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Tuesday 21.02.2017 | Name days: Eleonora, Ariadne

Lithuanian project wins mini-model contest for Ventspils Innovations and Science Centre

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In the near future, the drive through Ventspils Bridge in the direction of the city centre will provide a view on the most modern, creative and interesting building the city has to offer. The location, which is currently nothing more than an empty field, will feature a multifunctional science and innovations centre.

This week, a mini-model contest for the best design of the new building concluded with the victory of Lithuanian Ambraso Architektu Biuras and its project ‘Kāpa 2016’. Work on the projects is planned to commence next year and conclude – by 2020.

Ventspils city’s project provides for the construction of this centre with a total area of 6,050 m2.

The first attempt of the contest concluded without a winner, because none of the eight submitted ideas complied with the vision of the jury – for an architecturally creative and functional building that would attract tourists, businessmen, students, youngsters, families and other interested people. The second contest received 15 applications, all of which which, according to Ventspils city’s chief architect Daiga Dzedone, received praise and recognition.

«I cannot say there were good ideas submitted in the first contest. They may have seemed interesting on the outside, but functionally they were not appropriate to house a science and innovation centre. This is why it was decided to organize a second contest. This time, we’ve managed to avert 95% of mistakes. The 15 ideas that were submitted were truly wonderful,» – Dzedone said in a conversation with BNN. She added that 15 contestants provided very good competition for the contest.

In the end, the jury, consisting of 16 members, including three foreign architects and cityscape experts, unanimously voted in favour of the ‘Kāpa 2016’ project by Ambraso Architektu Biuras.

«Yes, unanimous vote for given to this particular project because of its laconic architectural design with a high degree of elegance,» – said Dzedone.

When noted that this object will become the most creative and architecturally modern object in Ventspils, the city’s chief architect: «Yes, you could say that. This object has an important role – it will be put on display. People driving on Ventspils Bridge will see it clearly. A lot of attention will be drawn to it, so it has to be very attractive.»

According to Audrius Ambrass, architects of his bureau looked for the best solution for this project. There were many ideas, but only one was realized in the end.

«The most interesting in architecture is finding the best possible solution. One particular factor is finding the best spot for the object. So we thought. There were many different variants. In the end, we decided in favour of a more landscape-oriented option. As it turned out in the end, we were lucky with this option. If we succeed in realizing the project as originally intended, this place will become more interesting for it,» – Ambrass told BNN. His architect bureau was also awarded EUR 12,000 for the victory in the contest.

The model contest was announced in order to realize the planned innovation and science project on Rupniecibas Street 2. The project provides for the construction of a modern centre with a total area of 6,050 m2. It is also planned to attract funding from the European Union.


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