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Wednesday 21.03.2018 | Name days: Una, Unigunde, Dzelme, Benedikts

Forbes: Latvia may become Putin’s next target

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUThe west has to understand that Russia’s war on the south-east of Ukraine is potentially more dangerous than ISIS, because it can destroy NATO, believes Forbes reviewer Paul Gregory. He mentions that Baltics, especially Latvia, could be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s potential goal.

«Are Europe and the U.S. really hoping that a peace deal entered into by a weakened Ukraine will end Putin’s empire-restoration dream? […]Merkel and Obama regrettably seem to be pushing Ukraine towards an unfavourable peace that gives Putin a permanently destabilized Ukraine blocked from the European Union and NATO. And the only price he has had to pay is sanctions, which he expects to be lifted after a decent time has passed,» – writes Gregory.

The reviewer also mentions predictions made by a famous Russian analyst Andrei Piontovsky. According to his predictions, successes on the south-east of Ukraine could encourage Putin to try out this tactic elsewhere; and his next target could be the Baltic States. Membership of these countries in NATO may not stop the Russian President. It is more likely to encourage him even more in hopes of destroying his biggest opponent – NATO. This scheme has a lot of risk, but rewards would be astronomical, he says.

«Ukraine is fighting on its own with little or no help from its feckless allies. Those who stand next in the line of victims understand the urgency of the situation. Others do not,» – believes Gregory.

He believes Putin is likely to employ the tactic tested in Georgia and Ukraine in his plans. It could begin anywhere. Most likely in Latvia, as it has a large proportion of Russian-speaking residents and non-citizens.

Putin’s main propaganda weapon – Russian television – already criticizes Latvia for the alleged discrimination of Russian-speakers. Gregory described a scenario that depicts if this propaganda increases in scope and size, Latvia will be infiltrated by Russian agents and mercenaries starting with eastern territories, where there is a large proportion of Russian-speaking residents. Riots will follow, administrative buildings will be taken and ‘Peoples Republic of Free Latvia’ will be declared there. The Russian army will then carry out its ‘long-planned military exercises’ near the Latvian border. Kremlin will likely admit that ‘Russian volunteers’ did indeed cross the border, but it will also be added that they have the right to defend their countrymen.

«Joint Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian forces will make their way to remove the new self-declared “mayors” and “governors” from the occupied buildings and towns. Shooting breaks out between Baltic forces and the self-proclaimed n Peoples Republic of Free Latvia. Casualties mount. Latvia declares that it has been attacked by Russia and invokes NATO’s Article 5. Russia counters by protesting its innocence and concern that a civil war has broken out on its borders. It could be compelled, however, to intervene if fellow Russians are at risk, and Russia will take no weapons off the table,» – writes Gregory.

What will NATO and USA do then? – asks the reviewer. It is possible NATO will decide to «wait this one out» hoping everything will settle on its own. Putin apologists in Germany, France, Italy and the United States will ask: Are we really prepared to die for Latvia or Estonia?

Putin will then propose a peace plan, Latvia will sink into a conflict with no end and the world will understand NATO is nothing and Putin has control over the situation and can decide who should be spared and who should be punished.

«ISIS and Putin teach the same lesson. If the West wants to win, it must resist before it is too late. […]Putin would have been easy to stop if the West had moved in destroyers, carriers, and NATO troops to Poland or Kiev. […]It is already too late to do what we should have done, but consider the scenario that I have described above. Very soon, it could really be too late,» – writes Gregory.

Piontovsky voiced similar concerns to a few days ago. He did mention other aspects as well. According to him, the situation in Ukraine is «part of a global project», and Putin does not hide this fact. In regard to Baltic States the analyst said Putin «will go as far as he is allowed».

«Everything will depend on the outcome of the Ukrainian conflict. If Putin succeeds to gain control over Ukraine’s politics and block its European vector, he will continue this campaign. Baltics will be next. While Putin is busy with Ukraine, you can feel relatively safe. But you need to explain to your western friends, who are not particularly active in their efforts to assist Ukraine, that they have an opportunity to stop Putin now by using political and economic means,» – he notes.


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  1. MBI says:

    ”Putin apologists in Germany, France, Italy and the United States will ask: Are we really prepared to die for Latvia or Estonia?”

    This sentence really resonated with me. I have followed with great concern the willingness of left-wing and far-right politicians and activists in Germany to act as Putin apologists, even on the highest levels, as in Gerhard Schröder’s case (SPD(German Social Democrats)), who is known in Germany as ”Gas-Gerd”, because of his close connections to Putin and the ”Nord Stream AG”( owned by Gazprom).
    Also comment sections and social media in Germany is flooded with Kremlin apologists and supporters/agents (most likely poor Russian students, who get paid to post pro-Russian comments for a small fee, because their English and German is often a broken one).
    Public opinion somewhat changed after the MH 17 plane shoot-down against Putin, but I am concerned that people will forget quickly and go back to business as usual, and then the Russian Propaganda Army will commence their attacks again.

