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Wednesday 22.02.2017 | Name days: Rigonda, Adrians, Ārija

FM: this year’s economic growth will be slower than that of 2015

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUHaving begun the preparation of the 2017 budget, Finance Ministry has updated its macroeconomic index outlook for 2016-2019. According to the latest outlook, Latvia’s economy is expected to grow 2.5% this year and 3.5% next year.

Compared to previous estimates, which was the base of Latvia’s Stability programme for 2016-2019, GDP growth estimate for 2016 has been reduced by 0.5 percentage points. This year’s economic growth will be somewhat slower than that of 2015, when GDP increased by 2.7%. In 2017, economic growth is expected to become more rapid. Compared with previous outlooks, GDP growth has been enhanced by 0.2 percentage points, Finance Ministry reports.

The reduction of the outlook for 2016 is associated with the unstable situation in the external environment and the decline of investments, which followed the decline of finances allocated by the European funds.

Short-term economic growth will remain largely based on growth of private consumption. Medium-term growth will become more balanced between external and internal growth. In addition to that, the stabilization of the external environment and the more rapid use of EU funds, Latvia’s economy is expected to experience growth of investments.

Thanks to the decline of prices on oil and other raw materials on the world market, inflation in Latvia will remain low in 2016 – 0.0%. Price rise will become more rapid in 2017, reaching 1.6%. This will be caused by the expected stabilization of prices and growing demand on the domestic market. Under influence of the aforementioned factors, inflation is expected to reach 2.0% in 2018 and 2.5% in 2019.

Following economic growth, it is expected that the situation on the labour market will continue to improve and unemployment will come closer to its natural level. According to Finance Ministry’s predictions, Latvia’s unemployment level will decline from 9.8% in 2016 to 8.4% in 2019. The number of employed people will increase insignificantly after the 0.2% growth of 2016. The average net pay, according to the ministry’s estimates, will reach EUR 863 in 2016. Average pay is also expected to grow by an average of 5.5% annually.

During the development of the outlooks for macroeconomic indexes for the 2017 budget, Finance Ministry evaluated internal and external environment risks. Positive risks are related to a more rapid growth of crediting services in Latvia and more rapid development of investments. Positive risks also include the improvement of the geopolitical situation and more rapid growth in Latvia’s trade partner countries.

Negative risks remain associated with the possibility of the geopolitical situation becoming worse and global economic growth becoming slower. Other risks are related to Brexit. Internal factors include Latvia’s standing low internal investment level, delays with EU funds and unbalanced wage growth.

According to Finance Ministry’s estimates, the indicative fiscal space for the state budget is expected to be EUR -4.9 million for 2017, EUR 67.6 million in 2018 and EUR 215.6 million in 2019.


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EC: Latvia’s tax structure does not contribute to growth

«Latvia’s economic growth will be relatively rapid, but income inequality is a major problem that needs to be prevented,» concluded the European Commission in the latest report on economic development of member states.

Study in schools proves connection between health problems and classroom air

Microbiologists in Finland have extensively analysed the health of school teachers and stated that it has been scientifically proved for the first time that there is a direct connection between the quality of air in rooms and human health.

Only five asylum seekers remain in Latvia

Only five asylum seekers resettled in Latvia as part of the EU refugee resettlement programme currently remain in the country – one family of three and two individuals, one of which intends to leave the country in the near future, said manager of Safe Home asylum Sandra Zalcmane told 900 seconds programme of LNT.

Ascendum: the country needs a strong NGO sector

Non-governmental organizations do not wish to play the role of a guard dog in the work with the government and state administration, because Latvia’s civil society is mature enough to the an equal cooperation partner for the government, states Ascendum association.

State has to register adoptions by same-sex couples, Estonian court rules

According to a ruling by the Tallinn administrative court, the Estonian Interior Ministry should have made entered in the population register adoptions made by a same-sex couple that has registered its partnership.

Dobeles dzirnavnieks: organic animal feed – Latvia’s potential export product

Latvian grains processing company Dobeles dzirnavnieks has commenced production of organic animal feed, adding that it is a potential export product.

