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Tuesday 25.10.2016 | Name days: Beāte, Beatrise

Consumer prices in Latvia up 0.6%

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUCompared to September 2015, the average level of consumer prices increased by 0.6% in September 2016. Prices of goods have decreased by 0.3%, while prices of services grew by 2.8%.

Compared to September 2015, the average level of consumer prices was mainly influenced by an increase in the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages, prices of recreation and culture, health care, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, and prices in the communication group, as well as by a drop in the prices of goods and services related to transport, goods and services related to housing, and prices of clothing and footwear in September 2016.

Compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, in September 2016 the average level of food and non-alcoholic beverage prices have grown by 1.9%. An increase was recorded in the prices of poultry, dried, salted or smoked meat, vegetables, sugar, bread, milk products, bakery products, pork, salt and spices, fresh or chilled fish, and eggs. In turn, a drop was observed in the prices of cheese and curd, milk, and fresh fruit.

Prices of tobacco products rose by 5.3%. The average level of alcoholic beverage prices had decreased by 1.1%, which was mainly due to a drop in the prices of beer, whereas the prices of wine and spirits increased.

During the year, the average level of footwear and garment prices dropped by 4.7% and 0.5%, respectively.

Prices of goods and services related to housing decreased by 1.2%. Heat energy and natural gas became cheaper, while an increase was recorded in maintenance charges in multi-occupied buildings, prices of refuse collection, sewage collection, services for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling, and water supply.

The average level of health care prices rose by 2.7%, which was mainly due to an increase in the prices of pharmaceutical products, dental services, and medical specialist practice.

The level of prices within the transport group has declined by 2.0% on average, which was mainly due to a drop of 5.2% in the prices of fuels for transport. Passenger transport by air also became cheaper, whereas an increase was recorded in the prices of second-hand motor cars, as well as maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment.

During the year, the level of prices within the communication group rose by 2.8% on average, which was mainly caused by the rise in the prices of wired and wireless telephone services. Internet access services became cheaper.

The prices of cultural services have increased by 3.2%. Growth was also recorded in the prices of package holidays, flowers, pet food, and recreational and sporting services.

Among other commodity groups, the most notable increase was recorded in the prices of restaurant, cafe and fast food services, financial services and canteen services.

During the month, the average level of consumer prices has increased by 0.5%

Compared to August 2016, the average level of consumer prices has grown by 0.5% in September 2016. Prices of goods have increased by 0.7%, while prices of services have declined by 0.2%.

In September, the consumer price level was mainly affected by an increase in the prices of clothing and footwear, food and non-alcoholic beverages, and prices in the miscellaneous goods and services group, as well as by a decrease in the prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco, and goods and services related to transport.

During the month, prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages have grown by 0.7%. Within the food group, the price increase was mainly influenced by prices of poultry, dried, salted or smoked meat, eggs, pork, butter, bakery products, and milk. In turn, a decrease was recorded in the prices of fresh fruit (2.2%), mainly grapes, lemons, bananas, and apples. Potatoes were also cheaper.

The average level of alcoholic beverage prices has reduced by 1.8%, which was affected by shares of beer, spirits, and wine. Prices of tobacco products rose by 0.2%.

With the goods of the new season entering the market, prices of garments have grown by 4.5% and prices of footwear have risen by 8.8%.

Within the transport group, the average level of prices has declined by 0.4%, which was mainly affected by a drop in the prices of passenger transport by air, as well as passenger transport by road and by sea. In turn, the price of fuels for transport has increased by 0.5%.

As the sales of articles for personal hygiene and beauty products came to an end, their prices grew by 3.0 % in September. Financial services also became more expensive.


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The project for the electrification of Latvia’s railway network is currently under review by Finance Ministry, Edgars Putra – the ministry’s parliamentary secretary – told Krustpunktā programme of Latvijas Radio on Tuesday, 25 October.

In pictures: France evicts migrants from notorious Jungle tent village

In northern France, near Calais, authorities have commenced transporting migrants away from Jungle, the tent village, where several thousand migrants have been living for years.

Payments of benefits to be stopped for refugees who left Latvia

On Tuesday, 25 October, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the legal draft detailing amendments to the Asylum Law, which were developed to enhance Latvia’s asylum provision system.

Government urged to declassify Citadele Bank’s sale

Saeima’s Public Expenditure and Audit Committee has sent a letter to the Cabinet of Ministers, requesting the latter to lift restricted access status on all information related to the sale of Citadele Bank.

Number of black stork chicks declined significantly this year

The small amount of precipitation has negatively impacted the feeding and nesting of black storks in Latvia, as concluded by the Nature Conservation Agency, which had performed annual monitoring of endangered black storks in cooperation with Latvian State Forests this year.