    It seems that many people are not able to deal with the bully tactics and propaganda of the Russians. They have no experience how to counter and handle psychological warfare, and they are being enticed to give Russia a pass, because of economic ties and benefits, etc.

    I do not see as many apologists in the USA. Americans seem to naturally be more self-confident, and therefore less susceptible to these psychopathic bully tactics and attacks. At least in my opinion, they do not seem to have as much of an effect on them and here, as on others.

    I will do everything in my power, which includes to share my opinions here, to counter this attack on the minds and hearts of Western/European Society.

    German, living in the US of A.

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    • Linda says:

      And it doesn’t help that Merkel is a big buddy of Putin. She treats him like a naughty school boy most of the time but the Russian bear is able to play her and her cronies to Russia’s advantage and the detriment of the other democratic states in Europe.

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  2. MBI says:

    Good point and observation, Linda.

    The only thing, that could work in her favor, is that she lived and experienced the DDR and Communist rule herself, and she therefore knows the Russian modus operandi better than others, but you are correct, I think she did underestimate and misjudged Putin in the beginning. I am not sure she still does. We will see.

    My family, on my father’s side is actually from Prussia/Brandenburg, and their land was taken from them by the Communists, and they had to flee to West Germany after the Second World War. Luckily we got the land back after the Re-Unification. We were some of the lucky ones, not everybody did. My grand-father had spent all his live fighting to get the land back, and he did so only 2 weeks before he died, so he could leave this planet in peace, knowing that the land, that had been in our family for over 150 years, would remain so.

    So my family experienced a Happy Ending. I hope everybody else does too.

    Angela Merkel is form the same area the family on my father’s side is from, the Uckermark, so maybe I am a little biased, but I think she is one of the best politicians in Germany at the moment to handle the situation regarding Putin.

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  3. Linda says:

    let’s hope that Merkel can steer Putin in the right direction and it’s not too late for him to become the President Russia deserves. I too have had family taken by the Russians and others who have been mistreated by the Russian government for being farmers, accountants, own country military, and so on.

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  4. Tom says:

    Linda, I think you’d be hoping for a very long time, Putin I am afraid to say is completely rotten to the core! there is no end to the levels he will stoop down to. he thinks of himself as some sort of messiah who is untouchable. He is with a severely warped mind and sole and should never be trusted.

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  5. Analysis of Nida Elena Lukosiute.Bachelor in Business Management, SU Lithuania. Master in Health Economics, Politics with major in accountancy and leadership, Uio. says:

    Leadership is a sexy word and very contageous. Not everyone has leadership abilities, but the good news is: if you have them you can get training and be prepared for the international war conflicts and solutions. Leadership style chosen by a president influences the welfare and development of a nation. So, we have V.Putin with dictators style, but he uses democratic perfume sometimes too. Leadership of Ukrainas president Porosenko doesnt have much power, has many doubts, not stable, late with implementation of decisions in EU area. He can be replaced if events will develop not in favour of a mass. Why Latvia should become the next target of Russia? Political Translation (make up Clarings):Latvia has many russians and V. Putin said he could show his aggressive power not in favour of Latvia if latvians will continue insulting local russiansNato staff sits in Latvia with its toys and kindergarden of leaders.
    To achieve international piece is possible through harmonic international power sharing during get-together party of international leaders.
    Nato staff sits in Latvia with its toys and kindergarden of leaders.

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  6. Batman says:


    It’s so easy to press on the fear button…

    Keep calm and don’t listen to NATO / war apologists.

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  7. Linda says:

    Has BNN run out of articles – it is November now not September!

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Finance sector’s development council supports prohibition of shell companies

On Wednesday, 21 March, Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis’ managed Finance Sector’s Development Council supported initiative on prohibiting shell companies, as confirmed by the prime minister.

Level of producer prices in Latvia’s industry is up 3.4%

Compared to January, level of producer prices in the Latvian industry rose by 0.5 % in February 2018. Prices of products sold on the domestic market grew by 0.7 %, but prices of exported products went up by 0.3 %.

Minister: Latvia is far behind its neighbours in terms of digitization and e-skills

In terms of digitization and e-skills, Latvia is far behind its neighbouring countries and the rest of Europe, said Latvian Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

OECD: Latvian employees work longest hours in Baltics

In a comparison of Baltic countries per average annual hours worked, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has found earlier this year that the average Latvian worker spends 1,910 hours at work, followed by the Lithuanian employee with 1,885 hours and the average Estonian worker with 1,855 hours.

12th Saeima failed to complete half of its pre-election promises in field of justice

In 2014, Delna – society for openness and Providus think tank received support from all parties represented in the 12th Saeima in regards to an action plan to help strengthen the rule of law in the country.