CAMART2 – most massive project in Latvia’s scientific history

The biggest project in Latvia’s scientific history – CAMART2 – has been opened in a positive atmosphere. «Commencement of the largest international scientific project in our country’s history once again proves the high level of competence of our scientists. With CAMART2, Latvia becomes a Baltic Silicon Valley,» says Latvian Education and Science Minister Karlis Sadurskis.

EUR 1.8 million to be invested in Estonian new e-Police

With the development of Estonia’s new e-Police system continuing, it is planned to invest 1.8 million euros in its third stage, as police expect a faster and more practical revamp of the current software and procedure.

Latvia to procure nearly fifty used howitzers; first ones to be supplied in autumn

Latvian National Armed Forces will sign an agreement with Austrian Defence and Sports Ministry for the procurement of M109 series 155mm self-propelled artillery system. This agreement includes not only the procurement of howitzers, but also fire support centre and driver training platform procurement, as reported by Latvian Defence Ministry.

Credit institutions in Latvia to secure payment accounts for all residents

From now on all residents will be provided with the option to use payment account service in credit institutions, as reported by Saeima press-service.

90 years – such average life expectancy forecast for women in South Korea

Women in South Korea would be the first among other countries to reach an average life expectancy of over 90 years, scientists conclude.

Industry experts wish to reduce VAT on food in Latvia

During the first meeting, industry experts began considering opportunities for reducing value added tax rate on food or certain food product groups.

Swedish police investigate riot in Stockholm

Police in Sweden has started an investigation into a riot that broke out this week a mainly immigrant part of Stockholm.

Expert: Latvia still has the highest unemployment level among Baltics

«Tendencies on the labour market will become more positive this year. Queues of unemployed people are expected to decline more quickly. Unemployment will be reduced by negative demographic trends too, but there will not be any sharp changes.

Augulis: Pasažieru vilciens has to resolve the matter with procurement of 32 trains

The greatest challenge for Pasažieru vilciens this year will be the continuation of the procurement procedure of new trains. This project is expected to conclude with the successful procurement of 32 new trains by the end of the year, says Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis.

EU: Privacy settings in Windows 10 are concerning

Representatives of EU’s member state data protection watchdogs have stated that concern remains about privacy settings on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, although the software firm has announced some changes to its installation.

Non-declaration of cash to be applied with fine equal to 5% of the amount

In the event of non-declaration of cash money when crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia, a fine equal to 5% of the amount will be applied. This was decided by the Cabinet of Ministers during the viewing of Finance Ministry’s amendments to the Law on Declaration of Cash at the State Border.

KNAB commences criminal process against state environmental inspector

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has commenced a criminal process against the senior environmental inspector of the Nature Protection Office’s North-Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve for requesting a bribe, KNAB reports.

Oil prices around the world have no unified tendency

Oil prices around the world had no unified tendency in the morning on Tuesday, 21 February. Optimism regarding the ability of oil exporter organizations and oil producer countries to realize the agreement on reduction of oil volumes does remain on the market.

Estonian anti-humantrafficking helpline contacted by 420 people last year

As human trafficking-related crime is on the rise in Estonia, a special helpline, received calls from 420 people last year, with people reporting mostly, when they are already in trouble not preventively.

Viewing of Lembergs and For Latvian and Ventspils criminal case continues

On Tuesday, 21 February, Riga Regional Court will continue reviewing the criminal case involving Aivars Lembergs and For Latvia and Ventspils. In it, Lembergs is accused of bribery, document forgery and other crimes.

State Border Guard apprehend 32 perpetrators

On Monday, 20 February, officers of the Latvian State Border Guard apprehended 32 perpetrators attempting to illegally cross the state border.

Trump calls Estonia «valued ally and friend» in letter to Kaljulaid

In letter to Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on the occasion of the upcoming 99th anniversary of the independence of Estonia, U.S. President Donald Trump has referred to the Baltic country as «a valued ally and friend».

Caksa: low wages cause deficit of doctors in many places

Because of low wages, tension and concern are felt in many fields of medicine, said Healthcare Minister Anda Caksa in an interview to Rīta panorama programme of LTV.

Authorities to perform in-depth assessment to prevent existing problems in legislation

Court Administration, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development will perform an in-depth assessment to identify existing legislative problems that create an administrative burden for businesses.

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