Estonia not willing to ban fur animal keeping and skinning

Reacting to a call from animal rights activists, Estonian environment and rural affairs ministries have found that there is no reason to prohibit fur farming in the country.

IMF on Estonia: Increase in wages could harm exporter competitiveness

Estonia should take care of rising imbalance of wake increase and lagging productivity to ensure Estonian exporters can be profitable in foreign markets, the International Monetary Fund evaluated.

Study: Gender gap in alcohol consumption smaller as young women drink more

By comparing the drinking habits of four million people born between 1891 and 2001, it has been found in a study that the generations living today have reduced the likelihood of men consuming more alcohol in unhealthy amounts than women.

Criminal process launched in relation to K.Barona Street repairs

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has launched a criminal process in relation to possible forging on documents in the procurement process associated with the reconstruction of K.Barona Street in Riga.

Sirens to be tested across all of Latvia

On Tuesday, 25 October, the State Fire and Rescue Service will conduct a three-minute test of emergency sirens. The test is scheduled for 15:00. It will help determine the function of the system and identify any technical problems.

Belgium bocks CETA, but EU and Canada remain hopeful over signing

The European Union and Canada have stated they still hope to sign their bilateral free trade deal, after the Belgian federal government clarified that it cannot ensure the backing of three regional bodies for the agreement.

This week to be rich with precipitation and cold in Latvia

The anti-cyclone that dictated weather in Latvia over most of October is gradually moving east. It will be replaced by a small and active cyclone. With that, meteorologists expect often precipitation in Latvia this week.

Experts: Russian warships on their way to Baltic Sea

Movements of warships in the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea, as well as internet comments show that two Russian nuclear-equipped corvettes are currently on their way to the Baltic Sea, even though official reports suggest the opposite, as concluded by experts of Atlantic Council think tank.

Police launches disciplinary cases in relation to supply of inappropriate vehicles

Multiple disciplinary cases have been launched in relation to the supply of vehicles non-compliant with requirements of State Police. In addition, Internal Security Office has been asked to assess the responsibility of officials responsible for the procurement.

Latvia begins ratifying Paris agreement on climate change mitigation

On Tuesday, 25 October, Latvian Cabinet of Ministers plans to review the legal draft ‘On United National Organization’s Framework Convention on Climate Change’ prepared by the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry.

Belgian Wallonia rejects EU ultimatum over EU-Canada free trade deal

The Belgian region of Wallonia has on October 23 rejected an ultimatum from the EU to quit objecting to the EU-Canada free trade deal in 24 hours.

Estonia increases tax revenue by 6.8%

Estonia’s tax collector has in the first nine months of 2016 received 6,8% more revenue that in the same period in 2015.

Latvia’s population declined by 4,636 this year

In the first nine months of 2016, Latvia’s population decreased by 4,636 persons. This is because the number of deaths exceeded the number of births. In the corresponding period of 2015, population decline constituted 4,751 persons.

PUC: Latvijas Gāze remains obligated to provide third parties with access to gas infrastructure

Considering that the Administrative Regional Court has declined LG’s request for temporary solution, the company remains obligated to provide third parties with access to natural gas transmission infrastructure.

Estonia to combat large-scale imports of alcohol from Latvia

Estonia’s Tax and Customs Department plans to equip all border control checkpoints with surveillance cameras to record car registration numbers to thereby better combat large-scale imports of alcohol from Latvia.

Latvians the most satisfied with wages in Baltic States

Compared with other Baltic States, Latvia has the largest number of employed people who believe they receive adequate pay for their work. 39% of employed people in Latvia believe they are paid adequate wages, as well as 34% in Estonia and 19% in Lithuania.

Farmers-greens announce victory in Lithuanian Seimas election

The Union of Peasants and Greens claimed victory in the Lithuanian Seimas election after the second round of the vote was held on October 23.

Finance minister blocked SRS candidate Nikitins' approval to FCMC

Although the personnel selection process for the approval of the new head of the State Revenue Service has defined a possible candidate, specifically high-rank official of the Bank of Latvia Andris Nikitins, his chances to win are reduced by the decision made by Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola to pick the best candidate among the other candidates.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuania unveils new tourism brand

Lithuania will until 2020 use a new tourism brand to market itself to foreign tourists. The new brand, unveiled by the State Tourism Department on October 19, features the words «Lithuania. Real is beautiful» printed on a pastel mint postage stamp

Economic Diary of Latvia. The richer the people, the better the security

A very interesting matter was voiced in Latvia this week. The matter addresses the link between the overall level of welfare of the country’s residents and the country’s national security.

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