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Tuesday 12.12.2017 | Name days: Otīlija, Iveta

Consumer prices up 0.2% in Latvia

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUCompared to December 2013, the average consumer price level in December 2014 rose by 0.2%. Prices of goods have decreased by 0.9%, while prices of services grew by 3.3%. In 2013, consumer prices had declined by 0.4%.

Compared to December 2013, the greatest pressure on the price changes in December 2014 was put by rise in prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, services and goods related to housing, hotel and restaurant services, as well as by drop in prices of transport goods and services, food and non-alcoholic beverages, according to data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Like in December 2013, the average food price level in December 2014 as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year decreased (-0.8%). Milk and dairy products had the most significant lowering impact on the price level. Drop was also observed in prices of vegetables, meat and meat products; in turn, growth was recorded in prices of fish and fish products, tea and coffee, confectionery and honey, cheese, as well as of bread and cereals.

Prices of tobacco rose by 8.7%. The average price level of alcoholic beverages has increased by 0.2%.

During the year prices of goods and services related to housing increased by 1.3%. It was caused by the price growth for maintenance charges in multi-occupied buildings, water supply, sewage collection, services for maintenance and repair of the dwelling, actual rentals for housing; in turn, prices of refuse collection witnessed a fall.

In the transport group, prices declined by 5.2%, which was significantly affected by drop in prices of fuels for transport of 12.3%. Decrease was also recorded in the prices of spare parts and accessories for personal transport equipment. Growth was observed in the prices of maintenance and repair services of personal transport equipment and of passenger transport by sea and air.

Compared to December 2013, prices of hotel and restaurant services increased by 4.4%. Prices in cafés and restaurants had increased by 4.6%, in canteens – by 4.5%.

Among other commodity groups the most significant growth was recorded in prices of cultural services, non-durable household goods, clothing, and dental services; in turn drop was recorded in prices of footwear.

Administrated prices in 2014 decreased by 0.1%, while non-regulated prices grew by 0.2%.

Compared to the previous 12 months, the average consumer price level had increased by 0.6% over the last 12 months. In 2013 the average consumer price level during the 12 months did not change.

The average consumer price level in the Baltic States tends to change similarly, showing a distinct downward tendency since the beginning of 2012. However, in 2014 Latvia in contrast to the other Baltic States witnessed an increase.

Compared to the previous month, consumer prices had decreased by 0.6% in December 2014. Prices of goods had decreased by 1.0%, while prices of services rose by 0.3%.

The greatest pressure on the consumer prices in December was put by drop in prices of transport goods and services, clothing and footwear, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, goods and services related to housing.

Compared to November 2014, prices of food declined by 0.1%, which was affected by seasonal drop in prices of fruit (-2.4%), and vegetables (-1.5%); also prices of soft drinks, tea and coffee decreased. Drop was recorded in prices of sugar, confectionery and honey. Compared to November growth was recorded in prices of milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, as well as of fish and fish products.

Prices of alcoholic beverages had declined by 1.1%, which was affected by discounts for beer and spirits. Prices of wine grew by 1.2%. Tobacco prices had decreased by 0.4%.

Affected by seasonal discounts and sales, prices of footwear had dropped by 7.2% and prices of clothing – by 1.8%.

Due to decrease in natural gas sale prices, heat energy tariffs in December declined by 1.1%. Decrease was recorded in prices of services for maintenance and repair of the dwelling, materials for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling. Actual rentals for housing increased.

Price drop of 6.5% for fuels for transport had the most significant effect on the price level in transport group. Passenger transport by sea and passenger transport by air became more expensive.

The most notable drop among other consumption groups was recorded in the prices of individual care goods. Prices of package holidays increased.


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Survey: 65% of Latvian travellers avoid regions at risk of terrorist attacks

The majority or 65% of Latvian respondents mentioned that whenever they make travel arrangements, they try to avoid regions in which there is a high probability of terrorist attacks or natural catastrophes, according to the latest Latvia Tours Travel Index.

Ex-Interior Ministry’s state secretary offered becoming a candidate to manage Eastern Hospital

The only offer extended to the now former state secretary of Latvia’s Interior Affairs Ministry Ilze Pētersone-Godmane to help her stay in state administration was the offer to become a candidate for the most of head of Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, as reported by Latvijas Avīze.

Ministry’s parliamentary secretary emphasizes EU’s unity in the Middle East process

«Latvia continues supporting the solution that can be achieved through direct talks between Israel and Palestine with compliance of interests of both sides and making Jerusalem the capital of both countries. The European Union has to remain a reliable partner for Israel and Palestine. We have to continue the open dialogue with both sides and ensure EU’s unity in the Middle East peace process,» says Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica.

Estonian entrepreneur in Russia convicted to 12 years in prison

A court in Russia has convicted an Estonian aviation technology entrepreneur to a 12-year prison term in a high-security prison, Russian media report.

Countryside tourism may be threatened by unfair competition

Countryside tourism businesses are threatened by unfair competition and growing bureaucracy, as emphasized by Latvian Countryside Tourism Association Lauku ceļotājs after discussing this season’s results at four regional business seminars.

