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Tuesday 16.01.2018 | Name days: Lida, Lidija

Economic Diary. Latvia 3rd week of 2012

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Amongst the events that transpired in the Economic life of Latvia in the period from the 16th to 20th of January, the following events are the most interesting:

Bank of Latvia bets on decrease

The Bank of Latvia (BL) has decreased the growth of GDP for 2012 from 2.5% to 1.3%. The decrease of the projection is due to the drop in external demand and as a result – the slowdown in the growth of export, – President of BL Ilmars Rimsevics explained.

Moreover, the Council of BL has decreased the norm for bank reserves by 1%. The norm for obligations for more than two years the norm is decreased from 3% to 2%, for every other norm from 5% to 4%. It is expected that the amount of money reserved by banks will decrease by approximately 153 million LVL. This decision was made based on the fact that, the inflations shows a tendency to decrease and does not threaten price stability. And bow, according to the BL, financial institutions can direct funds to companies as credits, and not keep that money frozen in accounts.

Population census results in Latvia makes specialists cry

According to preliminary data gathered and compiled since the population census of the 1st of March 2011 by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSB), population count wa estimated to be 2 067 887 people. Before the publication of this data it was believed that 2 208 000 people live in the country. During 11 years that have passed since the population census of 2000, the number of people residing in Latvia has decreased by 13%, or 309 000. CSB believes that the reasons for this are natural death and migration of the populace.

The information published by the CSB became a reason for serious discussions. Demograph Ilmars Mezs believes that there is nothing to be happy about the fact that over 2 000 000 people live in Latvia. «If we do not solve the demographic problem, generation from now we should be happy about having 1 500 000 people living in Latvia, after that 1 000 000», – He states.

Swedbank Chief Economist Martins Kazaks is convinced that, the government should do everything they can so that country folk would move to large Latvian cities, instead of going abroad.

On the other hand the Ministry of Finance admitted that, the data from the population census show a very different picture, which is why the department is planning to review demographic projections that are fundamental to planning social budget in-depth.

Shareholder wars must be stopped

The Minister of Justice Gaidis Berzins plans to organize discussions with the goal to formulate new regulations of carrying out shareholder meetings in order to avoid any possible conflicts between enterprise co-owners. One of the most notable of such conflicts is the Ventbunkers transit enterprise, roster of both the Council and Board was changed a few times in a period of several days. The saddest fact is that, such wars tend to include not only a large number of lawyers, but government structures as well, such as the Registry of enterprises and Law enforcement.

Meanwhile it is suggested that the new regulation of carrying out full shareholder meetings, should include the rule that every member of the meeting should be approved by a sworn notary as well as a sworn bailiff should oversee the meeting. This way the Registry of enterprises, after receiving Minutes of the meeting authenticated with the signatures of a notary and a bailiff, can trust them more.

The right to recover debts will be charged

Companies that specialize in recovering debts will have to receive a special license. This is covered in amendments made to the Law of Taxes and Tolls, approved in the second hearing by the Finance-Budget Commission of Saeima.

According to the amendments, firms that specialize in recovering debts will need to receive a special license in order to function. The fee for this kind of license is 2500 restoration of the license will cost 1000 LVL.

The Ministry of Economy, where the amendments were developed, explained that the licensing of debt collectors is necessary for the cleanup in this business branch. Right now there is no full list of this market’s participants; the order of extrajudicial debt collection is not specified; and the protection of the rights of individuals from whom the debt is being collected is not ensured, as well as it is the reason for multiple complaints from citizens about the methods of how firms that specialize in recovering debts actually perform their functions.

A golf course will be built near Riga

About 30km from Riga, in Tinuzi area a golf course could soon be built. A corresponding application was sent to Territorial Council of Inskile by Ogres Golfa klubs partnership which rents the territory for the future golf course for 30 years from the Riga municipal enterprise of Rigas Mezi.

The arrangement provides for the settling of a golf course and any structure necessary for it, as well as cottages and guest houses.

Ogres Golfa klubs representative Maris Kurilovics said that, the project for the golf course has been worked on for two years now. 7 million EUR are planned to be invested in this project, construction works can commence after one and a half year.

It is expected that the new structure will get the attention of not only Latvian golf lovers but golf-tourists, which will be able to stay in the new complex for a few days.


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Mass protests in Greece do not hold back new bailout reforms

The parliament of Greece has adopted a large set of reforms pushed for by international creditors in return for more bailout money, despite approximately 20 000 people protesting outside the parliament and brief clashes with riot police breaking out.

Foster families in Latvia to receive larger benefits

Municipal administrations have a duty to pay larger benefits for child care when children are put in foster families, Latvian Welfare Ministry reports.

Government plans to improve anti-doping measures in Latvia

During a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, a legislative draft developed by Healthcare Ministry on adding changes to the Sports Law for the improvement the country’s anti-doping measures was approved.

Only 12% of workers know their organization’s IT security policy

Businesses around the world still suffer from a catastrophically low level of awareness for IT matters, according to a study performed by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International.

Parents let children on ice in spite of temporary restriction

On Sunday, 14 January, officers of Riga Municipal Police observed with video-recording equipment how two people were skating on the surface of Victory Park’s pond. Because it is banned for people to remain on ice of large bodies of water in Riga, officers were sent in.

