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Wednesday 16.04.2014 | Name days: Mintauts, Alfs, Bernadeta

Latvia is ranked 30th in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2013

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUIn the latest edition of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2013, Latvia is put on the 30th place among countries of the world. Switzerland is praised as the most competitive country in this regard.

INSEAD Business School of the World and Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute compiled this year’s index following careful evaluation of 103 countries of the world in accordance with 48 indexes based on residents’ talent development and correlation between human capital and their country’s competitiveness.

Latvia has the best results in terms of the proportion of women in different economic and technical sectors. In this regard, Latvia is 1st among all countries evaluated in this index.

Latvia ranks 2nd in terms of environmental protection. Latvia is also high on the list (7th) in regard to its teacher/student relationships.

Latvia is ranked the lowest in regard to its attitude toward migrants – 97th among all other countries. Other problematic areas that reduce Latvia’s competitiveness on a global scale include: state tax policy and the influence is has over the country’s business environment, unemployment of youth and limited inflow of foreign labour force. Latvia is also given a low mark for the fact that it is not safe to remain on the streets at night and the lack of tolerance for minorities.

European countries dominate the first 20 positions of this index. Switzerland is first. Only two countries that are not of the EU are in the TOP 10 – Singapore (2nd) and USA (9th).

TOP 20 of this list includes four more countries that are not part of the European Union: Canada (11th), Australia (15th), New Zealand (17th) and UAE (19th).

Estonia ranks 23rd and Lithuania ranks 39th on this list.

The TOP 10 of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2013:






6.The Netherlands;

7.United Kingdom;





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    bnn news should talk about PISA test, that is much more important.

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Ukrainian forces seize military airfield; Reports on growing presence of Russia's soldiers

Russian soldiers in Donetsk Oblast are combat-experienced professionals, whose presence increases every day, Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has told after Ukrainian forces have taken control over the strategic airfield of Kramatorsk as part of an anti-terrorism operation commenced on April 15.

SP: death hovered over people’s lives a long time in Zolitude’s Maxima

This Tuesday, as part of the planned experiment for the remaining roof section in the ruins of Zolitude’s Maxima supermarket, the roof had been overburdened enough to begin the deformation of the construction. The process is slow. Therefore, it is impossible to predict for how long the experiment might last.

EU employees’ pension rights will be preserved in all member states

When relocating to another EU state, employees will be able to retain their full pension rights. This right is provided by the rules that were approved by the European Parliament this Tuesday. This directive is to be officially approved by the EU Ministers Council.

Lux Express: conflict in Ukraine may ‘slow down’ Russian tourist flow to Baltics

‘The current instability in Ukraine could create losses for the tourism sector. Up until now there has been a yearly increase in the number of Russian tourists travelling to Baltic States. I do allow the possibility for the growth in the number of tourists to not be as rapid as it has been so far,’ – said Chairman of Lux Express bus service Hannes Saarpuu in his interview to BNN.

Estonian expert: capability to fight Russia's soft power must be improved

If a military invasion would take place, NATO would come to help, but Estonia must have the ability to counter the soft power of Russia, an Estonian security expert has said.

Speed cameras in Latvia to be set up in locations where road traffic in dangerous

Speed cameras may be deployed in Latvia only in locations where road traffic is dangerous the most, according to the latest cabinet requirements on the application of technical equipment (photo or video equipment).

PHOTO: police perform an experiment in the ruins of Zolitude’s Maxima

The main goal of the experiment of State Police is acquiring data on the overall stability and structural strength of the roof and supports of the collapsed Maxima supermarket in Zolitude. This data will then be used in the investigation to determine the cause of the cave-in, as reported by Chief of State Police Criminal Office Andrejs Grishins.

airBaltic to launch a new route to Slovakia

For the upcoming winter season, Latvian airline airBaltic will launch a new route between Riga and Poprad, Slovakia, on 13 December 2014. The route will offer convenient connections between the two cities and beyond to destinations in the Baltic region, Scandinavia, Russia and the CIS countries.

Rinkevics calls for strict and unified actions from EU to support Ukraine

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics has called the EU to demonstrate a strict and unified reaction to recent events in Ukraine. According to him, the situation there has drastically escalated and seems not unlike the scenario of Crimea.