Estonia fights marginalisation pushing for relocation of 13 institutions to regions

As Estonia seeks to relocate part of government agencies out of the capital Tallinn, Estonian government ministers have been reminded that by the middle of January an action plan is required from them on the relocation of the central offices of 13 Estonian state institutions.

Finance Ministry: exports of goods reached a new record in October

The volume of exports continued growing in November, reaching EUR 1,070,600 at the end of the month and setting a new record for exports for one month’s time. This export index is the highest in the history of statistical records in Latvia, Finance Ministry stated in its report, commenting on data from the Central Statistical Bureau.

Heavy snow in Western Europe causes transport troubles

Heavy snow in Benelux countries, as well as in Germany and the UK has prompted hundreds of flight cancellations, while car accidents have caused traffic jams on roads.

Amnesty International: EU governments know about migrant torture in Libya

Governments of European Union member states are aware of torture and abuse of refugees and migrants in Libya, Amnesty International has stated, insisting that trying to reduce migration, the EU is actively financially supporting a «system of abuse and exploitation» on the Mediterranean coast of Libya.

State Environment Service applies fine to Nordic Recycling for unprocessed waste

Latvian State Environment Service (SES) has finished reviewing reports submitted by Nordic Recycling on waste processing system’s function last year. The conclusion has been made that Nordic Recycling electrical appliances processing system does not comply with requirements set by regulations.

SEA: unemployment in Latvia reached 6.7% in November

The registered unemployment level in Latvia grew to reach 6.7% in November, which is 0.1 percentage points higher than in October, according to information compiled by the State Employment Agency (SEA).

Riga’s Vice-Mayor denies Ainars Šlesers acted as his «task master»

Vice-Mayor of Riga and chairman of Riga Freeport Andris Ameriks denied during a meeting of the Saeima’s Investigative Committee on Monday, 11 December, that former politician Ainārs Šlesers acted as his «task master».

Foreign trade turnover in Latvia up 10.3% in October

In October 2017, Latvian foreign trade turnover amounted to EUR 2.31 billion, which at current prices was 10.3 % more than in October 2016, of which the exports value of goods was 9.7 % and imports value of goods was 10.9 % higher.

Businessmen: labour force deficit already exists; foreign students should be integrated in labour market

61.2% of businessmen in Latvia already experience problems with finding qualified workers. More than one-fifth of them expect difficulties in the near future. 79.7% of interviewed entrepreneurs said they support the idea of integrating foreign students in Latvia’s labour market, as concluded in data from a survey performed by Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), interviewing 225 businessmen.

Commissioner: EC offers support to member states that wish to join Eurozone

European Commission offers additional support to EU member states that wish to join Eurozone, says EC Vice-President for Euro and Social Dialogue Valdis Dombrovskis.

Estonia to continue five school break schedule until 2021

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research has arrived at and published the dates of school breaks for three school years to come and has promised uphold its new system of five breaks instead of the historical schedule of four.

How much does violence against women cost Latvia?

The costs associated with partners’ violence against women in Latvia reach EUR 442 million a year, says Welfare Ministry’s Child and Family Policy Department’s senior expert Viktorija Boļšakova with reference to data from European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).

De Facto: company responsible for Rail Baltica project involved in a fraud case

The company owned by the new head of Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas Andris Linužs is involved in a criminal process regarding fraud and document forging when receiving state funding for procurement of wind turbines. The committee that picked Linužs for the important post was not aware of this fact, as reported by De Facto programme of LTV.

French salmonella outbreak prompts recall of Lactalis baby milk formula

Baby milk powder producer Lactalis in France has made an international recall of its produce marketed globally under the Milumel, Picot and Celi brands after a salmonella outbreak in France.

Mayor of Riga: New Hanza business quarter to improve city’s development

During his visit to New Hanza business and residence quarter, Chairman of Riga City Council Nils Ušakovs said that every project of this kind improves the quality of life in the city, create new space for apartments and offices, jobs and public-access buildings, as well as pull up the quality of life in surrounding territories.

«European Oscars» dominated by satire drama «The Square»

The awards of the European Film Academy have been given to laureates at a ceremony in Berlin on December 9, where the joint production of Sweden, Germany, France and Denmark «The Square» dominated with six awards.

7.3% less cigarettes exported from Latvia in nine months of 2017

In the first nine months of 2017, roughly 1.9 billion cigarettes were exported from Latvia to other countries, which is 7.3% less when compared with the same period of 2016, according to State Revenue Service’s data compiled on excise goods circulation.

Weather in Latvia to be windy; air temperature to reach +9° C

On Monday, 11 December, air temperature in Latvia will be at -3° C… +2° C. It is expected to be somewhat warmer along the coast, however. Some precipitation will be present, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Ukrainian police detains Georgian ex-President Saakashvili

Police in Ukraine has over the weekend detained the ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili on the same week, when a crowd of his supporters released him from a police vehicle.

Week in Lithuania. Vilnius mayor apologises for poor performance of road services

Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius has admitted that the road services of the Lithuanian capital city were not efficient enough in their response to the weather conditions, apologising to Vilnius residents for the inconveniences they encountered due to traffic interruptions.

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