Czech President to be determined in duel between Zeman and Drahoš

In the Czech presidential election, no candidate has garnered a half of the votes and its result will be determined in a run-off between the current eursceptic President and a pro-European academic.

Aldaris: non-alcoholic beer market in Latvia grew 9% in 2017

Aldaris concluded 2017 with a significant increase in their non-alcoholic beer category of products. Demand for non-alcoholic beer has increased across all of Latvia – market growth was 9% in 2017, as reported by the company’s representatives.

Politician reports meddling with e-health system; prime minister parries

Last Thursday, 11 January, e-health system ‘suffered malfunctions’, which suggests that it may have been hacked, Saeima’s Social and Employment Matters Committee head Aija Barča mentioned in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

Pension fund cautious about 500-million-euro bridge project to Saaremaa

Commenting on the idea that Estonian pension funds could invest into the ambitious project of building a bridge from mainland Estonia to the country’s largest island, Swedish Swedbank has expressed caution.

Study: more than half of Latvians do not trust other people

52% of Latvian residents believe most people cannot be trusted. Only 5% of residents are ready to trust their fellow man. Less than one-fifth of Latvian residents trust decision-makers, according to results of a study performed by SKDS.

Economic expert: 2018 expected to be good for investors

«This year promises to be good for investors, because global economy is on a rise and profits of businesses have a tendency to grow,» says Luminor economic expert Gints Belēvičs.

Estonia counts more residents for 3rd consecutive year

Registering an increase in the Estonian population for the third consecutive year, Estonian statisticians have estimated that the population has increased by 3,070 people to 1,318,700 residents. They have also warned that this is preliminary data, which could still change considerably as unregistered immigration has not been included.

Russian school struck by teenager knife attack

In a knife attack on a school in Perm, Russia, eleven children and a teacher have suffered injuries.

NA: city council has to consider new partnership approach for Agenskalns market

Riga City Council members have to decide what is more important for Agenskalns market’s development: rate or quality. There are two options: force a closed market development with an auction of long-term lease or consider public private partnership option. Such a proposal was submitted to Riga City Council’s City Property Committee by the faction of the National Alliance.

Romania Prime Minister changed, second since June

Romanian head of government Mihai Tudose has lost the support of his own Social Democratic Party becoming the second Romanian Prime Minister to lose the seat in seven months.

Moderately rapid export rise recorded in Latvia in January-November period

Compared with the previous year’s period, a moderately rapid export growth was recorded in Latvia in the January-November period of 2017 when compared with other EU member states, according to data published by Eurostat.

Japanese R&I upgrades Latvia’s credit rating to A-

Japanese Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) has announced its decision to upgrade Latvia’s rating from BBB+ to A- with a stable outlook, as reported by Latvian State Treasury.

KVV Liepājas metalurgs to be auctioned off

Insolvency administrator to the bankrupt KVV Liepājas metalurgs Guntars Koris has decided to sell property owned by the company at an auction, as confirmed by the administrator’s representative Dzintars Hmieļevskis.

Port turnover of Latvia’s neighbours up 9%; Latvia suffers 2% decline

«Total turnover of Russian ports has grown to 787 million tonnes, according to data from Russian Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport. Compared with 2016, stevedores of Latvia’s neighbouring countries serviced 7.2% more liquid cargoes, with their volume reaching 414 million tonnes. The total volume of bulk cargoes, on the other hand, has increased by 11.1%, and now reaches 373 million tonnes,» as reported by Dienas Bizness journalist Egons Mudulis.

Greek transport strike seeks to safeguard right to call strikes

A scope of Greek public transport services drew to a halt on the opening day of the week as public transport workers and air traffic controllers engaged in a strike to protest against what they see as attempts to limit they right to hold strikes.

Olaine prison to have a new training centre for correctional service personnel

On 15th and 16th January, Justice Ministry will organize a meeting for the Norwegian finance instrument’s 2014-2021 planning period. During this period, officials will discuss the progress of the Improved correctional services system. As part of this programme, it is planned to build a new training centre in Olaine prison for correctional service personnel, as reported by the ministry.

Estonia's new road tax payment criticised by road hauliers

As the new road tax has entered into force in Estonia in 2018, the country's Association of Estonian International Road Carriers has commented after the first two weeks of its implementation that a key problem is that the state has not granted truck drivers the possibility to pay the road tax at gas stations in addition to the existing way paying the tax online.

Marriott International hotel network enters Latvia’s market

Albert Hotel will be closed down for renovations on Monday, 15 January. It will be reopened in 2019 as AC Hotel Riga part of Marriorr Group. The new Marriott hotel in Latvia will be managed by Legendhotels, as BNN was told by the company.

NP: Reizniece-Ozola and Kučinskis are proud of tax reform, businessmen are not

Latvia’s tax system underwent serious reforms before the country entered 2018. Until now officials only mentioned the benefits – businessmen will no longer have to pay tax for profits if they reinvest money in business development, the majority of small wage recipients will become several dozen euros richer. However, businessmen are generally dissatisfied with the reform, Nekā personīga reports.

Ilves suggests creation of world cyber-security alliance beyond NATO

Former Estonian President, cyber-security activist Toomas Hendrik Ilves has noted that world's democratic countries, starting from NATO, should form a common cyber security organisation.

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