Swiss lawyer Meroni to testify in Lembergs criminal case

Today, April 15th, Riga Regional Court will listen to the testimony of Swiss lawyer Rudolf Meroni, who is a witness in the criminal case against Aivars Lembergs.

Maxima in Zolitude to be tested with fire during experiment

This Tuesday, April 15th, the experiment in the collapsed Maxima supermarket in Zolitude will begin with a roof stress test. The remains of the roof will later be tested with fire as well, because there was allegedly a fire in the supermarket shortly before the tragedy.

Latvian coalition supports the formation of a Russian Baltic television channel

Representatives of Latvian ruling government forces approve of the initiative for all three Baltic States to form a Russian television channel in the region.

Pro-Russian gangs continue to occupy state buildings in Ukraine's east; Obama calls on Putin to control separatists

U.S. President Barack Obama has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to use his influence to make separatists in eastern Ukraine leave occupied buildings. The phone call between the two leaders took place as pro-Russian rebels continued to seize buildings in eastern towns.

Foreign Affairs Committee: Russia is provoking the West with events in Eastern Ukraine

There are some concerns that Moscow may make it look as though it wants to discuss situation in Ukraine with USA, EU and Kyiv during the upcoming Thursday talks, but instead will try to force its conditions on participants of the talks, believes Chairman of Saeima’s Foreign Affairs Committee Ojārs Ēriks Kalniņš.

MADARA Cosmetics: business fraudster image haunts the minds of many SRS officials

Everyone should cooperate in order to create an environment in Latvia that motivates residents and businessmen to pay taxes and do their best to help develop the country economically. It is essential to help residents let go of the stereotype that all businessmen are fraudsters.

Latvian ex-Prime Minister sells his security business

Latvian ex-Prime Minister Andris Šķēle’s family and business partners in the indirectly owned SIA Inpo 13 have sold their shares in SIA Securitas Latvia.

Meteorologists: air temperature may rise to +20° C for Easter in Latvia

This Sunday, April 20th, air temperature in most of Latvia is expected to be within +14° C…+19° C. It is possible that air temperature in Latvia’s southern regions may rise up to +20° C for the first time this spring.

Bankruptcy rates in Latvia go down; rates in rest of Europe continue to grow

In comparison with 2012, the number of insolvency processes involving enterprises in Central and Easter Europe increased 5% in 2013. Latvia is the only country in the region where the overall number of bankruptcies had reduced in 2013.

Foreign Investors: lack of independent investigation of Zolitude’s tragedy will impact Latvia’s trust level

The Foreign Investors’ Council in Latvia (FICIL) encourages the Latvian government to ensure a fully independent investigation into the Maxima Supermarket tragedy in Zolitūde of 21 November 2013.

Latvian PM allows for the option of replacing the head of CPCB

It is possible that the Latvian PM will have to get involved in the internal conflict of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau. Laimdota Straujuma admits that of the head of CPCB, Yaroslav Strelchenok, does not change his attitude towards this situation, the government may consider replacing the head of the bureau.

Defenders of Russian schools are united by more than just public activities

Activists who wish to secure higher importance and range of application of Russian language in Latvia have been coming out to the streets more frequently lately. Behind numerous public events there is a well-structured network of non-governmental organizations, and at least some part of them have been receiving support.

Most stressful profession – librarian

One might think that fire-fighters and policemen feel most tension at work. A study in psychology has found that being a librarian can be even more stressful.

Authorities concerned about the fate of evidence in Zolitude tragedy case

Shortly after the tragedy in Zolitude, workers of Re&Re had cut up and disassembled some suspicious part of the collapsed building. State Police claim the person who did that was ‘a worker called in from Riga City Council’. Authorities also cannot explain who gave the order to disassemble that section and where it is now.

Russia calls on Kyiv not to use force in eastern Ukraine

At a UN Security Council session, Russian Ambassador to UN Vitaliy Churkin has urged Kyiv to avoid using force in the east of the country and called on Ukraine's central government to «start a genuine dialogue».

Economic diary. Taxes as though a valve – turn it one way…

This summer, Latvia is expected to turn on the programme to support young families that wish to buy their first homes. Partners of the ruling coalition had reached an agreement on this topic earlier this week.

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