvian Defence Minister Raimonds Vejonis from the Green Party has confirmed he is ready to become the President of Latvia and that the coalition will likely support his as a candidate, as reported by

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Raimonds Vejonis’ chances of becoming President of Latvia have risen sharply after a single discussion held by ruling politicians. But the idea of putting Vejonis in charge of the country is not new. The Union of Greens and Farmers had previously discussed him as an alternative for Valdis Zatlers in 2010.

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In April, the pace of eurozone industrial activity slowed down with manufacturer prices being raised for the first time in eigth months.

Latvia’s national holiday to be celebrated with concerts and events for young and old

Monday, 4 May, will be celebrated in Latvia with a wide variety of festivities, including a festive event at the Freedom Monument. There will also be a concert event over tat Dome Square, different games to play for parents and their children in Vermont Garden and a traditional film marathon over at Splendid Palace film theatre.

Economic Diary of Latvia. «Safe haven» for Russian money

The volume of non-residents’ deposits continue to grow in Latvian banks, as confirmed by the Financial and Capital Market Commission. Russian officials believe accounts of Latvian banks are only increased by Russian citizens who hide their money abroad.

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Lithuanian political establishment is seeing something yet unseen: the silver-haired chairmen of major Lithuanian parties are nodding nearly in unison to youth, and if not for it, so definitely for change.

Retail trade turnover up 6.5% in Latvia

Compared to February, the total retail trade turnover rose by 0.7% in March 2015, based on seasonally adjusted data at constant prices. Retail trade in food products declined by 0.6%, whereas turnover of non-food products rose by 1.6%.

Latvia’s Gross Domestic Product grows 2.1%

In Q1 2015, compared with the 4th quarter of 2014, Gross Domestic Product value, based on seasonally adjusted data, increased by 0.4%.

Court in Estonia: leading spirits' producer and retailers guilty of price fixing

Estonia's Harju County Court on Wednesday, April 29, found the country's leading alcohol producer Livico and several large retail chains guilty of a cartel agreement on the prices of spirits, fining the companies with more than a million euros.

Half the cars registered in Latvia use diesel fuel

Over the course of the year, Latvia’s car park has not only increased, but has also renewed itself. The majority of cars registered in Latvia in Q1 2014 consisted of 16 to 20-year-old cars. The first quarter of 2015 was dominated mostly by 11 to 15-year-old vehicles.

EU requests number of calories to be stated on alcohol labels

The European Commission is to develop proposals regarding rules for nutrition and ingredient listing on labels of alcoholic drinks, as stated in the European Parliament’s 29 April adopted resolution.

Kazoka: some of the proposed candidates are meant to test society’s reaction

One month is left for the Saeima to select a new President of Latvia. The majority of parties present in the Saeima are not in a hurry with announcements. More and more often rumours surface about alleged «dark horses» that could appear in the second phase of presidential candidate selection process, as reported by

Gazprom profits - down 86%

The leading Russian energy firm - Gazprom - has released its financial results of 2014, revealing that the company's profits have decreased by 86%.

Saeima to decide on stricter regulation of fast loans services

This Thursday, 30 April, the Saeima will continue the review of matters left from 23 April meeting. Among other things, the parliament will decide on amendments to the Consumer Rights Protection Law with stricter regulations for fast loan services.

Authorities discover one of the largest drug contraband shipments in Latvia’s history

A total of 1,115 kg of hashish worth approximately EUR 8-12 million have been discovered and confiscated by Latvian authorities. This is one of the largest illegal drugs shipments intercepted by law enforcement authorities in Latvia’s history, as reported by representatives of State Revenue Service.

Latvian police confiscates considerable amount of firearms from three pensioners

Officers of Riga Police Department have confiscated a considerable amount of illegal combat firearms. Three men have been arrested. They stand accused of illegal storage, maintenance and trade of firearms.

Construction costs up 0.4% in Latvia

Compared to February, the level of construction costs in Latvia reduced by 0.1% in March 2015. Prices of building materials had dropped by 0.4%, but labour remuneration of workers had increased by 0.1% and maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment – by 0.2%.

Agricultural producer prices reduced by 8.2% in Latvia in 2014

Compared to 2013, producer prices in agriculture decreased by 8.2% in Latvia in 2014.

Russia to spend 643 million euros in media funding this year

Russia will spend funding equalling 643 million euros in 2015 to support media. The European Union, however, will react to concerns of Kremlin's «misinformation campaign» with allocating 10 million euros to its Eastern Partnership policy.