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Ceturtdiena 25.05.2017 | Name days: Junora, Anšlavs

Value of Latvia’s imports and exports declines

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUCompared to April, exports value of goods at current prices dropped by 11.7%, and imports value of goods dropped by 7.2% in May 2015. That month, Latvia exported goods in the amount of 797.6 million euros, and imported – in the amount of 985.8 million euros.

Foreign trade balance worsened, as exports in total foreign trade value declined to 44.7% (in April 2015 – 46.0%), according to data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

The main changes in exports in May, compared to April: exports of wood and articles of wood declined by 27.4 million euros or 16.6%; exports of textiles and textile articles fell by 20.0 million euros or 44.4%; exports of products of the chemical and allied industries dropped by 15.9 million euros or 22.6%; exports of machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical equipment fell by 9.8 million euros or 5.9%; exports of vehicles and associated transport equipment dropped by 8.4 million euros or 21.7%; exports of basic metals and articles of basic metals grew by 2.9 million euros or 3.4%.

The main changes in imports in May, compared to April: imports of textiles and textile articles decreased by 20.2 million euros or 36.7%; imports of products of the chemical and allied industries declined by 14.2 million euros or 11.5%; imports of mineral products dropped by 10.3 million euros or 8.3%; imports of machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical equipment declined by 9.6 million euros or 4.1%; imports of vegetable products decreased by 8.7 million euros or 17.1%; imports of prepared foodstuffs increased by 2.5 million euros or 3.4%.

In May main export partners were Lithuania (20.1% of total export), Estonia (11.4%), Germany (6.0%) and the United Kingdom (5.9%); main import partners were Lithuania (18.3% of total import), Poland (11.5%), Germany (10.6%) and Estonia (7.6%).

The main partner in trade with third countries was Russia, the share of which in total Latvian exports in May accounted for 8.4%, and in imports – for 6.7%. Increase in exports of machinery and mechanical appliances in May 2015 as compared to May 2014 was affected by growth in exports of machinery for working rubber and plastics and for the manufacture of these products from 151.8 thousand euros to 7.0 million euros or 46 times (mainly exports to Russia). In turn, decline in exports of passenger cars of 9.8 million euros or 61.0% significantly influenced by decrease of the total exports of vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories thereof.

Growth in imports of beverages, spirits and vinegar in May 2015 as compared to May 2014 was affected by increase in imports of spirits of 6.6 million euros or 2.3 times (imports from the United Kingdom grew by 3.7 million euros, and from Ireland – by 2.6 million euros). In its turn, decline in imports of mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation was mainly influenced by decrease of imports of diesel oil by 11.1 million euros or 15.3%.


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Producer prices in April grew 0.1% in Latvia

Compared to March, the level of producer prices in Latvian industry grew by 0.1 % in April 2017. The prices of products sold on the domestic market increased by 0.5 %, whereas the prices of exported products dropped by 0.2 %.

LSBA: closure of gambling halls is an attempt by officials to promote their image for elections

Latvian Association of Gaming Business asks deputies of Riga City Council to reconsider their actions in relation to the planned decision to prohibit gambling halls in Riga’s historic centre.

More people have moved to Estonia than left it in 2016

13,792 people have emigrated from Estonia in 2016 and 14,822 have immigrated, Estonian statisticians have estimated, concluding that net migration in the Baltic country has been positive for the second consecutive year.

Saeima to discuss the role of the Security Department of the Bank of Latvia

Saeima’s Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee will visit the Bank of Latvia on Wednesday, 24 May, to discuss the role of the bank’s Security Department, as BNN was informed by Saeima’s press-service.

Razuks hints healthcare budget’s increase would require new fees

Sides involved in discussions about finding additional finances for healthcare have yet to reach a definite agreement. It is possible there may be a new fee introduced, said Saeima Public Health sub-committee chairman Romualds Razuks told Rīta panorama on Tuesday, 23 May.

Twelve million euros invested in creation of car wash network in Latvia

Wash & Drive opens the largest self-service car wash station in Riga. In cooperation with Citadele Bank, EUR 800,000 was invested in the creation of this seven-box car wash, as confirmed by the bank.

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The European Commission recommends Latvia to reduce the tax burden for small wage recipients and move it to other sources that are less impacting on growth and motivate people to pay taxes.

Latvia to lead joint air and land military exercises this year

Annual international military exercises Saber Strike will be taking place in Latvia from 3 – 15 June. Allied troops and armoured vehicles have begun arriving in Latvia for the upcoming exercises, as reported by Defence Ministry.

Tragic blast shakes Manchester, UK

In an explosion, which has occurred in a mass sports and music events venue in the British city of Manchester, 22 people have died and over 59 have suffered injuries.

Experts: Rail Baltica – connection that benefits everyone

The essence of Rail Baltica project is not combating the trends currently present in the world, but rather using them as an advantage, says advisor to the Bank of Latvia Andris Strazds. He adds that more and more economic and social development is centered in large and urban city centres.