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Wednesday 27.08.2014 | Name days: Jorens, Alens, Žanis

Lithuania not to get gas discounts

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After Lithuania’s decision to obtain energy independence by separating its gas company into two different parts, Russia has punished it by not reducing the price for gas, as it was done in Latvia and Estonia.

Latvia and Estonia will get 15% discount in 2011, while the price for Lithuania was not cut.

Lithuania has been trying to seek for energy independence for some time already, especially, in the sector of gas, therefore currently it is splitting the sector into two parts – transmission and production, thus trying to avoid the possibility for monopolistic pricing schemes.

Gas prices will be cut for Latvia, as they have undertaken to resume gas consumption up to levels of 2007. We have resolved this issue. Regarding Estonia, the decision is positive as well, says Gazprom vice-president Valery Golubev.

He adds there are no reasons to cut prices for Lithuania.

Golubev points out they do not see why Lithuania is carrying out the EU’s third energy package. For the time being the European Commission has not initiated any negotiations with respect to gas in Lithuania, explains Golubev.

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  1. T|_d says:

    Russia has again excercised power on a country that does not observe the set direction…

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  2. samagotian says:

    Divide and Conquer Strategy…

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After hard talk with Putin, Poroshenko to work on ceasefire plan

After talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has pledged to prepare a plan for ceasefire that would stop tragic warfare in Ukraine's east.

Investors from Russia and Ukraine may become buyers of Liepājas metalurgs

In the week when insolvency administrator Haralds Velmers and sales consultant Prudentia will have to choose the buyer for Liepājas metalurgs, it has become known that the three remaining potential buyers are related to Russian capital and one other potential buyer – with Ukraine.

Vilks: it is impossible to satisfy ministries’ requests worth 540 million

Latvian ministries’ requests for new initiatives reach EUR 540 million, and it is obvious that satisfaction of all their desires is impossible. It will be necessary, however, to allocate additional funds for defence and healthcare, notes Latvian Finance Minister Andris Vilks.

«Al Qaeda» releases U.S. journalist held captive for nearly two years

«Nusra Front», the Syria branch of Islamist organisation «Al Qaeda» has released an American journalist held captive for nearly two years. The release was negotiated by the government of Qatar.

New speed camera procurement project ends up delayed in Latvia

Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate has decided to extend the offer submission period for the project aimed at procuring 20 speed cameras. Interested parties will be allowed to submit offers until September 18th, as reported by CSDD.

Norwegian Orkla buys NP Foods and its owned companies; Laima and Staburadze as well

Norwegian company Orkla has become the owner of NP Foods and its owned companies Laima, Gutta, Staburadze and Margiris.

Physics centre worth EUR 16 million opened in Estonia

Estonia's leading Tartu University has received a new building for its Institute of Physics.

Ventspils Grain Terminal handles largest shipment of wheat in port’s history

This week, Ventspils Grain Terminal received the largest shipment of wheat for processing and future export to date, as reported by the company.

Latvian government to decide on allocation of 5.5 million for healthcare

In order to secure basic needs of Latvia’s healthcare industry, Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma has asked the Cabinet of Ministers to decide on the allocation of an additional amount of EUR 5.5 million for Healthcare Ministry.

Grigule’s EP election campaign was funded by a company related to Ventspils municipality and freeport

Latvian MEP Iveta Grigule’s (Union of Greens and Farmers) pre-election advertisement campaign was fully financed and organized by a single company - SIA Ostas celtnieks.

Ushakov cannot guarantee Riga city sign will ever regain its original look

Chairman of Riga City Council Nil Ushakov does not exclude the possibility, but does not guarantee that the sign outside of Riga will ever regain its original look – there are many people who like the new design.

Spread of bitcoin cash machines reaches Hungary

Hungary has become another country to have its first bitcoin cash machine. An ATM for the virtual currency has been installed in a bar in central Budapest, the capital.

Ventbunkers’ profit exceeds EUR 19.2 million in 2013

In 2013, the 20th year of its business activities, Ventbunkers achieved great results both in terms of business activities and financial results, according to representatives of the company. Last year, the terminal handled 4.3 million tons of oil products, which is a 40% increase in comparison with 2012.

A new Rimi to be built opposite of the collapsed Maxima

While on one side of the road in Zolitude authorities are busy demolishing the remains of the collapsed Maxima supermarket, on the other side of the road builders are busy cutting down trees to make room for a Rimi supermarket.

Poroshenko meets with Putin in Minsk

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is expected on August 26 to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Belarusian capital of Minsk.

Meteorologists: this entire week will be rainy in Latvia

A cyclone formed over the skies of Europe’s south-west regions yesterday. Now it has begun moving towards Latvia, carrying rain showers along with it. Over the course of last night, the volume of precipitation in the country’s eastern regions reached 18-28 mm.

CPCB invites residents to help monitor the legality of pre-election campaigns

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau invites every resident to contribute to the formation of a country governed by law by becoming a voluntary member of the pre-election campaign monitoring initiative.

Number of foreign tourists serviced in Latvian hotels increases 20%

The number of visitors in hotels and other accommodation establishments in Q2 of this year comprised 564.0 thousand people, which is 19.7% more than in Q2 of the last year.

Complexities with the choice of PM candidate – UGF in doubt about Lembergs

The Union of Greens and Farmers still cannot reach an agreement in regard to the choice of a Prime Minister candidate because of Aivars Lembergs’ ambitions. UGF has not had any luck with advertising him in the capital - Rīgas satiksme considered his advertisement to be misleading and decided to remove posters off buses.

Segliņš texting Lipman: «Why haven’t you donated to UGF yet?»

Former Latvian Interior Minister Mareks Segliņš, who is unofficially called the most influential member of the team that is selling Liepajas metalurgs, has sent a text message to one of the potential buyers of the company Kirov Lipman, in which he asks the recipient as to why he still has not donated to the Union of Greens and Farmers.

Value of dollar continues to rise against euro and yen

After pleadges by the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan, the value of the euro and the yen has decreased, advancing that of the U.S. dollar.

Finland supports sanctions against Russia; residents rapidly buy out «Putin’s butter and cheese»

In the economic sanctions war between Russia and Europe, Finland’s economy could lose tens of thousands of jobs. The dairy sector is expected to suffer the most. In spite of this, however, there is a lot of support for sanctions among residents.

Meteorological summer ended one week earlier than usual in Latvia

Meteorological summer in Latvia has come to its end. Over the course of August 20th-21st, the majority of Latvia’s territory experienced average air temperature below +15° C, which is considered a criterion for the end of meteorological summer.

California shaken by 6-magnitute quake

A 6-magnitude-strong earthquake struck in the U.S. state of California early on August 24.

Bicycle lanes to be painted on Brivibas Street and bridges in Riga next year

According to Mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov, bicycle lanes will be painted over bridges and Brivibas Street next year.

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