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Wednesday 22.11.2017 | Name days: Aldis, Alfons, Aldris

Expert: Putin has decided to rule for life

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUThe Crimean crisis has done one good thing. It is hard to say how large, but a part of Russian-speaking community in Latvia now understand that the freedom the country provides is more important than uniting once again with a corrupt, repulsive and poorly-managed state, says international affairs expert Edvins Inkens.

‘I have noticed one thing about these Russians – yes, we are being hurt here, everything is not ok, but please don’t come and save us. Some of Latvia’s Russians, let’s call them “our Russians”, now understand – Latvia provides advantages they will never have in Russia,’ – he said in an interview to Klubs magazine.

‘I believe most of them who were born in our beautiful country will become its patriots. I’m not talking about Zolitude and Kengarags – their people are different. They will always look forward to a change of power – Russia’s coming – as an opportunity. They are lying to themselves – they won’t have any opportunities. A change in the system will change everything for us, Latvians, and Latvian Russians who are already patriots of our country. I believe this movement has already begun – they are starting to formulate their own patriotic motto,’ – says the expert.

When asked if Vladimir Putin’s recent decisions came as a surprise to them, Inkens replied: ’Yes and no. No – in the sense that it was a process. Yes – because I do not believe everything will end with an occupation. I believe it was a form of showing off, so that he can demonstrate that he is the “boss” in the country. Secondly, it was done in order to send a message to the rest of the world – America is not the only big boy around here. We are big as well. Russia’s internal opposition was completely destroyed during this process. All those who may be interested in a multi-party system are bribed clowns whose only purpose is to come on stage at certain points and make a show. The actual opposition was too weak and poorly organized. It was destroyed and driven underground. Communication with them is considered a crime. I once thought this is more restricted to internal matters. But, no, the result is much worse.’

According to him, ‘assuming Putin does make rational decision, it is clear he has nowhere lest to go. He cannot allow himself to be replaced as a result of normal elections. He aims to rule his whole life. […] This person no longer has two roads. He has led himself on a straight line. Backing up would mean a prison sentence or even death. It’s clear he will only move forward.’

At the same time, he told Klubs that the question is – what is the end goal? Restoration of the Soviet Union, according to the expert, is only rhetoric – Russia is incapable of achieving something like that. A war is required to achieve this.

He also mentioned in his interview that a number of established stereotypes were broken as a result. People have concluded that there is, indeed, someone in the 21st century who acts as though he is in the 20th century. ‘At least Europe was a place where people did not use military force to solve their problems. Putin proved otherwise. […] Ukraine is truly Russia’s brother. So it seems a brother can be beaten – this is beyond any kind of logic. […] Putin proved – even the closest of neighbours can be conquered. What do we say about the rest?’ – he rhetorically asked.


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  1. mike walsh says:

    It will polarize positions. Most Russians would welcome his leadership. Putin, whether it fits our own agenda or not, is the most popular European leader since 1945. The NATO West will not approve. Indisputably the President is as popular in Russia and abroad as Obama and the un-elected EU clique are unpopular.

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    • Estonian says:

      Like in North Korea?

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    • Latvian says:

      Mr Walsh. While you have every right to your opinions, I do think it arrogant of you to monopolise the comments with your preaching.
      Maybe you feel that this website needs your comments in order to give a balanced view, but if so this is insulting to those of us who read it. We are intelligent enough to form our own views without being subjected to your preaching every day. I doubt that anyone uses this website as their sole source of information!

      You state that ‘the NATO west will not approve’. This is your opinion as opposed being a fact, and is not a comment on the article above. You state that Mr Putin is as popular in Russia and abroad as Obama is unpopular – again this is not a comment on the article and is certainly disputable. You refer to the ‘un-elected EU clique’ which yet again is nothing to do with the article and is factually wrong – the EU is rather more democratic than (for example) the UK with an unelected Head of State, a Prime Minister who is not elected by the people, and an unelected House of Lords.

      I am also puzzled why you choose to subject the readers of this website to your diatribes. Your connection to Latvia seems tenuous at best since you were neither born here nor are permanently resident here.

      Please do stop preaching to us – it is arrogant of you and is insulting to us.

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      • mike walsh says:

        I do not monopolise the Daily Mail comments. I just checked: of 747 thumbs up to my comments there are only 52 thumbs down. This is typical. There will be a more precise balanced view here when there is not just you and I and one other.
        Why are you insulted by someone expressing an opinion? Perhaps this might qualify you for a seat in Kiev’s government. You have little to say in criticism of that. But then that has the NATO stamp of approval on it.
        You disagree? Then kindly do more than that. Show evidence to support your contention rather than a lame ‘disputable’. The EU! Tell me how and when Herman van Rompuy and Jose Barrosa were elected – and by whom. Whilst you are at it identify the 27 EU Commissioners who effectively manage European affairs – including your own country’s. When did I ever defend British ‘democracy’?
        Why comment on Baltic News Network? I am an international journalist. The Baltic States then are ‘off limits’? Why is an opinion stated, of which you disagree relegated to a ‘diatribe.’ My Latvian connections are undoubtedly a damned sight less tenuous than you think and I have no doubt whatsoever that I am a great deal more popular, not just in Latvia but in the Baltic States than are you. By the way, on the one hand you defend the EU. M I not an EU citizen too? In fact, I am a citizen of three EU nations. You?
        If you disagree with me, fine. You are entitled to your opinions. Kindly comment in a Western, not a Soviet manner. Those days are thankfully past.

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        • Latvian says:

          Oh dear….

