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Friday 28.10.2016 | Name days: Ninona, Ņina, Antoņina, Oksana

Latvian police finally apprehend Imanta paedophile

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Last week, Latvian State Police finally managed to apprehend the elusive Imanta paedophile, as confirmed by Latvian Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis in his interview to Rīta panorama.

Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUThe minister said State Police will provide more information on this matter in the near future.

Kozlovskis did say, however, that the suspect’s apprehension came as a result of scrupulous investigation work carried out by the police in order to narrow down the list of possible suspects.

The minister hopes the police have completed their work and the court will sentence this person to prison, not community service.

DNA analysis confirms that the person detained by the police is indeed the Imanta paedophile, as confirmed by Criminal Police Chief Andrejs Sozinovs during a press-conference held today, 10 August.

Sozinovs said the criminal was caught last Wednesday. Official charges and arrest were applied on Friday.

Sozinovs added that the person’s psychological profile and portrait comply with that of the Imanta paedophile. The criminal is a 20-year-old man.

As reported by the Chief of Criminal Police, the investigation did not stop for a moment. Investigators will continue their work in order to find out the criminal’s motives and the method how he selected his victims. According to Sozinovs, an officially owned gas pistol was found in the criminal’s possession. The young man has a prior criminal record of drug abuse and small-time theft. Police have scheduled a psychological examination of the criminal. The police will also work to determine if the young man has any other crimes on his record, aside from raping four under-aged girls.

The young man had residence registered outside of Riga, but lived in Imanta. He is unemployed, but worked part-time in the past.

Police believe the young man used public transport to travel to places where he committed his crimes. He was also careful enough to avoid cameras. He now cooperates with the police by giving detailed testimony.

Current information suggests his relatives and friends know nothing about his crimes.

State Police plans to hold a press-conference today, 10 August, in order to provide detailed information about the operation. SP press-representatives will also answer questions regarding the investigation, as LETA was told by police representative Dairis Anucins.

The press-conference will be held in the conference hall situation on the 3rd floor of Riga Region Administration Building, Gaujas Street 15.

The press-conference will be led by Chief of Criminal Police Andrejs Sozinovs.

As previously reported, Latvian State Police organized large-scale measures in order to catch the paedophile responsible for three sexual assaults on under-aged girls in Imanta in 2014.

One thing in common with all of the criminal’s acts of sexual assault was that they were all carried out in apartment buildings with elevators. It was in those elevators that the criminal had sexually abused those girls. Police believe the criminal followed his victims after observing them at playgrounds.

All crimes took place in Imanta.


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