Russia carries out military drills in Gulf of Finland

Russian Defence Ministry has stated that in the Baltic Sea Gulf of Finland, which has Finland, Russia and Estonia in its coastline, the Russian military has performed drills for its tactical special operations units.

Prime minister doubts Anti-Money Laundering Service head’s competence

«The work performed by the service requires drastic changes. Whether or not it can be done by its current head [Viesturs Burkāns], I am not sure,» said Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis in an interview to LNT, commenting on the work performed by Latvian Anti-Money Laundering Service.

Vilnius chosen for office of game developer Lockwood Publishing from UK

UK's mobile game developer Lockwood Publishing has unveiled plans to open its first overseas office in Vilnius, pointing to the industry's talent in Lithuania and the wider region.

Association: municipalities should organize their work on their own

On 6 March, Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments reviewed the letter sent to Riga City Council by Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry, in which the institution ordered the municipality to review their internal order and lift restrictions on the length of debates and the number of questions deputies are allowed to ask.

Canada moves to increase gun control

Canada's federal federal government has proposed new gun control measures, but they could reduce support to the ruling Liberal Party in rural areas, where guns are widely owned and used.

Minister: EU should work on rules to make sure social networks cannot be manipulated

«European Union needs to react to the Facebook data scandal and develop strict regulations to make sure social networks cannot be used to manipulate people. Appropriate regulations are needed in the matter regarding political campaigns performed on social networks, which is gradually becoming a common occurrence nowadays,» says Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs.

Profits of Latvian State Roads increased by 8.6% last year

Turnover of Latvian State Roads reached EUR 14.529 million last year, which is 10.3% more when compared to 2016. The company’s profits increased by 8.6% - to EUR 59,485, according to the published interim financial report.

Slovak President casts doubt over impartiality of proposed government

In a continuation of the political crisis in Slovakia, Slovak President Andrej Kiska has not accepted a the newly proposed government deeming it possibly unable to supervise an impartial investigation of the two murders that have shaken the Eastern European nation.

France's ex-leader Sarkozy in custody over links with Libya

French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy has been taken in custody on March 20 and was held in custody on Tuesday and interrogated amid an investigation into whether late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi added funds to his 2007 election campaign.

KVV Liepājas metalurgs’ steelworks bought out by Austrian Smart Stahl

The auction for the sale of the insolvent KVV Liepājas metalurgs rolling mill equipment concluded with the victory of Austrian Smart Stahl GmbH, as confirmed by insolvency administrator Guntars Koris.

Entomologist: at least 5% of ticks in Latvia are infected with encephalitis

There have been cases of tick activity during the winter period in Latvia this year. As air temperature increases, ticks become active and start popping up. This means residents should seriously consider vaccination to avoid getting encephalitis from tick bites, entomologists say.

Rail Baltica station’s construction at Riga airport will cost EUR 4.5 million

Creation of a separate railway station and related infrastructure at Riga International Airport as part of Rail Baltica project will cost EUR 4.5 million, says the project’s manager in Latvia and board member of European Railway Lines company Andris Linužs.

Norwegian minister steps down to keep minority government in power

In a move to avoid the collapse of the Norwegian minority government, its Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug resigned amid a political storm she had caused by blaming an opposition party of not being harsh enough toward terrorism suspects.

Political party calls for immediate action to resolve «over-salted Riga» problem

Member of For Latvia’s Development political party’s Riga City Council faction Ansis Ansbergs urges the administration to find a quick solution to the excessive use of salt during the winter season because it has a negative impact on both human and animal health, as well as the state of buildings, cars and plant life in the capital.

MEP: fair competition should be secured for all European farmers

Sixteen members of the European Parliament from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland submitted a joint proposal on Monday, 19 March, for a resolution regarding the future of the Common Agricultural Policy with a request to equalize the level of direct payments across all of Europe starting from 2021.

Estonia prison sentence upheld to Syrian man for causing burns to wife

In the Estonian criminal case, where a Syrian man has been convicted to 10 years in prison over causing corporal damage to his wife by setting her on fire, Estonian Supreme Court has rejected his appeal.

Olainfarm’s sales volume increased by 16% over the course of the year

Provisional consolidated data from Olainfarm for February 2018 shows that product sales volumes have reached EUR 10.69 million, which is 33% more when compared with the same period of 2017.

Minister: it is not impossible for banks to reduce number of risky clients to 5%

It is not impossible for Latvian banks to reduce the number of risky clients to 5%, says Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola.

Syrian Afrin left by 220 000 civilians, Turkish-supported rebels loot town

After seizing the northern Syrian town of Afrin from Kurdish militia, Syrian rebels supported by Turkey have been looting properties, journalists have reported. The town has been left by estimated 220 000 civilians.

Ministry orders Riga City Council to lift restrictions on questions

Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry has asked Riga City Council to act and fix violations of democratic principles in the newly approved rules for deputies.

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