          “I have no doubt whatsoever that I am a great deal more popular, not just in Latvia but in the Baltic States than are you”

          What a childish comment for an international journalist.
          You really do have problems :-)

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Antāne: lost Russian cargoes have cost Latvia nearly 50 million in nine months

Latvia’s economy has lost nearly EUR 50 million in nine months because of missed Russian transit cargoes. While Russian Railway had approved 90% of oil and coal cargoes for transit through Ventspils port at the beginning of the year, this amount had declined to a mere 5% by September, says Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics President Inga Antāne.

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The local government of the largest Estonian island is looking into possible interest of five shipping companies in opening ferry traffic between Saaremaa and Latvia.

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More than EUR 20,000 has been paid in compensations for injuries acquired at work this year so far, according to information from insurance association Balta. Compared with the same period of last year, the number of accidents has grown 40%.

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The town of Keila, located 25 kilometres away from Tallinn, has started a one-and-a-half month campaign to motivate its residents to register back in the town as many of them have registered in the Estonian capital, which grants free public transport to its population.

EU to impose fine to Poland if logging in Białowieża forest not stopped

The European Court of Justice has issued to Poland a 15-day deadline to provide proof that the country has fulfilled the court's ruling to quit logging in the ancient Białowieża forest threatening with a daily fine of 100 000 euros if it fails to prove this.

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Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks plans to focus on improving technical state of its managed buildings. The company plans to restore several dozen buildings next year and up to 100 buildings a year in the next five years, says RNP chairman Aivars Gontarevs.

LCB: even deputies should fulfil their promises

Latvijas ceļu būvētājs, which is an association in Latvia with ties to multiple road and bridge construction companies, invites deputies to support the proposal for the restoration of the State Road Fund, BNN was told by the association’s chairman Andris Bērziņš.

Russia rejects claims of nuclear accident despite radioactive cloud over France

Russia has stated that a nuclear accident has not taken place in its territory although its weather service has found high amounts of traces of a radioactive isotope.

Study: taxes for business in Latvia – the most attractive among Baltic States

Latvia’s tax system is the most attractive among Baltic States and 13th most attractive among 190 countries of the world, according to the latest study performed by the World Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers on tax systems around the world.

Turkish journalist punished with prison term for tweet

A court in Turkey has sentenced on Tuesday, November 21, a journalist from opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet to three years behind bars over accusations of spreading terrorist propaganda in relation to a post on Twitter, which had been briefly on the microblogging site this spring.

Latvia – 35th country in the world ICT development-wise

This year Latvia reached 35th place in the world in terms of development of information and communication technologies, as mentioned in the latest report by UN International Telecommunication Union.

Instant payment infrastructure comes online in Europe

On Tuesday, 21 November, instant payment infrastructure will be introduced across Europe. On top of that, European banks’ founded EBA Clearing will also introduce its RT1 instant payment system. The European-level solution has also been coordinated with the instant payment processing infrastructure prepared by the Bank of Latvia in August 2017, as reported by the bank.

Police dismantle criminal group that caused damage worth seven million euros to the state

Latvian State Revenue Service’s Finance Police dismantled a criminal group in November 2017. A total of 34 searches were performed and two people were found suspect. The criminal group performed tax avoidance and money laundering operations, causing damages worth nearly seven million euros to the state, BNN was informed by SRS.

Zariņš: deputies who vote for the state budget without amendments will have breached their vows

It is unacceptable for the Saeima coalition to follow the Cabinet of Ministers and like the Cabinet of Ministers breach laws during the budget approval process, says Saeima member Ivars Zariņš, adding that deputies who vote for the budget without amendments will thereby have to breach the vow they had previously made to the Latvian nation.

Estonia’s ruling Centre Party shows door to 31 competing members

The leadership of Estonia's Center Party has accepted the proposals of the party's local branches on fellow members, who ran in the Estonian municipal elections this autumn from a separate list, and expelled 31 members from the political party.

Pabriks: state interests should be held higher than party interests

Latvia cannot be allowed to drown in provincialism. It is in the country’s interest to maintain a course towards European and NATO values. In a situation when the number of centric and European-oriented parties is large, it is becoming harder and harder, because it leads to political fragmentation, and the main goal of it is reaching the 5% barrier during elections, not ensuring growth and development for Latvia, says MEP Artis Pabriks.

Reacting to e-commerce growth, Omniva rushes to expand its parcel locker network

Estonian state-owned postal company Eesti Post, which operates the Omniva brand, stated that it will broaden its network of parcel lockers expand its current parcel machines up until Christmas.

Programme: introduction of ‘honest’ taxi counters is stuck

Taxi drivers that had to replace their counters as far back as 15 October, continue delaying the process, as reported by De Factor with reference to State Revenue Service.

Ministry considers reorganizing Latvian Environmental Protection Fund’s administration

After reviewing information from the State Audit, Latvian Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry may consider the possibility of reforming the administration of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.

Uber to buy 24 000 self-driving Volvo XC90s

U.S. ride-sharing technology firm Uber has agreed with Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker Volvo on the purchase of up to 24,000 self-driving cars.

Snow expected in Latvia this week

Weather in Latvia will be cloudy at the beginning of the week and, although the sun may appear every now and then precipitation, precipitation is expected in most of the country. It will begin with rain and gradually move up to wet snow and snow, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Lengthy German coalition talks collapse

The German political parties that entered the country’s federal parliament after elections in September, still cannot reach an agreement on making a coalition and a majority government, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel has evaluated that new elections would be better than a minority government.